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2011-08-27 01:44:05
Peasant steam
Sons of liberty 
sad to read this but the only reason why i dont take part in this site is because of godley and dinkdoodler, they never say anything that's useful and on the topic just[im leaving, wheres my cookies, this guy is being a jerk,i got that etc] ban them both and me too for saying this but you can count 1-100 instead reading the dump they post here, no offense to anyone.
seriously sure some of the users are getting annoyed as well
[dinkdoodler] are you again going to call me a noob and tell me to change my avatar, you are spam on this community :X
im not replying again till there is something better is going on here, other than these two spamming in each thread and taking down anyone who says anything about them.
but will download the dmods and take part in the polls love em