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Off-Handed Shield

Design concept for an Off-Hand shield! Dink can now defend himself a bit better, at the cost of using his Magic slot.
Check the included Readme for instructions on how to add this to your own Dmod.

Features included:

- Barehanded Shield Graphics (For punching)
- Sword & Shield Graphics (For slashing)
- 'Guard' state: when used to actively block, provides a temporary boost to defense
- Passive boost to defense by simply wielding the shield
- A small map with enemies, reusable health station, and in-game explanations

NOTE: This is a Development D-Mod, and it may not have a quest to complete or a story to experience.
Released:July 22nd, 2022
File Size:998.59 KB
Release Notes:Version #1.1

- Removed hint nonsense about Charlie's Legacy from die.c
- Fixed bug where duplicate item scripts will get stuck in memory
- Bug where if shield effect is used before spell effect runs out (if Magic_cost is set to allow it), the recharge bar would not visibly reset upon use.
- New shield added (buckler)
- New locked recharge timer (buckler takes 15 seconds to charge, kite shield takes 30 seconds, regardless of magic level and regardless of magic level increase/decrease once armed)
- Recharge times, spell effect times, and defense values all easily customisable
- Added charge-bar system & graphics to allow tracking how long Dink's GUARD is up
- Added fix to common engine bug where magic item scripts will get killed off on load sometimes, disarming the magic, but leaving the charge bar.
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