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Pilgrim's Quest

Dink's holidays are interrupted when he comes across the remains of a brutal raiding party. He agrees to help the sole surviving woman complete her journey to the Monastery.

*Best download of october 2002*

*Best D-Mod of 2002*

Released:November 25th, 2003
File Size:33.69 MB
Release Notes:v1.41
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December 26th, 2002
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Well, What should I say: He done it again!
I played the normal version, not the baby version

The graphics are brilliant, simply brilliant, its a shame that dink doesnt support 16-bit color. Then it would be a beautiful dmod. The intro was very good too.

The story, well, what could I say. Its pretty good. Sometimes the story completly changed and sometimes I didnt know what to do. However, he should stop making those annoying riddles, first I lost all of my hair and now I almost trown my monitor out of the window. Please simonk, please stop making them >

The 3 different lands were much better than the different "stories" in SOB, you could go back to the first town, and do some things there.
You should level up too before you are gonna fight with those strong creatures, you can never win from those? Eug? eh? uh? dinos? Whatever they are, they are too strong at the beginning.

Many secrets. Exploring is a good thing in this dmod but sometimes you cannot find them.

Sometimes you need to upgrade your stats for some quests and if you dont select the required stat you need to kill a lot of monsters to continue with the quest... That was a bit annoying but if you are smart you select the required stat at the beginning.

Music and sound:
The music was excellent, however, sometimes I heard the same midis I heard before??? Like some midis from SOB and other games. The new sounds were good too.

This game rulezzz.
The story / gameplay / m&s / graph are VERY VERY good. There are some weaknesses, but they arent mayor.

The riddles

A outstanding dmod, if you want a dmod, download this dmod and be stunned. Good work simon!
Maybe he will release a new dmod? I thought he was already working on SOB3???

TOTAL: 9.4

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