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I like makin' games. How couldn't you?

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2017-09-17 06:44:24
Peasant Male Japan
New patch, hopefully a lot more compatible.

DinkDude95> Hmm, let me know if that still happens with this new version.

thenewguy> Yep, sounds right. I'll check it out.

Screen transition currently usually have a weird/bad tear, will take a look at that a bit later.

------ Change log for 1.7.3 ----------

* (DinkC) DinkC version is now reported as 110 instead of 109
* (Bugfix) Fixed issue with set_frame_frame, the DMOD Mayhem now works
* (Bugfix) Fixed another incorrect color issue with fill_screen (This fixed Initiation's title screen)
* (Bugfix) Fixed horrible issue where the last line in a script might not get run. This fixed the intro screen to Lost Forest Romp
* (Bugfix) Rewrote some nasty code that I could no longer understand, THE LAST QUEST (part 2)'s cool room slide/warp effect now works right
* Added "Debug DinkC Toggle" to cheat menu, it shows collision boxes and causes the log (log.txt or choose view log from debug menu)
* If fullscreen is at a weird size it will now just force it to 1024X768. If that fails, well, it won't be good
- Note: Save state format has been changed again, so old save states won't load

Seth has released 9 files

Dink Smallwood HDOfficialExceptional 9.5June 7th, 2018
Mystery IslandD-Mod, Quest, OfficialGood 8.1January 2nd, 2010
Dink Smallwood CD AudioOfficialGood 8.2August 7th, 2006
Dink Smallwood 1.08 Source CodeDevelopment, Source, Official, Dink.exeExceptional 9.9March 10th, 2006
Dink SmallwoodOfficialExceptional 9.5March 10th, 2006
Search for Milli Vanilli (The)D-Mod, RompFair 5.5February 26th, 2006
Mystery Island BMP GraphicsDevelopment, Graphics, OfficialExceptional 9.4January 1st, 1990
Dink Smallwood BMP GraphicsDevelopment, Graphics, OfficialExceptional 9.1January 1st, 1990
Making of Mystery Island (The)Development, Tutorial, OfficialFair 5.9January 1st, 1990