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Peasant Male Japan
I like makin' games. How couldn't you?

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2010-09-05 18:41:18
Peasant Male Japan
Ok, will have another version that fixes this stuff soon. I see the problem with scaling (thanks for the screenshot MsDink), I forgot to let "burned into the background sprites" use scaling, oops, bad programmer. <whacks self with newspaper>

SparrowHawk - I cut and pasted your code earlier into a script and it seemed to work fine, with the line break after the if() statement or without - so hrm. Will give it another shot with your new example. Also, the Dink mine sweeper game works, which uses these statements, correct?

Is this connected to something else, such as your text editor? (Like, in case it was connected to mac/linux stile line breaks or something)

About fullscreen/other resolutions, including original 640X480 with no 'smoothing', joystick, and making about/dmod menu scrolling work more "windows style", I'm putting those things off until the end, after the main compatibility part is done, so I can get the iDevice's out the door and then have time to focus on that at leisure.

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