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2003-06-08 05:49:02
Peasant She/Her
but I was interested in others opinions as to what they love about Dink and why

The reason I bought DS was that it was an RPG - the description said that you could join the King's army, but I guess that whoever translated it did a poor job on that - but the main reason I bought it was that it stated you could make your owns worlds and new adventures.

I've done that with all kinds of games - making new maps - but I was just thrilled to find out that it just wasn't the map, but also that you could make everything you wanted. Like in the Blizzard's games it would just be the same old story and only the map would be different, but in DS you could let Dink say whatever you wanted. And that was ever so cool!

So that was what got me hooked. Now you can do the same thing in Morrowind, but at that time, DS was the only one I knew of - or got my hands on.

And the reason that I wanted to make my own RPG's was that ever since I played my very first RPG I wanted to be able to make my own since I thouhgt I could do it better!

But I don't know what's the magic about Dink. It's indeed old compared to other ones, but it does have it charm. Perhaps it's because you know what things are for and how they work, like warps and such. If you see a door, you know it's a warp. And if it's not, you're... well, what?...

I don't know what you then are, but I guess that's why Dry got so many confused since things are so different. That's what I wanted to do, make one that is real different, but I guess we can't live (yet?) with doorwarps that lead to nowhere or with things that don't do what they're supposed to do or work differently.

Perhaps that's the magic of Dink: you can do it as you wish and make of it whatever you wish.

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TwinsD-Mod, QuestGood 8.9June 21st, 2003
DryD-Mod, QuestGood 7.2February 2nd, 2003
Lava and Rock TilesetDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.0January 24th, 2003
Snow GraphicsDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.2January 24th, 2003
House TilesDevelopment, GraphicsFair 5.6October 31st, 2002
Rudiments of Scripting (The)Development, TutorialExceptional 9.2October 26th, 2002
Item Icons PackDevelopment, GraphicsGood 7.0September 30th, 2002
Dink Smallwood's ChristmasD-Mod, RompFair 6.5February 9th, 2002

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Storyline: the Order of the Drake with Cantis Draconis As Head Knight's Tale Trois (A)NormalGood 8.5March 13th, 2004
Purpose: This Programme Lets You Easily Create Dmod Problematic Dink Diz ProNormalFair 6.0March 12th, 2004
Storyline: I Really have No Idea What This Was All About Although I Watched Dozens of Cuts... Eternal Suicide Chapter Zero : Wasted LifeFeaturedExceptional 9.0March 12th, 2004
The Programme Did Run D-Mod Development SuiteNormalHorrible 1.0March 12th, 2004
Purpose: This File Lets You Change the Standard Texts That Dink Says When You Press Spaceb... CooltextFeaturedGood 8.5March 12th, 2004
The Source To Stone of Balance Lets You See How the Author Made Things Possible Stone of Balance SourceNormalExceptional 9.5March 12th, 2004
I Do Not Know Why This File is Called Movie2000 Since it has Nothing To Do with Movies Movie2000 TutorialFeaturedGood 7.0March 11th, 2004
I Always Wondered How Redink1 Made it Possible That You Could Choose Your Costume And That... Dink Smallwood Goes Trick-Or-Treating SourceNormalGood 8.5March 11th, 2004
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Storyline: Seth is Back Since His Soul Survived And Now He is a Dragon Ghosts of the Cast (The)FeaturedHorrible 1.0March 10th, 2004
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This is a Programme I Wished I had When I Made My D-Mods Simple Dink SpellFeaturedExceptional 9.8March 9th, 2004
Storyline: This is Just As the First Part: Kill the Hippies And You have Won the Game Kill the Hippies... AgainFeaturedFair 6.0March 9th, 2004
Dink has To Find Milder in a Forest Hide-and-seekFeaturedTolerable 3.0March 9th, 2004
These Kind of Games Are Just Not To My Liking And As Soon As I Saw What it Was About I Wan... Triangle MoverNormalGood 8.0March 9th, 2004
