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New D-Mod: Brovia- A mod I made for my Brother as a Christmas present

Mr. Silystra has released his first D-Mod: Brovia- A mod I made for my Brother as a Christmas present.

As you might tell from the title, Silystramade this D-Mod for his brother as a Christmas present. Now, if you are of the pessimistic sort, you might assume that if someone were to make their very first D-Mod, as a Christmas present for a close family member D-Mod no less, that it certainly would be full of hardness errors, broken scripts, and might be deserving of a Dink Forever Memorial Award of Badness.

You would be very, very wrong. This adventure both looks and plays great, and is a worthy addition to the our Parthenon of D-Mods.

This D-Mod reminds me of a time that I gave my own brother a similar birthday present over 20 years ago. I didn't give him a D-Mod (those take far too much work to create), but I did 'give' him a Geocities web page. I think I called it something lame like "Eric's Domain", and it had some pictures of cars on it. Sadly, we got into a fight a few months later, and somehow a much younger (and dumber) redink1 thought it would be a swell idea to delete his web page in vengeance.

So, Silystra, please do not delete this D-Mod if you ever get angry at your brother, it really isn't worth it, no matter how angry you might be.

New files: Fun with palettes and some Dinky Wallpaper

*yawns and blinks blearily around*
Is 2020 over yet?

Hey look! New files! I did wonder what all the fireworks were about.

First up we have some great wallpaper from Exzcimus, which definitely hasn't been sitting in the pending list since August. Nope.

Then from Mr Toast we have, believe it or not, an actual D-Mod!
Well, a demonstration D-Mod anyway, showing off some nifty things that can be done with palette shifting. Not only that but it includes Python files to help you set this up for your own D-Mods and some instructions.
Also something about lerping, which makes me think of a large frog licking something. *Lerp*

New D-Mod: A Little Adventure

Mr. SlipDink is back with another new D-Mod: A Little Adventure.

This is SlipDink's sixth (sixth!) D-Mod.

This time around, Dink has quite an experience with an evil wizard, and he ends up very far from home where he isn't welcome.

As with all of SlipDink's D-Mods, there's an awe-inspiring beauty to many of the scenes in this D-Mod. If you want to see something that you haven't seen before (like a pretty smoking volcano), give this a shot.

Updated Files: Version Checker 2.0 & Push and Pull 2.02

RobJ is still active, and released updates to two of his "how the heck did he do that" files.

First up, Version Checker has been updated to version 2.0. What's new? How about a slew of clever tricks full automation - no need to bother the user to ask them to hit certain keys to help figure out what version of Dink that they're using. That's pretty gosh darn slick.

Next, Push and Pull has been updated to version 2.02, which fixes some bugs and utilizes the shiny-new version of Version Checker.

New File: Sci-fi SFX

Exzcimus is here with the first new release since April 1st.
What's going on? With the world in lockdown you'd think we'd be seeing a new D-Mod every other week!

Here are some great Sci-Fi sound effects to give you some inspiration.

Get cracking, people

New D-Mod Epic: An Ancient Voice: A Tale of Four Sorrows 1.00

Silberfarben has finished the final release of An Ancient Voice: A Tale of Four Sorrows, and boy is it a doozy.

This is the first new epic since 2016, and it features endless, inventive gameplay. Sure, we've had some D-Mods like Revolution and Infinidink that are technically 'endless', but those basically have you fight the same monsters over-and-over again, and aren't much better than Bill & Kill. This is different. Instead of endless battles, you have endless jokes and quests and choices that actually build into a cohesive story that you can complete after several hours, but you can keep going.

I honestly don't know how Silberfarben pulled this off in such a short time, but I'm impressed. Who needs Necromancer?

New D-Mod: Shudinko (Alternative Hero)

Have you ever wanted to kick things? Or give your feet a chance to delight in the pain and death of monsters and/or annoying uncles? Or create pillbug pasta without getting any blood on your pretty gloves?

If so, as always, Bluedy is here for you. He just released Shudinko, an alternate hero and mini D-Mod romp. This fully replaces Dink's normal graphics with a Mortal Kombat-ish alternative hero (including graphics for walking, dying, crawling, slicing, and KICKING). He can kick! It is so satisfying to kick things. Kick kick kick. Take that, ya nasty pillbug.

Aherm. Anyway, he also has a katana, but kicking is so fun. Give it a try.

Updated D-Mod: Before... v2.01

Mr. SlipDink is back to ensure that this decade will not be the first decade without an updated D-Mod news post.

And so, we now have Before... v2.01.

This version should fix Silberfarben's issue, which could cause Dink to "freeze" just before he goes to sell Quackers to Ethel.

Before... is SlipDink's fourth D-Mod, and takes place... before... the original Dink Smallwood. Dink is just a boy with questions about his father and his destiny, while some mysterious crows start to appear...

