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Stone of Balance

The Stone of Balance has been broken and only one man can put it back together. Come play an epic DMOD, and see how hard, yet entertaining Dinking can be.

*Best download of december 2000*

*Best D-Mod of 2000*

This D-Mod contains mature content, and may not be suitable for younger players.
Released:February 29th, 2004
File Size:7.81 MB
Release Notes:v2.14b
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December 5th, 2001
Score : 9.4 exceptional
King Male United States xbox steam bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
Stone of Balance is a D-Mod you're going to love and hate at the same time.

Most of the new graphics are top-notch 3d renderings (the scorpions are particularly well made, as are the animated trees in one of the last worlds). This D-Mod wins graphically over any D-Mod that has ever been released, and will probably continue to do so for a very long time.

Sound is also very good... new sound effects throughout, and really well chosen midis.

Most quests are quite original, and enjoyable once you figure out what to do. And therein lies the problem.

The difficulty is way way way up there. It is in the way the game handles the puzzles and tasks. In one of the lands you are given a key to the back door of building. You can't see the back door, so you have to guess where it might be behind the building. Every other door opens by walking into it, yet you have to press space to go into the not visible back door. There are several other areas where you can be stuck forever, then doing the most arcane thing possible gets you past that area.

A couple of the areas weren't very fun (at least to this reviewer). The maze area was infuriating (imagine trying to get through an absolutely huge maze with fireballs wizzing all about). I found that the desert area went on too long (do this, do that, do this, go back here, do this, go back there, go here, go there, and so on).

But, like I said, you'll love playing it and hate playing it at the same time. There is so many things to do that you have to like at least one part of it.
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