This Graphics Pack Contains All the New Graphics That Were First Used in the D-Mod As Good as Eternity Graphics PackNormalGood 8.0March 8th, 2004
This is the Source To the D-Mod As Good As Eternity By Tyrsis As Good as Eternity SourceNormalGood 7.0March 8th, 2004
Purpose: This Graphics Pack Consists of Nine Graphics To Make a Fence And Eight Graphics O... Cemetery Graphics PackFeaturedFair 5.3March 8th, 2004
This File Consists of New Graphics (an Animation) That Can Replace Those of the Old Savebot Alternative SavebotNormalGood 8.0March 8th, 2004
Storyline: There is No Story Since This is an Arcadestyle Game Dukie's Shooting GalleryFeaturedGood 8.5March 8th, 2004
Storyline: the Story is Rather Vague And I Did Not Understand What it Was All About Dink's Father 3FeaturedHorrible 2.9March 6th, 2004
Purpose: This File is Part T-Mod And Part D-Mod And You Can Switch Between Them During the... Dink Goes BoatingFeaturedExceptional 9.5March 6th, 2004
Storyline: the Town of the Ancients Blood ScorpionsFeaturedExceptional 9.5March 5th, 2004
Storyline: Dink has To Save the Realm Amandor Bishop's Quest Part 1: Enter The HeroFeaturedFair 6.6March 5th, 2004
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Storyline: There is No Storyline As This is a Strategy Game Agathain Sea TradersNormalFair 6.0March 4th, 2004
Storyline: Jarvis the Knight is Back And This Time He Needs To Rescue a Damsel in Distress Knight's Tale 2 (A)NormalExceptional 9.0March 4th, 2004
This D-Mod is One of the Five Entries in the Evil Hero D-Mod Contest (the Other Ones Are B... Computer VirusNormalFair 5.5March 4th, 2004
This D-Mod is One of the Five Entries in the Evil Hero D-Mod Contest (the Other Ones Are B... MayhemNormalExceptional 9.0March 4th, 2004
Purpose: This is the Same Sort of File As the Other Skeletons Skeleton SNormalExceptional 9.0October 18th, 2003
It is Quite Funny To See This Fragment of the Screen Savers TechTV Dink Smallwood SegmentNormalGood 7.0October 18th, 2003
I Mailed the Author a Good Half Year Ago To Ask Him About This File Since I Could Not Get ... Havok's MorphNormalHorrible 0.0October 18th, 2003
Storyline: This is a Shoot 'm Up Game Without a Story Bloop the Fish 2NormalFair 6.6October 18th, 2003
Purpose: As We All Know TreesFeaturedExceptional 9.5August 1st, 2003
Sob Stone of BalanceFeaturedExceptional 9.8June 18th, 2003
Storyline: Dink has To Revenge His Mother And Father As Good As EternityFeaturedExceptional 9.8June 14th, 2003
It is Very Nice To Release Two D-Mods in One Day (the Other One Being the Search For the G... Revenge of the PigsNormalHorrible 0.1June 14th, 2003
Storyline: a Friend of Dink’S Tells Him To Go Search For a Certain Mushroom Since it is Su... Search for the Green Mushroom (The)FeaturedTolerable 4.0June 12th, 2003
Storyline: After Having Finished This D-Mod I Was Still Wondering What the Story is About Friends Beyond 1FeaturedTolerable 4.0June 12th, 2003
Storyline: This is Part 2 of the Friends Beyond Trilogy Friends Beyond 2: Branches of DestinyFeaturedFair 6.0June 12th, 2003
Storyline: This is Part 3 of the Friends Beyond Trilogy Friends Beyond 3: Legend of TenjinFeaturedGood 8.0June 12th, 2003
This is a Short DWTDNormalGood 8.0June 9th, 2003
Storyline: Dink is on Vacation in His Summerhouse on the Beach Legend of the Pillbug (The)FeaturedFair 5.0June 9th, 2003
Storyline: This is Part Ii of Goblin Trouble Goblin Trouble 2FeaturedFair 6.0June 9th, 2003
Storyline: Dink has To Kill Diablo in Order To Save the World Dinkablo II: Shadow and FlameFeaturedGood 7.5June 9th, 2003
Storyline: Dink Just Arrived on an Island When He is Attacked Goblinoma ZFeaturedTolerable 3.3June 9th, 2003
This is a D-Mod with a Different Fighting System Red ShieldFeaturedGood 8.0June 9th, 2003
Storyline: a Computer Glitch is Destroying Dink’S World CrosslinkFeaturedExceptional 9.0June 8th, 2003
Dink Goes on Holiday To a Mining Town Orion (The)NormalFair 6.7June 8th, 2003
I Wonder Why This is Called a Short Adventure Dink's Short AdventureNormalHorrible 1.0June 6th, 2003
I Played the Updated Version of This D-Mod Glenn's First D-ModFeaturedHorrible 1.0June 6th, 2003
Storyline: Dink Must Save an Estionian City Named PäRnu Legend of PärnuFeaturedHorrible 2.0June 6th, 2003
