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Dink Smallwood in the Valley of the Talking Trees

Travel to the Valley of the Talking Trees and meet the duck from Friends!! It's all in here
Released:March 26th, 2006
File Size:418.33 KB
Release Notes:v1.3
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August 7th, 2002
Score : 7.7 good
Peasant Female
Dink has to kill the Duck from friends.
This D-mod is a cliffhanger, since it is supposed to have a sequel: something I only discovered after the author pointed out to me that that was said by the narrator at the end of the game. Although I played the game to the end, I overlooked that part somehow... hence this adjusted review.

Storyline and map: Although it's clear what to do, there isn't a real story or a plot in this D-mod, but since this is an introduction for another D-mod to come, it fits it's purpose well. The map is carefully designed.

Music: The music fits the situation, especially the music when fighting.

Good: Lots of things have scripts attached to them, so you can basically talk to or hit about everything. There is a lot of humour in it, although it is sometimes too obvious and overdone. The end scene with the other people is done nicely. The sound effects are nice and fit the situation.

Not so good: After the first two screenlocks it gets a bit easier, but screenlock after screenlock tends to get a bit boring and there is no real reason for the enemies to be there (to level-up) since there is no End-Boss to be killed.

Remark 1: The fact that you can't fight the End-Boss but that he just disappears is something I thought disappointing at first, until I realised that that is because there is supposed to be a sequel and if you are going to have a sequel it is not logical to kill the End-Boss in the first D-mod. But some sort of small fight would have made this D-mod even better: in that way you at least would have had the feeling that you really won.

Remark 2: It is really hard to get past the first two screenlocks. The author states that the enemies in the first two screenlocks are there as some kind of blocker, since you have to get the autograph before you can proceed. Although I would prefer less enemies or a real blocker, it fits its purpose: you really have to fight a tough battle to get that autograph!

Overall: A small, but well worked out D-mod.

Fit for: If you like to play a small D-mod, as well in map-size as in playing time, in which the interaction with trees and ducks is the main aim.