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Quest for Dorinthia (The)

Dink is transported by the King of Goodheart to another land. It seems an evil wizard has overtaken the real king and thrown him and his daughter into a cave into the mountains. Many many secrets and puzzles abound in this new adventure. Two secret worlds and many hidden weapons!
Released:March 26th, 2006
File Size:1.24 MB
Release Notes:v2.0
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August 1st, 2004
Score : 6.9 fair
A festival of boredom.

Style: 6
Some humor. A large, boring map. A modicum of interaction (i.e., with objects). Forgettable music.

Gameplay: 7
Some effort went into balancing the gameplay... at least I thought so until I found a not-so-secret secret. WAY too much wandering around, and no herb boots. Some of the things you have to do are entertaining, but for the most part they are dull and standard. I did not have to use a walkthru, which is a bad sign: this game will not tax your brain cells. To be fair, I thought the final boss was relatively easy to kill with just a sword.

Story: 8
Well, it made sense, mostly. Does that make it good?

Overall: 6.9 (-.1 for length)
Probably not worth the download, although its quite small (plotwise) for an epic. Download QFD2, by all means, but don't bother with this one unless you are prepared to wander aimlessly for a while. I honestly have no idea what people are talking about here... maybe they liked the secrets?
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