Storyline: Dink is Summoned By King Daniel Good Heart Bad HeartFeaturedFair 5.0June 6th, 2003
Storyline: This is a Sort of Arcade Game with At Least Four Levels Fairy Goodness OnlineFeaturedGood 8.0June 6th, 2003
Storyline: the World is Turning Into Desert And Dink has To Stop This Creeping Sands (The)FeaturedGood 8.7June 6th, 2003
Storyline: This is the Second Part of the Trilogy Dink’S Father Dink's Father 2: The KidnappingFeaturedHorrible 2.7June 5th, 2003
Ideas: I Thought This Was a D-Mod Quest of GlandorFeaturedHorrible 0.5June 5th, 2003
Storyline: You have To Defeat a Knight Gorack, Umtar, and Shreik: The First BattleFeaturedHorrible 2.0June 1st, 2003
Note: This Indepth Review Was Made on Request By Sabretrout For His Dinkmagazine That Howe... Once in a LifetimeFeaturedGood 8.0June 1st, 2003
Storyline: This D-Mod is Based on Some Part of American History: the Reconstruction Reconstruction: The Freedmen's BureauFeaturedExceptional 9.0June 1st, 2003
Purpose: This is an Editor Which with You Can Create the Map of a D-Mod WinDinkeditFeaturedExceptional 9.8February 3rd, 2003
Purpose: To have Flowers Instead of Blood Flower BloodFeaturedGood 7.8January 31st, 2003
As the Other Reviewers Point Out This is a Nice Idea Day and NightNormalTolerable 3.8January 31st, 2003
This Mini File Explains in Three Easy To Follow Steps How To Make a Screenshot of a Screen... Taking ScreenshotsNormalFair 6.8January 31st, 2003
Purpose: with This File You Can Add a Duck in Your D-Mod That Will Follow Orders Commando DuckFeaturedFair 6.0January 27th, 2003
Purpose: This File Lets You Add an Extra Dink in the Original Dink Smallwood Dink's Friendly DoubleFeaturedGood 7.7January 27th, 2003
Purpose: This File Allows You To Let Enemies Talk Enemy TalkNormalFair 5.5January 27th, 2003
This is a Short Movie That Shows You How To Apply the Dink Palette in Paint Applying Dink PalletesNormalGood 8.0January 27th, 2003
Purpose: This Example D-Mod Shows You What a Real Firebow Looks Like FirebowFeaturedHorrible 2.0January 27th, 2003
Purpose: This File has Scripts Which with You Can Restore Full Health Heal SpellFeaturedFair 6.5January 27th, 2003
This File is Plain Stupid Isle of the PigsNormalHorrible 0.1January 27th, 2003
This File has New Dink WC's Dink Smallwood Map UpdateNormalGood 8.0January 27th, 2003
This Pack Consists of Several Static Graphics And of Some Animations Mystery Island BMP GraphicsFeaturedExceptional 9.9January 27th, 2003
Purpose: with This File You Can Print Your Own Cd-Label And Cd-Cover Dink CD LabelNormalExceptional 9.4January 27th, 2003
This File Gives a List of Key Codes You Can Use in Any D-Mod KeycodesNormalExceptional 9.6January 27th, 2003
This File Explains What the Dink D-Mod Dink.ini EditingNormalGood 8.0January 27th, 2003
This Pack Consists of 3 Tile Screens: Ts06 Snow Mountain TilesNormalGood 7.2January 27th, 2003
This Pack Consists of the Graphics Dland-01 – Dland-34 No Man's Land GFX PackFeaturedGood 7.0January 27th, 2003
I Disagree with the Other Reviewers Customized Cursor CollectionFeaturedGood 8.0January 26th, 2003
Storyline: Not Much of a Storyline FighterzNormalGood 8.5January 25th, 2003
This is a Front End To Play Any D-Mod PlayThisFeaturedFair 5.0January 23rd, 2003
If You Are Using CustomFE 1 SkinpackNormalGood 8.7January 23rd, 2003
This is a Front End To Run D-Mods DinkrunNormalHorrible 1.0January 23rd, 2003
This is a Front End To Run D-Mods DmodrunNormalHorrible 1.0January 23rd, 2003
Purpose: This is a Skinnable Front End: You Can Use This Simply To Run D-Mods with CustomFEFeaturedExceptional 9.5January 23rd, 2003
Purpose: This is a Front End To Run D-Mods Created WorldsFeaturedGood 8.0January 23rd, 2003
This is a Front End To Run D-Mods Ultra Sleek FrontendFeaturedHorrible 1.0January 23rd, 2003
This File Consist of 5 Midi’S the Author Made with the Help of His Music Teacher: 1 AmoebaLord's Custom Songs Midi PackNormalExceptional 9.0January 23rd, 2003
This Pack Contains 110 Midi’S For Use in D-Mods Japanese Midi PackFeaturedFair 6.5January 23rd, 2003
This Pack Contains 8 Midi’S From Various Artists Damnation Midi PackNormalGood 7.0January 23rd, 2003
This Pack Contains 60 Midi’S For Use in a D-Mod UltimateMidiCollectionNormalGood 8.0January 23rd, 2003
