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Dink Smallwood Original 3ds Max Models

yeoldetoast managed to make an STL of the church and printed it! God of Beauty and Fertility, Dink Smallwood
October 21st, 2023
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Romania
C# nerd 
This is it! The long awaited release of the Dink 3D models!

How can this deserve anything less than a max score?..

Well, I suppose the fact that they came so late isn't ideal, so maybe subtract a few decimals for that.

Also, they are in ye olde 3DS Max format, so using them in something like Blender won't work out of the box. You'll have to find some way to export them in some other format, and import them into Blender... Or perhaps you are brave enough to scour archive dot org to find an olden copy of 3DS Max and work in that?

But honestly, this is a really amazing release! Seth is really to be commended for releasing the original assets! Many old classic games do not benefit from such a luxury.

If you look through them, you can find all kinds of unused models and it really gets your mind wondering about imagining what might have could have been... Alas, I am not a 3D artist myself, so I can't really do much with them.

Now we just need someone skilled enough to come along and make use of them!