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2017-09-18 02:23:19
Peasant Male Japan
Ah, ok, that helps a lot. The windows user access control system is confusing to me, but I think unless you run in admin mode it's not going to let you save anything to that folder, whereas it WILL let you save things to the default install folder. Previously I made the installer installer change that directory to "anybody can write here" but that meant the installer itself required admin access where now it doesn't.

So at a minimum I should make a pop-up come up that explains the error, although since you created the Dink folder install, I feel like it should let you save there with that account but dunno.

Can you try right clicking dink.exe and "Run as admin"? I'm guessing that fixes the save issues.

PS: I just noticed the path weirdness from your log... dmods/dink/? yeah that's very broken. Maybe it has nothing to do with UAC and is something else related to that install path. I'll check it out.

UPDATE: Found the bug, just something stupid I did recently, next version (1.7.4) will correct the issue with non-dmod saves!

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