There Are 371 (Despite the Title) Midi’S in This Pack That You Can Use in Any D-Mod 374 MidisNormalGood 8.5January 23rd, 2003
This File is an Enumeration of (All) the Numbers Used By the Dink Graphic NumbersNormalExceptional 9.0January 23rd, 2003
This Tutorial Explains All the Basic Things You Need To Know on How To Create a D-Mod D-Mod Learning StuffFeaturedGood 7.0January 23rd, 2003
Purpose: This Screensaver Lets You Enjoy Dink When You Are Not Playing Any D-Mod ScreensaverNormalGood 7.0January 23rd, 2003
Purpose: This Screensaver Lets You Enjoy Dink When You Are Not Playing a D-Mod Screensaver 2NormalFair 6.5January 23rd, 2003
Purpose: This is a Serie of Answers To D-Mod Editing FAQNormalGood 7.8January 23rd, 2003
Purpose: This Tutorial is Meant For Beginners DinkC TutorialNormalFair 5.5January 23rd, 2003
Purpose: This Tutorial is Intended As an Introduction To Midi’S And Sequencing And is Supp... Midi TutorialFeaturedExceptional 9.7January 23rd, 2003
The Graphics of Trees in This Pack Were Made To Go with James Perley’S Autumn Tiles Fall TreesNormalFair 6.5January 16th, 2003
Purpose: This Programme Lets To Make a Dmod D-Mod.diz EditorFeaturedGood 8.0January 12th, 2003
Storyline: King Daniel Asks Dink To Investigate the Disappearance of Several Miners in a S... Catacombs (The)FeaturedGood 8.5January 12th, 2003
Storyline: it is Not Clear in the Beginning What You have To Do Goblin TroubleFeaturedFair 6.5January 12th, 2003
This is a D-Mod with a Very Vague Storyline Mike the MagicianNormalTolerable 3.0January 12th, 2003
The Dmod Moneyspell (The)NormalHorrible 1.0January 12th, 2003
Storyline: Rather Straightforward Moorack and the PillbugsNormalTolerable 4.7January 12th, 2003
Storyline: in This Trailer the Intro To the Full D-Mod is Explained Other World (The)FeaturedGood 8.0January 12th, 2003
Storyline: You have To Defeat the Government That Lives on Another Island Rise of the RebelsNormalFair 6.0January 12th, 2003
Storyline: There is Quite an Extensive Intro To This D-Mod Rings of DestinyFeaturedGood 7.0January 12th, 2003
Storyline: Dink is Married To Libby Prophecy of the AncientsFeaturedExceptional 9.6January 12th, 2003
This File Explains How To Make a Non Animated Graphic For a D-Mod Simple GraphicsNormalExceptional 9.5January 12th, 2003
This is Indeed a Very Nice Site To Visit if You Are Looking For Some Midi's Videogame Music ArchiveNormalExceptional 9.0January 12th, 2003
Purpose: To have Dink Wallpaper on Your Computer Dink WallpaperFeaturedGood 8.7January 12th, 2003
Purpose: This File Lets You Run Any D-Mod Run.exeFeaturedGood 7.0January 12th, 2003
Purpose: This Programme Can Launch Other Programmes That You Might Need When You Are Creat... DMOD ManagerFeaturedGood 8.7January 12th, 2003
Purpose: To Easily Apply the Dink Palette To 256 Colour Graphics DinkersPalFeaturedGood 8.2January 12th, 2003
Storyline: Dink has To Kill All the Monsters in a House Monster House (The)FeaturedGood 7.0January 6th, 2003
Storyline: the Emperor Baal has Teleported Three Heroes Three New HeroesFeaturedGood 7.7January 6th, 2003
Storyline: Dink Goes on a Search To Brooksville To Find His Father Dink's Father 1: Quest for the ScrollFeaturedFair 6.5January 6th, 2003
Purpose: To Make Scripts in OST DinkC EditorFeaturedHorrible 1.0January 6th, 2003
Purpose: This File Lets You Not Only Cheat Ultimate CheatFeaturedExceptional 9.7January 4th, 2003
Purpose: This Lets You Cheat in a D-Mod Cheat MenuFeaturedGood 7.0January 4th, 2003
Purpose: To Cheat in Any D-Mod Dink TrainerNormalHorrible 1.0January 4th, 2003
Purpose: To Let You Cheat in a D-Mod Dink Smallwood Savegame EditorNormalGood 8.0January 4th, 2003
Purpose: Gives You ‘Tons of Gold Super Potion CheatNormalHorrible 0.1January 4th, 2003
Purpose: This File Lets You Lock And Unlock Screens Anywhere in the Game Lock/Unlock ScreenNormalGood 8.5January 4th, 2003
Purpose: To Be Nearly Invincible in Any D-Mod MimiFish God ModeNormalExceptional 9.5January 4th, 2003
Purpose: if You have To Stop Playing a D-Mod And Do Not have Any Time To Get To a Savebot Save & QuitNormalFair 6.0January 4th, 2003
Purpose: This File Lets You Save Anywhere in a D-Mod Save AnywhereNormalGood 8.0January 4th, 2003
Purpose: To Let You Cheat in a D-Mod – Probably God ModeNormalHorrible 0.1January 4th, 2003
