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New Dev File: Bow Plus

Rabidwolf9 has emerged out of the shadows, bringing with him a nifty development file: Bow Plus.

Do you despise the workings of the original bow?
Do you find it annoying and a suffering of the soul to use?

This file improves that and gives you a running choice on how to use your bow.

Want to spam arrows? You can do that.
Want to use it like the regular old bow? Sure, it does that too.
Or time the shot to release on the correct frame when the spark is visible and do a powerful shot that pierces through enemies!

Although the changes made to the bow functionality are subtle, it already feels a lot more use-able in a Dmod, and the timing requirement for the power shot adds an actual degree of "skill" to the bow. Instead of it being random, you get rewarded for timing it correctly.

Comes with a small play-able Dmod to showcase it. Go check it out!

Updated Files: SOB redux, WDED+, Martridge, and Dink Blender Template

Some updated files have dropped this month, and I've been too busy beheading ducks to type up a news post.
Well here we go..

SimonK has updated Stone of Balance redux. This update includes a few tweaks/changes and also some bug fixes across multiple stories. See the file page for the full list of changes.

Drone1400 has updated Windinkedit Plus Drone edition fixing various bugs, and also Dink Blender Template which fixes the issue of shadows not rendering in blender 4.1.
Martridge Launcher was also updated to include the missing x64\7zip.dll file, which fixes issues on windows 11.

What are you waiting for, make sure to grab those updates if you haven't already!

Updated Dev File: WinDinkEdit Plus 2 Drone Edition v2.5.8.0

Drone1400 has released another update for Windinkedit Plus 2 Drone Edition, with some very useful features including:

- 'Focus Mode', which shows only the current screen and all of it's sprites, even if they are out of bounds.

- Cycle to next/previous sprite while in focus mode, using F3 & Shift+F3.

- Added 'Sprite Report' in the tools menu, which generates a report containing information about out of bounds sprites and invalid seq/frame definitions.

- A bug fixed with MultiSprite mode which could previously lead to unwanted selections being performed.

Go check it out, these certainly are interesting features. Want to see how many sprites you accidentally teleported out of bounds because you changed the Y coordinate instead of depth que and wondered why your sprite vanished? .. Now you can.

New Files: Pilgrims Quest Redux and Martridge Launcher

New files, new files everywhere, I'm drowning in new files!

First up: Prilgrims Quest Redux
Simon Klaebe strikes again! This time releasing Pilgrims Quest Redux. This one also comes with a launch trailer to get you excited to dive right in. First the Stone of Balance Redux and now this? Let's hope this is a 3 course meal because my Necromancer taste bugs are tingling..

Simon has conveniently made a post right here with a nice summary of the various changes, ultimately encouraging my laziness of half-baked news posts.

Second: Martridge Launcher
Drone1400 also enters the arena with the Martridge Launcher. according to a reliable source this is a brand new super secret weapon that launches tiny wizards at people, sweet, sweet dangerous little Martridge projectiles that destroy all your previous Dink Smallwood/Dmod front ends and sprinkles convenience all over your PC, automagically installing various versions of the Dink Smallwood engine for you, allowing you to browse Dmods and download them directly, and many other cool things that will surely make your dinking life a whole lot easier.

New Files: Evolving Magic, Dink Blender Template, Dink Smallwood Chinese Edition

Three new files have been released. Evolving Magic is Pupperoni's very first file, including the Evolving Fireball spell, which gets stronger as your magic stat increases, an acid rain spell that also seems to get stronger, and a Close Wounds spell. Oh, and a test dmod featuring giant ducks and easter eggs! Definitely worth a gander if you're looking to spruce up the magic in your dmod, or just for fun for the amusing demo.

The second file is the Dink Blender Template by drone1400, which generates Dink sprites with directions and checker grid shadows from a blender model. It all sounded like magic to me, so I just downloaded the file on a USB stick, inserted it into my blender, and at first I thought it didn't work... however, as the sun came up, my blender DID cast a shadow! Alternatively, full instructions are included.

