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Blood Scorpions

Scorpions threaten the Town of the Ancients, a town in the middle of the desert.
Dink joins the Servants to defend the town and to make those scorpions pay!

*Best download of august 2003*
Released:August 23rd, 2003
File Size:1.79 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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August 16th, 2003
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
This Dmod was fantastic, it really was.

It's basically about 3 orbs that have been stolen by an unknown person, and the town will be brutally slaughtered by the blood scorpions if Dink cannot get them back.

Strengths: I loved the idea that the blood scorpions are actually created from the blood of their victims. The training was pretty creative to, it was great how it wasn't just given to you, you had to do something very difficult to get to the next session. The puzzles were just right to, they never really got to hard unless you don't know how a lot of things work.

Music: This new music great, it fits prefectly and I was bobbing my head to it.

Graphics: I loved the wide variety of non-original graphics, I would have downloaded this dmod alone just to see the wonderful scenery. The cactus, the scorpions, the tiles, and the scenery fit so well in the desert I felt like i wasnt playing the ordinary dmod.

Map: The map was very original. Towns in caves? Cool! I never got lost in the windy desert because it all led to something new and exciting.

Weaknesses: The last puzzle was a bit to easy, it was well scripted, but just too easy. I can also say that being locked in a certain part of the map got a bit annoying because sometimes I knew that I had missed something and I wanted to go back but I couldn't find a way. When I got locked in the last part of the dmod I couldn't get any farther without the skill potions I had missed earlier. Also, I was low on health near the end with no know to get it back to full, so the boss had play time with me every time, because of that, I had to cheat my through the boss. The boss(I should say bossS) was nearly impossible for me since "they" practically took up the entire screen and I couldn't move or stand still without being stabbed in the face!

It may look this Dmod is entirely weaknesses, but the strengths overthrow the weaknesses by far since this game just never gets boring.

Download this Dmod if you like to see cool graphics, you like awesome music, or you want to have a good time. As a matter of fact... just download it, you won't be disappointed =D.
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