Purpose: the Purpose To This File is Unclear Until You have Tried it God Mode T.C.NormalTolerable 4.0January 4th, 2003
Purpose: This is an Dink Smallwood TrainerNormalExceptional 9.0January 4th, 2003
Purpose: Graphics For Use in Any D-Mod Tullisti's First Graphics PackFeaturedGood 8.5January 2nd, 2003
Purpose: with This Tiles Pack You Can Change the Original Cliffs with Green Grass Into Cli... Desert Cliff TilesFeaturedGood 7.0January 2nd, 2003
Storyline: You Play Saben Plane WalkerFeaturedGood 7.0January 2nd, 2003
Storyline: I Could Not Find One Baywatch IsleFeaturedHorrible 1.0January 2nd, 2003
Purpose: This File Lets You Add the Possibility of Using a Save Scroll in Your D-Mod So Th... Save ScrollFeaturedGood 7.2January 2nd, 2003
I Was Just About To Post a Message Because I Wanted To Know What the Dink The Ultimate Dink File Format FAQNormalExceptional 9.0December 31st, 2002
This File Lets You Add a New Weapon To Your D-Mod DinksaberNormalGood 7.0December 31st, 2002
Storyline: You Play Karg Birth of an EmpireFeaturedExceptional 9.0December 31st, 2002
Purpose: This Graphics Pack Let You Add Graphics To Your D-Mod of Dink Carrying a Lantern Dink Lantern GraphicsFeaturedGood 7.0December 29th, 2002
Storyline: You Play Tom And You have To Find Santa Since He is Lost Christmas Adventure: Search for SantaFeaturedFair 6.5December 29th, 2002
Storyline: a Very Vague Storyline Shadow Guild (The)FeaturedHorrible 2.9December 29th, 2002
Storyline: a Very Simple One: Dink is Stuck in a House And Needs To Find a Way Out Slaughterhouse (The)NormalGood 7.5December 29th, 2002
Storyline: Dink Meets His Brother Zink Tragic Death of Zink Smallwood (The)FeaturedGood 8.0December 29th, 2002
The Story of the Pig Farmer Who Wanted To Be a Hero Dink SmallwoodNormalExceptional 9.9December 29th, 2002
Storyline: Dink is Robbed in the Land of Peace And He has To Find His Claw Sword Back Saga (The): Episode 1FeaturedGood 7.3December 18th, 2002
Storyline: Dink has To Solve the Murder of Mrs Mrs. Scarlet's Murder MysteryNormalFair 5.0December 18th, 2002
I Think it is a Bit Tricky To Give Your D-Mod Such a Name PointlessFeaturedTolerable 4.1December 18th, 2002
Storyline: When the Whole World Was Ruled By King Nathaniel Norman the Killer TreeFeaturedGood 7.0December 18th, 2002
Storyline: the Land Arithia has Been Invaded By Goblins And Now the Once So Green Earth is... Quest for Arithia 1: The Ninth LockNormalTolerable 4.5December 18th, 2002
Storyline: Dink And His Friend Ash Continue Their Search (Well Quest for Arithia 2: The RozarusNormalGood 7.2December 18th, 2002
Storyline: Dink Quest for Arithia 3: Elemental PeaceNormalGood 8.0December 18th, 2002
Storyline: One of Dink’S Uncles is Missing Sword of Paranor: Forgotten RealmsFeaturedGood 8.3December 18th, 2002
Storyline: Dink is a Pig Farmer Again StarDinkNormalGood 7.4December 18th, 2002
This Modification Changes All Pillbugs From the Original Dink Into Coconut Monkeys CM2PillbugNormalFair 6.0November 8th, 2002
This File Seems a Bit Outdated: Only 16 Midi’S And None of Them Original 16 Best MidiNormalFair 5.0November 8th, 2002
I had the Same Problem FFCreate 2NormalExceptional 9.5November 8th, 2002
In This File Are All the Dink Smallwood BMP GraphicsNormalExceptional 9.9November 8th, 2002
This File Consists of the Scripts Used in the Intro of the D-Mod Dink’S Doppleganger Dink's Doppleganger Intro SourceNormalFair 6.5November 8th, 2002
I Agree with Mimifish And Think He Said About All That Can Be Said About This File Skeleton XNormalHorrible 0.5November 8th, 2002
The First Time I Started Working on a D-Mod SkeletonNormalExceptional 9.5November 8th, 2002
I Indeed have Been Wondering What the Numbers Stand For in the Dink Dink.ini IndexNormalGood 7.5November 8th, 2002
I have the Cd Dink Smallwood Intro MovieNormalExceptional 9.0November 8th, 2002
Two Characters Legend's TaleFeaturedGood 8.0November 8th, 2002
This File Lets You Add a New Weapon To a D-Mod FirefistsFeaturedHorrible 1.9November 8th, 2002
Storyline: an Evil Wizard Wants To Rule the World Dink's DopplegangerFeaturedGood 8.9November 8th, 2002
This File Lets You Add a Boomerang As a New Weapon Bangerang BoomerangFeaturedExceptional 9.7November 7th, 2002
