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Stone of Balance

The Stone of Balance has been broken and only one man can put it back together. Come play an epic DMOD, and see how hard, yet entertaining Dinking can be.

*Best download of december 2000*

*Best D-Mod of 2000*

This D-Mod contains mature content, and may not be suitable for younger players.
Released:February 29th, 2004
File Size:7.81 MB
Release Notes:v2.14b
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June 7th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Graphics: I have to be honest and say the graphics in this d-mod were the best I've seen. The quicksand took me totally by surprise. The gold graphics in Story 5 were very good. The color was overlayed perfectly. The graphics in Story 6 really blew me away. I liked the three armed trees that looked like they were lifting weights, the bouncing boobs that attacked, the blue feathers, the leaches who attacks with their tongues, and the blue/green/red crystals to name a few. SCORE: 10.0

Story: The story was well thought out. This adventure has several quests and in some of the quests are mini games that you have to play to proceed. These games aren't impossible, but some do have a twist. SCORE: 10.0

Gameplay: The gameplay in this adventure is very tedious. Not in a way that the player would want to give up though. But I encountered some unpleasant moments where I thought I would give up. Finding the entrance to see the soothsayer in Story 4 was a little difficult. Darn near impossible to be truthful. After posting on the board and finding the location, I still had trouble finding it. But I did find it and the game went on. (The two trees looked like one tree and that threw me off.) Another bad moment I had was trying to fight the end boss without the three immunity potions. I used the flamebow and beat him and the game froze. I tried again with the same results. After reloading to a previous save, I got the potions and the game played smoothly. ( I didn't know about the potions until I read the walkthrough.) And I've yet to find Multiblast in Story 5. But I'm not being critical of the game here. It seems to me that the harder the game is the more determined a player is to beat it. At least thats the way I am. SCORE: 9.5 (only because the game froze at the end)

Midi's: My dad don't want speakers attached to his computer. Go figure.
SCORE: N/A (sorry Simon. I bet the midi's are good.)


Likes: I really enjoyed playing this game. I laughed, I cursed, I pulled my hair out, I had a great time. Thanks Simon. I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a good game. I was glued to this game for hours on end and didn't want to quit when I had to.

Dislikes: The only major thing I disliked about this game is that you can only get the Secret Bow Lore and the three immunity potions at precise times in Story 6. ( I got the Secret Bow Lore in Story 5. It took a while but I got it.) But as soon as I killed the three red scorpions I went straight for the milk. As I'm sure most players will. Hmmmm....come to think of it, Simon must have concluded the same result. Thats why he added it at that precise moment. Good thinking Simon. I'll now have to turn my dislike to a gameplay bonus. Now, is there anything I didn't like about the game. Uh, lets see, wait a minute, I'm thinking............. Oh, yes. There is one
thing I don't like about this game. Dink gets laid more than I do!
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