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D-Mod.diz Editor

Main window of D-Mod .diz Editor
January 12th, 2003
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Female
Purpose: This programme lets to make a dmod.diz file.

Installation: Just unzip the file and run the godinkdz.exe.

Use: You are asked several questions: name of D-mod, version, month made, day made, year made, your name, your email, your website, and the D-mod description. After having filled in that, the dmod.diz file is made automatically.

Good: It is really easy to use and puts all the information on the right place in the dmod.diz.

Not so good: The readme is a readme.wps file and I could not find the programme to open it with let alone read it. The newly made dmod.diz will automatically put this line in the file: 'Info on Problematic Dink Diz Pro send internet email to or with the title -dmod editorclan: 4' so you would have to open the file and delete that line.

Overall: An easy to use programme that could be improved.

Fit for: If you do not want to copy and adjust an old dmod.diz.