The third file is Dink Smallwood Chinese Edition by xjnzhidao0, which seems to have been originally posted in 2018 on a Chinese forum. Thanks EMP for submitting this. The file was lying around for a while because we weren't sure what to do with it, but I reckon such a high quality file deserves to be on the Dink Network. It's not just a simple translation patch, it's the full suite. Included are Chinese translations of Original Dink and Mystery Island, with even the title screen buttons translated, the full CD version of the game, as well as a DOSbox emulation of Windows 95. For that authentic retro experience of playing Dink Smallwood on Windows 95, because Dink has been retro for a while now, and we're really all incredibly old.

Updated D-Mod: Stone of Balance Redux

Simon Klaebe is back, and decided to release Stone of Balance Redux today! Which is in some ways very cruel. Today is April 1st, after all. We've gone down this road before with Necromancer. Why would you believe this is real?

But it is real! If you haven't been to the forums in a bit, Simon shadow-launched a YouTube channel that showcased him playing through Stone of Balance a few weeks back, and there's even a bloody launch trailer for Redux with some snazzy music. And besides - he tried to release it a couple days ago, but I wasn't paying attention.

So, what's new and improved? Here's an abbreviated list:
  • Many tweaks, a few new midi and sound files plus quite a few new graphics.
  • Overall story has not changed.
  • Added more clues and less running around overall.
  • Added 'good' ending to the Land of Reverence story.
Maybe we can continue the tradition of doing cool things on April 1st instead of jokes? That'd be cool!

Updated D-Mod: Silence

megadogV2 has updated his D-Mod Silence to v1.03, nearly nine years since v1.02. Time is a wild, wild ride.

This version includes a number of improvements, like:
  • Collecting gold and choosing not to quit the game after selecting the option to do so no longer make Imogen talk.
  • "Buying a house" section removed: game simply ends at the cliff face.
  • Issue with fireball spell remaining on counter fixed.
  • Altered dialogue to fix some things as mentioned in COTPATD.
  • Issue with intro cut scene not drawing Lilith's possessions fixed.
  • Changed some interactions that implied Imogen could read (she can't).
  • Added interactions for showing Peter and the Librarian Lilith's note (prior to showing it to Micheal).
  • Improved leveling system.
  • Can no longer skip the dialogue for opening the forest.
  • Added a pair of hidden secrets.
I think this D-Mod is worth playing even if you just have a few minutes for the introduction. I still get shivers thinking about it, and I haven't played it for a over nine years now.

New Dev File: PNGtions

The only bread product in the land to survive since before the invention of the word 'the', yeoldetoast has released some of the prettiest potions you'll ever see in Dink Smallwood: PNGtions.

Even though DinkHD has supported the colorful png file format for almost 6 years, I don't believe many D-Mods or authors have tried to incorporate it yet. But this is a perfect example of where it can make things look pretty darn nice.

I bet you aren't even reading these words. You're just so captivated by the animation to your right. I can write anything I want here. I thought this would give me more freedom, but in reality I always just write what I want. Hmm. Well, I guess I'll just stare at that animation a bit more and finish up this post.

Updated Dev File: WinDinkEdit Plus 2 Drone Edition v2.5.7.9

If you happen to be working on D-Modding again, you might want to take a look at WinDinkEdit Plus 2 Drone Edition. drone1400 has been advertising this edition on the forums for a while, and it kind of snuck into the Files list with little fanfare last year. It continues the tradition of slathering another layer of goodness on top of Gary Hertel's original WinDinkEdit, this time with:
  • support for 600x550 tile-sheets!
  • PNG sprite support!
  • fixed a nasty crash related to the undo-queue becoming full
  • fixed wrong hardness rendering for resized sprites
  • easier tile-sheet hardness editing
  • a bigger toolbar with bigger uglier buttons
  • command line arguments: "-game" same as in DinkHD and FreeDink, can be used to specify what DMOD to open on launch "--refdir" same as in FreeDink, can be used to specify a specific core DINK installation to use
  • a crash logger, same one as in DinkHD (do not delete the WinDinkEditPlus2.pdb file for the crash logger to work properly!)
  • and more!
This latest version specifically fixes a big here visions weren't rendered in the editor view immediately. A forgivable bug, given that visions are a terrible feature

New D-Mod: Relic Hunter (Demo)

The incredibly prolific rabidwolf9 has released a demo to his D-Mod entitled Relic Hunter.

While this is only the third D-Mod our lupus pal has contributed to, he has created nearly three dozen developmental files over the past twenty years. That expertise definitely shows in this demo, where deft scene work and clever scripting show a great deal of craftsmanship. For example, in the dungeon you learn of a new feature where you can press 'Q' to see where enemies are located on the screen, very useful for screenlocks where enemies are hiding behind opaque walls.