Storyline: the Title Covers it: Kill the Hippies And You have Won the Game Kill the HippiesFeaturedGood 7.0November 7th, 2002
Storyline: Croggis Legend of Smallwood: A Dink to the PastFeaturedGood 8.5November 7th, 2002
This is Actually Not a Playable D-Mod Darkspace DerelictFeaturedGood 8.0November 7th, 2002
This D-Mod is a Checkers Clone DinkersFeaturedGood 7.4November 7th, 2002
Storyline: the Aunt of Dink Legend of the DuckFeaturedGood 8.0November 7th, 2002
Storyline: Dink Wants To Buy the House in Terris Perilous Journey (A)FeaturedFair 6.6November 7th, 2002
Storyline: a Pig Called Ben Tells Dink To Go To Endron Because There is Trouble in That Town Evil EmpireFeaturedHorrible 0.2November 7th, 2002
50 Years After the Defeat of Jaitz 9 Gems of Life 2FeaturedGood 8.0November 7th, 2002
This is Not a D-Mod with a Story Or Plot Hunt (The)FeaturedFair 6.0November 7th, 2002
This is a Demo PhantasmagoriaFeaturedFair 6.0November 7th, 2002
This File Contains 6 Tiles Autumn TilesFeaturedFair 5.0October 30th, 2002
Pirates Are Attacking Portown And King Daniel Asks Dink To Defeat the Pirates Pirates of PortownFeaturedGood 7.0October 30th, 2002
This is the Last Part of the Milderr Milderr!! 3: End of QuestingFeaturedGood 7.0October 30th, 2002
This Midi Pack Consists of 12 Midi’S That the Author Made Himself Christiaan's Midi PackFeaturedGood 8.6October 19th, 2002
This File Lets You Add a Boomerang As a New Weapon in Your D-Mod BoomerangFeaturedGood 8.0October 19th, 2002
Giants have Been Raiding the Town of Glendith Island of the GiantsFeaturedFair 6.0October 19th, 2002
While Taking a Nap End of the World (The)FeaturedTolerable 4.5October 19th, 2002
This File Changes the Graphics For Blood Into Smiley Ones Smile BloodNormalGood 7.5October 14th, 2002
Storyline: Gungs (Or Gnugs) Are After the Chat And Dink has To Stop Them Gnug's AttackNormalTolerable 4.2October 8th, 2002
This is an Intro To the Full Game That has Not Been Released Yet Beyond the Galaxy IntroNormalTolerable 3.0October 8th, 2002
This File Contains 15 Graphics For Use in D-Mods Details Graphics PackFeaturedGood 8.5October 8th, 2002
With This File You Can Add a New Spell To Your Game Rotten Fish MagicNormalFair 6.8October 8th, 2002
With This File You Can Make Enemies Harder in the Original Dink Smallwood Monster MadnessNormalFair 5.0October 8th, 2002
An Arcade Game That Resembles the Classic Game Arkanoid DinkanoidFeaturedGood 8.1October 8th, 2002
This File Explains How To Save And Load the Dink Palette Both in Adobe Photoshop And Paint... Advanced Graphics TutorialNormalFair 6.0October 8th, 2002
This Midi Pack Contains the Midi’S From Final Fantasy 7 And Final Fantasy 2 Japanese Version Final Fantasy Midi PackFeaturedGood 8.5October 6th, 2002
This Midi Pack Contains 11 Midi’S From Various Sources Themes Midi PackFeaturedGood 7.5October 6th, 2002
This D-Mod is a Combination of Warcraft Ii And an Rpg DinkCraftFeaturedGood 8.5October 6th, 2002
Dink has To Defeat Six Evil Wizards in Order To Get the Six Peace Emeralds Back Emerald Hunt (The)FeaturedGood 7.1October 4th, 2002
Dink Meets David Again Scar of David 2: The Search for the ScarfFeaturedTolerable 4.0October 4th, 2002
You have To Find a Treasure Search for the Treasure (The)FeaturedHorrible 1.0October 4th, 2002
Dink has To Get To the Castle of Droch To Find Out What Happened To Some Lost Soldiers Castle of LoreFeaturedFair 6.0October 4th, 2002
This is Part 2 of the Milderr Milderr!! 2: The Adventure in FinlandFeaturedHorrible 2.8October 4th, 2002
The Demon Lord Jaitz Can Only Be Stopped if 9 Gems Are Retrieved 9 Gems of Life (The)FeaturedGood 7.5October 1st, 2002
Dink has To Save a Town That is Pestered By Slimes SlimesFeaturedGood 7.2October 1st, 2002
This D-Mod is Created For a School Project About the Maori People New Shores : The MaoriFeaturedGood 8.5October 1st, 2002
King Daniel Summons Dink Dink V. ZagorFeaturedExceptional 9.4October 1st, 2002
Some Monsters Plague the Town Tristram DinkabloFeaturedTolerable 3.0September 28th, 2002
This D-Mod is Based on the Online Rpg Vagabonds Quest Vagabond's Quest: Dungeon of DespairFeaturedFair 6.0September 28th, 2002
First of All the Title: I Expected There Would Be Some Forest in it Forest of DangersFeaturedTolerable 3.0September 28th, 2002
