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Pilgrim's Quest

Dink's holidays are interrupted when he comes across the remains of a brutal raiding party. He agrees to help the sole surviving woman complete her journey to the Monastery.

*Best download of october 2002*

*Best D-Mod of 2002*

Released:November 25th, 2003
File Size:33.69 MB
Release Notes:v1.41
Play:Play this D-Mod right now in your web browser! (More Info)
June 21st, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male


Pilgrim's quest is worth a download overshawdowing its size. Its a delight for all Dink lovers. Sacrificing his hard earned vacation, Dink sets out to save a girl.So many different lands made us feel like we were playing so many different games at one time, but in the entire game there was hardly a time when we got bored.The game is extremely well balanced.The fire world was my favourite (specially where Dink put off the fire by saying magical words).I cant remember how many time i played that particular scene.3 new stats(luck, agility and honour) made it a bit confusing in the begining but as the game progressed one knew how important those stats were in continuing the quest.Some of the new graphics gave relief to the eyes. In terms of difficulty, i must say it may be the most difficult game on the entire Dink site (courtesy:riddles). The new magics given by Simon Klabae were awesome(i wonder from where he gets the ideas).My fovourite was the Deux strike.New enemies were also seen of which the bug eyed kickers and the water/blood demon troubled me a lot but with right kind og magic and weapons,the task gets easier.Weapons were way too costly and so were bottles of exiler(in Port-Town) but the cost of the pestilence cure (in the dead land) takes the cake. There were many people to help Dink except Cthunik whom i feel should have been more helpful.To complete this d-mod, i had to go to the Dink site many times for help and everytime i went, i got the help.A MUST MUST play for a true Dink lover.


Others say that this d-mod has very little weakness but my personal observation is that, it has its fare share of weakness.

(1) Riddles: I fail to understand that why Simon Klabae cannot make a d-mod without the ridiculous riddles. I say ridiculous because of the answers of some of the riddles(particularly, the armoured boy's riddle).How can you expect that kind of an answer from anyone ???.Does Simon Klabae makes these riddles for some particular players? If yes,then what's the use of making <R> and <M> versions when the answers in both the versions are vulgar.

(2) Language: The language in many places are of double meaning.If you notice than you understand.It becomes quiet awkward for us in India to play infront of our Younger brothers and sisters because they asks for an explanation.So i hope the author takes a note of this.

OVERALL: It has what takes to be a GOOD dmod. With a few improvements, i am pretty sure that not even Simon Klabae would be able to make such an excellent and exceptional dmod again.This type of dmod can only be made once in a life time.
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