Even though this is a demo, and will likely never be finished, it's definitely worth taking a peek to see a D-Mod full of quality.

New Contest: Review Rumble 2023

spinnerweb is sponsoring a new contest to encourage new reviews. She's noticed that new files rarely get reviewed, which is a shame, particularly as it means the authors who spend literally hundreds of hours creating new D-Mods don't get to know what people think about what they've created. It also makes it difficult for people to know which D-Mods are worth playing, as much of our casual audience only plays the most highly-rated D-Mods.

There will be three winners of the contest, determined by spinnerweb. First place will receive a USD 30 game of their choice, second place will receive a USD 20 game, and third place will receive a USD 10 game. I'll also give everyone who participates in the contest a special forum flair.

To enter the contest, you only need to write a review for one of these files that didn't have any reviews, and was released since the start of 2020. The deadline is October 1st November 15th. Here's a list of files that are eligible:For the full rules, see the comments.

New Graphics Pack: Lightsword and Herb Boots

Tired of the same old look of the light sword?

And Dink not actually changing his boots when you equip herb boots?

Don't worry, Josko is here to remedy the situation with the Light Sword and Herb Boots graphics pack.

This graphics pack includes a light sword that actually glows (Dink finally found someone to polish his sword).

It also includes Dink with blue boots, for the proper herb boots look.

What's even better, is this pack includes versions with the buckler and kite shield from the Off-Handed Shield mod. So you can use these with or without the shield.
Scripts are also included and a readme file to point you in the right direction to start using these graphics immediately.

New Dev File: Dink Smallwood Original 3ds Max Models

One year ago today, our world changed.

Seth, in an act of benevolence, released the original Dink Smallwood 3ds Max Models. Since then, we've been living in the golden age of Smallwoods, with an outstanding line-up of D-Mods released in such quick succession: Necromancer, Bill & Kill 4: The Glorious Resurrection, Bloop the Fish 3: Never Stop Blooping, Cloud Castle 3: Grasshopper, and Crosslink (Final).


Okay, yes, (almost) none of that is true. The original 3d models were in fact released, but they haven't really revitalized the community. yeoldetoast printed out a physical copy of the church, Skurn made the slayer walk like a person and... that might be about it.

But, drone1400 noticed that the 3d models weren't very easy to find, so now they're listed in the official files page. Thanks drone!

New Dev File: Skeleton Gelatin

What's this?

That's right, I've slipped into the back alleyways of the DN and broke the age old rule of of serving you some GELATIN, so you can have a strong SKELETON.

It's good for your bones.

It's good for your fresh dmods.

It's highly optimised.

It's the most bug-free barebones skeleton available with:
- Fully optimised dink.ini, re-structured, commented, and 130+ set_sprite_info lines removed (duplicates and other terrible ones that shouldn't be there)
- Robj's custom hard.dat re-write, allowing Dink to walk against things without encroaching into them too much. No where to slip through hardness, and all inner and outer islands & match-able beach tile combinations match with hardness too!

Read the dmod.diz upon install for even more info.

*Runs away into the forest, slipping away from the Goodheart guards*

Updated D-Mod: Periculo Island v1_2.00b2

Hello friend, would you stay a while and listen?

Our dear pal SlipDink is still here, with news and other good tidings. He has updated his seventh D-Mod, Periculo Island, to the version v1_2.00b2!

SlipDink says: "This new version represents several months of work. Thanks to the beta test team, this dmod should now be compatible with all know versions of the Dink engine. It also adds a few playability improvements, some new features and aspects of the game, some new sub-quests and the like, plus a few new graphical changes. And I also added a few more ways for Dink to die before completing his quest. "

Do note that Periculo Island does weight in at a whopping 108.3 MB - that'd take over 8 hours to download on a 28.8 kbps modem! This reminds me of a very old memory - the original Diablo demo came out when I was 12 or 13 years old, in middle school. For some sort of writing class (English?), we had to write a letter to a company, and I chose to write a letter to Blizzard to complain that it was impossible for "anyone" to download the Diablo demo. I just checked - it was just a scant 55.9 MB! Oh, how technology has changed so, so much.