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The Disciple

The mystery begins. Dink's plumbing is probably faulty. Dink encounters a Spooky Ghostâ„¢.
January 19th, 2024
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant He/Him United States
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-The Story-
The story was very engaging, It kept me immersed and chasing what was next. There were only a few minor instances where I sought help for clues but as soon as I asked for help both time I instantly found out what I was doing and progressed. The story is very in depth. It plays off of the original Dink: Smallwood story and uses many of the same characters. Dink is once again tasked by the king to save the world and takes on a member of the "royal court" during his adventure. Along the way there are many different locales and tasks. I dont want to completely spoil it for you so ill leave it at that. Overall it was a very well thought out story line with a creative plot.

-Gameplay & feel-

This Dmod wasnt too linear, by that I mean it gives you some freedom to explore. Just not so much freedom that you end up spending 2 hours grinding and forgetting what your doing or get lost.
Many twist and turns keep you feeling the immersion and chasing the next tile. Cool actions such as the ice swords animations. Great dialogue humor and funny dialogue options.
I noticed that there were some areas with Tiles that didn't really feel necessary where I was just running through halls, but this was few and far between. The puzzles were alright, creative but not my thing. Good Dmod for beginners.

-The Bad-

Sometimes the story drags on a bit, each island is a bit of rinse and repeat. Arrive here, fetch this so I can make this and allow you to progress.
Too many twists, at the end I couldn't help but wonder if they just kept flip flopping with the end or what.
The ending was full of "dodge and run" tiles where you're continuously finding yourself dodging all the falling acid or flames that are falling from the sky or shooting around you.
**In all honesty I had to stop playing right at the end, For some reason we end up having to run back through the ENTIRE map to "go back in time" in the story. Where you run through it again to catch up with the baddies and attempt to stop them again.

I'm sorry but after investing all that time to be told to run through the whole map again..... after I made it half way back through the map I just couldn't take anymore. Sadly I had to stop right at the very end.


All around its a good Dmod with decent length and depth. Good looking tiles and animations. Creative story-line and adult humor bring the classic Dink back to life. The ending kinds drags on for quite awhile, and IMO no boss fight is worth running back through the entire game all over again.

Calculating score: 9.0 - 1.0 (for the ending): 8.0
Final score = 8.0