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Updated:June 7th, 2018
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Score : 9.5 exceptional
Description:It all began in a world where dragons roamed the land and knights fought with valor and honor.

And then there was Dink. Can a simple pig farmer thrust into an epic journey of magic and adventure save the world?

Dink Smallwood HD is the newly remixed version of the classic RPG brought to you by the original creators.

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HINT: Click-and-drag to move around DinkHD menus when running on Windows.
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File Categories
All856All files available on The Dink Network.
D-Mod390A new level for Dink Smallwood.
Development347For D-Mod developers.
Romp212A short adventure that is usually lasts less than an hour.
Miscellaneous179Random stuff.
Graphics134Contains sprites or tiles that can be added to a D-Mod.
Quest59A medium-sized adventure that lasts a few hours.
Demo51Incomplete, but it will be completed eventually.
Music45Midi or MP3 music that can be used in any D-Mod.
Unfinished39Incomplete, and it will never be completed.
Tutorial39Explains D-Mod creation concepts.
Fan Work38Screensavers, desktop backgrounds, and more.
Utility35A stand-alone application
Source31Contains source code.
Add-On25Extensions to the original game or D-Mods.
Epic18A large adventure that is about the size of the original game, or larger.
Cheat16Programs or scripts you can install to cheat.
Frontend11Programs that make running D-Mods a snap.
Dink.exe11Contains a new dink.exe executable that adds new features to the Dink Smallwood game engine.
Official10An official file released by RTSoft
Translation4A translation of the original game, or a D-Mod, into another language.

Latest Files

TitleAuthorCategoryUpdated Downloads Score
Friends Beyond 3: Legend of TenjinWesley McElweeD-ModMay 02 2021973
Dink's DopplegangerMike SnyderD-ModApr 27 2021329
Dink Smallwood Icon RemadeBluedyMiscellaneousApr 10 2021156
No Score
Night Graphics and TilesRobjDevelopmentApr 10 202179
No Score
Friends Beyond 2: Branches of DestinyWesley McElweeD-ModMar 27 2021392
A DmodSkurnD-ModMar 06 2021123
All that Glitters!SlipDinkD-ModFeb 26 20211382
Dink Smallwood Midi OST - Roland MT-32BardBunMusicFeb 19 202186
No Score
Dink Smallwood Variablesrabidwolf9DevelopmentFeb 19 202126
No Score
Brovia- A mod I made for my Brother as a Christmas presentSilystraD-ModFeb 10 2021136
No Score
Fun with palettesyeoldetoastDevelopmentJan 03 202155
No Score
A Little AdventureSlipDinkD-ModSep 16 2020620
No Score
Dink Wallpaper/Fan ArtworkExzcimusFan WorkAug 05 202075
No Score
Push and PullRobj, BluedyD-ModJun 10 2020376
No Score
Version CheckerRobjD-ModJun 06 2020313

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Latest Screenshots

Preview Night Graphics and TilesRobjJuly 10th, 2021
Preview Brovia- A mod I made for my Brother as a Christmas presentredink1February 16th, 2021
Preview Brovia- A mod I made for my Brother as a Christmas presentredink1February 16th, 2021
Preview Dink Wallpaper/Fan ArtworkSparrowhawkJanuary 3rd, 2021
Preview A Little Adventureredink1July 22nd, 2020
Preview Shudinko (Alternate Hero)redink1March 29th, 2020
Preview An Ancient Voice: A Tale of Four Sorrowsredink1January 12th, 2020
Preview Crowns of Stoneredink1January 12th, 2020
Preview Marketplace graphicsStrikerOctober 1st, 2019
Preview Dink Shadows for BlenderiplaydinkAugust 18th, 2019