This is a D-Mod in Warcraft Ii Style Alliance CommandNormalGood 8.5September 26th, 2002
This D-Mod is in Fact Four D-Mods: Lost in Dink Lost in DinkFeaturedGood 7.5September 26th, 2002
You Play a Commando Who has To Complete a Mission Counter Strike CTFFeaturedGood 7.0September 26th, 2002
The Author Stated That He Wondered Why the Player Downloaded This D-Mod Anyway Mike Dingwell's First D-ModFeaturedHorrible 0.2September 26th, 2002
This is Quite an Impressive Midi Collection; a Total of 142 Midi’S Can Be Found in This Mi... Ultimate Midi PackFeaturedGood 8.0September 26th, 2002
This D-Mod is One of the Three Entries in the Dink Network Alternative Hero D-Mod Contest 2002 Cycles of EvilFeaturedExceptional 9.5September 24th, 2002
This D-Mod is One of the Three Entries in the Dink Network Alternative Hero D-Mod Contest 2002 Lyna's StoryFeaturedExceptional 9.7September 24th, 2002
This D-Mod is One of the Three Entries in the Dink Network Alternative Hero D-Mod Contest 2002 Quest for the Golden NutFeaturedGood 8.5September 24th, 2002
It Was a Nice Surprise When I Saw This Arcade-Like Game Dink RacerFeaturedFair 6.0September 24th, 2002
This File Consists of Three Lava TilesNormalGood 7.5September 22nd, 2002
This Download Includes Several Files For Implementing the Lantern Effect in a D-Mod LanternNormalExceptional 9.7September 22nd, 2002
This Download Includes Several Files For Implementing a Flickering Lantern Effect in a D-Mod Lantern FlickeringNormalExceptional 9.7September 22nd, 2002
Dink And His Pet Pig Oinky Go on Vacation To Crossroads CrossroadsFeaturedTolerable 3.2September 22nd, 2002
This D-Mod Sort of Starts Where Part I Ended Quest of Life: Part 2 - The RescueFeaturedGood 7.4September 22nd, 2002
Before Simonk with the Creeping Sands And Sabretrout with a Knight’S Tale (Both D-Mods Cre... Quest of Life: Part 1 (The)FeaturedGood 8.2September 22nd, 2002
I Totally Agree with Dethlord: This Must Be the Worst D-Mod Ever DoomsdayFeaturedHorrible 0.1September 22nd, 2002
Dink Needs To Fight Some Enemies in a Cave DOEMFeaturedGood 7.2September 22nd, 2002
You Play a Very Huge Dink with Super Powers Who has To Kill Small Sized Enemies For Appare... DinkzillaNormalTolerable 3.6September 22nd, 2002
Answer Some Questions And See How Much You Know About Dink And the Community Dink X TriviaFeaturedGood 7.8September 22nd, 2002
The Fist Part of the Trilogy Milderr Milderr!!FeaturedGood 7.4September 22nd, 2002
You Are Ronan the Duck And You Must Kill the Hunter Revenge of the DucksFeaturedFair 6.0September 22nd, 2002
This is the Sequel To Revenge of the Ducks I Revenge of the Ducks 2FeaturedGood 8.8September 22nd, 2002
The Story of Ronan the Duck And Billy the Bonca Continues in This D-Mod Revenge of the Ducks 3: Enter the SmallwoodFeaturedGood 8.4September 22nd, 2002
This Short D-Mod is About Dink Having To Hit a Pizza Guy Scar of David (The)NormalTolerable 3.5September 22nd, 2002
An Arcade Game Based on Frogger FroggerNormalGood 7.7September 22nd, 2002
Jarvis the Knight has To Free the Land From Peril Knight's Tale (A)FeaturedGood 8.2September 11th, 2002
Redink1's Basement is Exactly What it Says; You have the Opportunity To Visit Redink1's Ba... Explorations: redink1's BasementNormalGood 7.0September 11th, 2002
Dink has To Find His Friend Fred True of LifeFeaturedFair 5.0September 11th, 2002
This is a Very Short D-Mod About Dink Being a Stand Up Comedian And Telling Jokes Dink LettermanNormalFair 6.0September 11th, 2002
Storyline: Mr ... His Ancestor 1239FeaturedTolerable 4.0September 11th, 2002
This Jukebox Contains 15 Various Midi’S JukeboxNormalFair 5.1September 11th, 2002
Dink has To Prove Himself By Finding a Way Through a Huge Maze LabyrinthFeaturedFair 6.1September 11th, 2002
This File is For Those Who Want To Create a D-Mod D-Mod HelpFeaturedGood 8.0September 11th, 2002
This File Explains the Various Types of Hardness Hardness HelpNormalGood 8.0September 11th, 2002
This Version of the Arena has a Graphical User Interface Dink Arena - GUINormalGood 8.0September 11th, 2002
This Pack Contains 29 Midi’S in 6 Folders Super Midi PackFeaturedGood 8.5September 10th, 2002
This File Gives Answers To the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Adding New Sounds Int... Sound FAQNormalGood 8.0September 10th, 2002
