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Dink Smallwood Original 3ds Max Models

God of Beauty and Fertility, Dink Smallwood
Like 20+ years ago I WAS thinking I should keep these models private because we'd use them for Dink Smallwood 2 (3? I don't know what to call it) , but .. yeah, that ain't happening. And a few years after that it became obvious they were too old and broken to be used for anything so I just ignored them.

So PLEASE if anybody can setup the correct environment to be able to read and export them to a more modern format (blender?) please convert them and share them so anybody can use them. Knowing what this entails, may God have mercy on your soul.

And BTW, I would *LOVE IT* if someone found them useful to help make a DMOD or dinkish game with them, so please do, anybody. Everybody.


* I can't guarantee the textures are all legal to distribute, some may be from a texture library etc making it legally grey, but from what I looked at, the textures seems mostly made by Justin Martin. Credit to ALL of this goes to him, and if you ever end up using any of it, please give him credit as he's amazing.

* Of the parts that I do legally own, I release them under the same license as the dink bmp art, ie, do whatever you want, just don't pretend to be me or infringe on the name Dink Smallwood (ie, don't callanything Dink Smallwood 2 please because you never know)

Q. "But Seth, I spent many hours converting this model and it's glitchy, has problems with anim bones and is basically unusable to be actually used for anything"

A. Yes
Released:August 26th, 2023
File Size:134.23 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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