New D-Mod: Crowns of Stone

SlipDink is back to ensure that this decade will not be the first decade without at least two new D-Mods. He just clicked the big ol' Submit button for Crowns of Stone.

In this quest, Dink is called out of retirement to fight an evil that threatens like every kingdom around (if not the whole world). Then he hangs out with some cool people, discovers there is such a thing as a 'sacred cabbage', and discovers that SlipDink invented a new concept called 'wagic' (that may-or-may-not be magic with an upside-down 'm').

Interestingly, this is actually based on SabreTrout's Valhalla (which was never finished).

New D-Mod Demo: An Ancient Voice: A Tale of Four Sorrows

The perpetually not-quite-gold Silberfarben arrives to ensure that this decade will not be the first decade without a new D-Mod. So, please check out their demo to An Ancient Voice: A Tale of Four Sorrows.

In this adventure, Dink has a dream. Twenty years have passed. Voices appear in his head in curious white text.

What exactly is going on?

Will he wake up?

What are the four sorrows?

Is one of the sorrows Rise of Skywalker?

Was anyone else pretty darn disappointed that a multi-billion-dollar-nine-movie-saga ended like that?

Updated D-Mods: The Oraculum v1.3b & The Iron Ring of Destiny v1.11a

SlipDink, who might very well end up one of the last very active D-Mod authors, recently updated The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum to v1.3b and THE LAST QUEST (part 2): The Iron Ring of Destiny to v1.11a.

The update to The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum fixes some hardness and warning errors in a weapon shop, while the update to THE LAST QUEST (part 2): The Iron Ring of Destiny fixes some minor coding errors.

If you'd like to check out something new, take a gander at the Crowns of Stone thread on the forum, where you might be able to volunteer to beta-test SlipDink's latest D-Mod if you hurry.

Updated D-Mods: Before... v2.00 & All that Glitters! v3.01

SlipDink, who apparently has a fervent belief that D-Mod names should end with unusual punctuation, recently updated Before... to v2.00 and All that Glitters! to v3.01.

Before... v2.00 introduces an easy mode, and includes a bounty of fixes, from grammatical tweaks to hardness and functional bugs. Be aware: this version may not be compatible with old save game files.

All that Glitters! v3.01 also makes things a little easier, and fixes over a dozen other bugs. Wunderbar!

New Dev Files: Marketplace Graphics and Dink Shadows for Blender

Prolific graphicateer, iplaydink, submitted two files over the summer and with normal DN-style efficiency, we're finally making a news post about them!

The first, Marketplace Graphics, is a set of marketplace stands for your outdoor marketplace needs. No longer will you be constrained to only selling things indoors in your mods! Outdoor capitalism can now be yours! He was even nice enough to include the blender files for the stands should you wish to modify them for yourself.

Along with this, he has submitted what looks to be a very handy file, Dink Shadows For Blender, which claims to do all the hard work of accurately setting that "oh-so-finicky" Dink camera and shadow angle in blender, as well as pre-checkerboard it for you. Cool and highly useful stuff!

Updated D-Mod / Magical File: Push and Pull 2.01

Robj and Bluedy are back with an updated version of the completely amazing Push and Pull.

As before, this makes pushing objects in Dink Smallwood very intuitive and fun. This version is a complete rewrite (!) of the entire system, which now leverages a 'sticky push' mechanism so that you can pull objects without using any special keys (ideal for mobile or gamepad use).

Even more impressive, this version is actually a full-fledged D-Mod romp, and includes a fair bit of gameplay that leverages the push and pull mechanism. Can you solve all of the puzzles?

Updated Dev File: Version Checker 1.02

This is a version checker that you can add into your dmod that returns a unique value for different versions of Dink Smallwood, Dink HD, and FreeDink.

The original get_version() command can not differentiate between dink 1.08 and freedink because they both return "108".

This version checker not only differentiates the above, but also returns unique values for FreeDink 109.6, and FreeDink version 108.4 or lower.

This file includes an initial version checker screen which runs when the player starts a new game, to initially detect and store away the version number.
The version is then updated whenever the player loads a save game, in case they have changed versions.

You can retrieve the version number at anytime, to adjust your scripting and make sure your Dmod is compatible across all major Dink Engine versions, or to check the player is using the correct version before the game play starts.

Packaged into a Dmod file for ease of organisation, even though there is not much gameplay at all (just two screens so you can immediately demo the file)

Included is a readme which details how to implement this into a dmod, and also a youtube video tutorial if you don't like reading.
The link to the video tutorial is listed in the readme file as well, but I have also listed it below:

NOTE: This is a Development D-Mod, and it may not have a quest to complete or a story to experience.
Version 1.02
Released: August 2nd, 2019
File Size: 459.05 KB
Downloads: 3
Release Notes: Made a few minor tweaks.
Updated tutorial to 2 part video, rather than 1.

Link to tutorial playlist is in the readme file, but also linked below:
Play: Play this D-Mod right now in your web browser! (More Info)

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