This Graphics Pack Contains the Frames For a Ghost Knight Ghost KnightNormalGood 8.0September 10th, 2002
This Graphics Pack is an Update on the Ghost Knight Graphics V1 Ghost Knight 2.0NormalGood 8.3September 10th, 2002
This Midi Pack Contains 10 (01– 10) Midi Files Midi MayhemFeaturedGood 7.4September 9th, 2002
This is Supposed To Be a Trailer To a D-Mod Crystal of PowerNormalHorrible 0.8August 30th, 2002
This is Dink Goes WanderingNormalGood 7.0August 30th, 2002
In This File the Author Brings Up Several Ideas About How And When To Use Alternative Heroes Alternative HeroesFeaturedGood 7.5August 29th, 2002
Dink has To Kill the Duck From Friends Dink Smallwood in the Valley of the Talking TreesFeaturedGood 7.7August 7th, 2002
Dink has To Accomplish Some Task(S) As a Secret Agent And in Order To Do So Dink 007NormalHorrible 0.1July 18th, 2002
Dink Finds a New Adventure on the Secret Beach Where He Went To in the Original Game Dink Smallwood & The End of TimeFeaturedFair 6.0July 18th, 2002
This Button Pack Contains 5 Different Kind of Start SuperWolfman's Button PackFeaturedExceptional 9.0July 16th, 2002
This is an Intro To a D-Mod Town Over (A)NormalHorrible 0.1July 14th, 2002
This Trailer Gives an Introduction To a New Adventure of Dink Beginning of SorrowsNormalFair 6.0July 14th, 2002
This is an Introduction Sequence/Movie Between the ShadowsNormalFair 6.0July 14th, 2002
Dink has To Get a Bird For Thanksgiving ThanksgivingNormalGood 7.0July 14th, 2002
Richard has To Save Anthony Richard's AttackFeaturedHorrible 0.5July 14th, 2002
Ed is Stranded on Earth And has To Get Back To His Own World Adventures of Ed the SCV (The)NormalGood 8.1July 14th, 2002
Dr ZoltronFeaturedHorrible 0.5July 11th, 2002
Dink has To Repair a Bridge Dink BlackwoodFeaturedGood 7.0July 11th, 2002
Bloop has To Kill the Shark Bloop the FishNormalHorrible 1.8July 11th, 2002
Dink is Lost in a Dreamworld And He has To Find His Way Back To Castle Goodheart DinkopolisFeaturedHorrible 1.5July 11th, 2002
Sori has Turned Into a Puppet And has To Find Out Who Did That And Why it Happened Secret of AmehoelaNormalHorrible 1.0July 6th, 2002
Dink has To Find Out What Happened on the Isle of Croth Isle of Croth (The)NormalExceptional 9.8July 6th, 2002
Dink has To Save Princess Dorinthia And Defeat an Evil Wizard Quest for Dorinthia (The)FeaturedExceptional 9.8July 6th, 2002
Dink And Dorinthia Are Married Quest for Dorinthia 2: The Island RevengeFeaturedExceptional 9.6July 6th, 2002
This D-Mod Demonstrates a New Battle Engine Legend of TerraEarth (The)FeaturedTolerable 3.0July 6th, 2002
The Cast Wants To Take Over Castle Goodheart And Dink has To Stop Them Revenge of the CastFeaturedFair 5.0July 6th, 2002
This Collection Contains 7 (Vol2-01 – Vol2-07) Midi Files Which the Author Composed UltimateMidiCollection - The Second VolumeFeaturedGood 7.0July 6th, 2002
This Pack Contains 1 Tile To Make Dried Land Dried Land TilesNormalGood 7.0July 5th, 2002
This Pack Contains 3 Usable Spells Spells & Items PackNormalGood 7.0July 4th, 2002
Storyline: the Author States That This D-Mod Doesn’T have a Complex Or Compelling Storylin... Quest for Cheese (The)FeaturedExceptional 9.5July 3rd, 2002
This Pack Contains Tiles For Making Several Kind of Grass/Pavement Conversion Grass to Pavement/Stones TilesNormalGood 7.0July 3rd, 2002
This is a List To Go Through Before You Release Your D-Mod D-Mod Check ListNormalFair 6.0July 3rd, 2002
This Pack Contains 1 Tile To Make 16 Different Kind of Backgrounds/Floors Spare TilesNormalGood 8.0July 3rd, 2002
Dink has To Reunite Milli Vanilli Search for Milli Vanilli (The)NormalHorrible 2.0July 3rd, 2002
The Stone of Balance Desert Tiles V1 Stone of Balance Desert TilesFeaturedGood 8.3July 2nd, 2002
The Desert Tile Graphics V1 Desert Tiles GraphicsFeaturedGood 8.1June 22nd, 2002
Dink Goes Trick-Or-Treating is a Tiny D-Mod in Which You have To Find As Many Candy As Possible Dink Smallwood Goes Trick-Or-TreatingFeaturedFair 6.5June 12th, 2002
Cloud Castle is a Short D-Mod About Dink Getting His Own Estate Cloud CastleFeaturedGood 8.0June 8th, 2002
This is a D-Mod That is Mostly a Tutorial; Purpose is To Learn More About Scripting Tutorial D-ModFeaturedGood 8.5June 1st, 2002