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Pilgrim's Quest

April 4th, 2021
Score : 8.9 good
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
Pilgrim's Quest was a dmod that I played quite a few years ago but never completed, at that time I didn't feel like a review would have been fair since I didn't take the time to complete the Dmod. Having recently played it again, on a live stream, I feel a review is justified now.

There seems to be a precedence set that this dmod should be regarded as "the best" based on past reviews and opinions, and even if you look at some forum threads in the past, it seems those who dare suggest this dmod isn't worlds above anything else usually end up in a debate with other people about their opinion. Because of this, it would have almost tempted me not to share many of my dismays I personally feel detracted from an enjoyable gaming experience while playing through this Dmod. However, due to the fact that I played it on live stream, and other people joined me for this play through experience, and my frustrations were shared by them (sometimes with them mentioning the frustrating elements before I could vocalize them), I would be the fakest dinker on Earth if I didn't reflect that here.

I'll agree Pilgrim's quest is indeed "one of the best", the new content is miles above 90% of other dmods released on the DN. This includes the stunning new graphics, sound effects and cinematic sequences (although I was told in my stream that I missed one of the cinematics because the Dmod glitched out and skipped it). It can't be denied that this new content is satisfying and well executed, while also fitting the "Dink" style, which can be difficult to do. There were also impressive new spells, and boating(which makes use of the water area of Dink rather than it just being something to look at). Very impressive indeed.

The story is compelling, although I felt disconnected from it times due to some of the frustrating obstacles that the player is required to overcome in order to progress at all. At some parts, it almost feels like extremely cryptic puzzles/tasks were used to try and create the illusion of challenge, when in reality, these tasks didn't make sense the way they were set up. It's not that I don't enjoy a "hard as nails" task now and then, but it better make sense, or you've lost me. In addition to this issue, there are at least a few times when the dialogue would lead you to believe that you have accomplished what should be required to advance, or it would throw you off completely, leaving you wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what you've missed, only to return to talk to someone/something as a last resort and find out that the way you needed to progress the story doesn't make sense with the information the game gave you or you were supposed to trigger an action that was never explained, and so is not something you would expect to do, since it's a new "rule" in the game mechanics (such as actually *throwing* the poison in the well).

There are many previous reviews that claim this Dmod is bug free or only has a couple of bugs. I'm not sure if other reviewers were somehow distracted by the shiny new content and missed any bugs they came across or if I'm just unlucky, but I encountered several bugs. There were a few times on stream where I had to close down the game and restart it, sometimes losing a lot of progress because the author didn't fix some common bugs that resulted in Dink staying frozen after a freeze() command. Normal conversations were executed correctly, yes, but that was with the assumption the procedure would not get interrupted by the sprite being hit while mid-conversation, resulting in it never returning to that point in the script, leaving Dink frozen forever. This is fixable as an author, and it didn't just happen one time. Also, there were a few hardness bugs I found, where I got stuck in cliffs or water and couldn't get out. Now I wish I could say I was nitpicking here, but I was running a casual game play stream. I.e: I wasn't actively seeking out bugs. Taking that into account, there were probably more bugs I didn't find.

Music was used exceptionally. I remember many times throughout the play through where I would say "wow, this is very fitting for this scenario", and it would even get me in the intended mood of the scene and focused on the task at hand, that was until I was pulled out of it by an annoying riddle I had to solve or some other strange challenge. Alas, I can't criticize the sound or music use in this Dmod.

In conclusion, this Dmod did indeed have many impressive elements, however ever too often it seems we review these files from a "dmodder" or "author" perspective. If I was to review this objectively, from a player's perspective who is playing it casually for the gaming experience, I cannot simply base its score on the graphics, music, sounds and spells. This is not a graphics pack, or spell pack, or whatever - it's a dmod. As a Dmod I can't rate it higher than what I would rate other dmods that have given me an overall more enjoyable gaming experience, even if it has more new features. This Dmod is definitely one I feel everyone should try, but I also feel it's not everyone's "cup of tea", and I believe many people would get frustrated due to the many points I raised in this review and give up. In fact, I know of at least a few people who have indeed stopped playing at some of the frustrating parts I was referring to.

The features alone, released as a content pack, of course would be an easy 9.5+.
A dmod as a whole, objectively viewing it as a gaming experience, without biased or comparison to other Dmods on the DN, and based on this play through experience - 8.9.
June 24th, 2007
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia steam
The guy with the cute D-Mod. 
Could there ever be a better D-Mod?
I don't think so!

This D-Mod is the greatest D-Mod created of all time, well, at this time anyway. This has been the best for a few years, and will keep being the best for years to come! It contains a ton of new graphics, a great story and lots and lots of new MIDIs and sounds! SimonK has really done it this time! Pilgrim's Quest has some new features which are great. Now, I played the adult bawdy version. Not the childish vesion. It's amazing at how skilled Simon is with Blender 3D. His graphics are outstanding!

The story of this D-Mod was pretty good. It kept me wanting to keep playing though I knew I had to sleep sometime. This is a great sequel to Stone of Balance, and, even though Necromancer will probably never come, I think this D-Mod is a good enough ending. Unfortunately though, the final bit wasn't too good. No extremely difficult bosses or anything. A good D-Mod should have a boos or two.

The graphics! One of the stronger aspects of the game! Hang on, all the aspects are the stronger aspects so it doesn't really matter. Anyway, the graphics are simply awesome. Simon is just so skilled in the art of graphical design it's not funny! He probably uses Blender 3D better than the creators of the program! To name a few of the best of his graphics: The rabbit, demon and dragon. Of course there are many, many more which I didn't mention, but, well, erm, you get the idea. He makes good graphics.

I noticed on his website he said that if you could play .avi files in D-Mods he had an introduction for Pilgrim's Quest, but, since you can't play .avi files, he didn't use it. It looks pretty good too.

I don't think Simon made any of this music himself. He got quite a bit of it from this guy called Brian Dill or something. Either way, it's pretty good, and there's not much to say. Without music, this game would be right down there with Adventures with Jani, or abcdefg... (No offense guys). So really, the music is another of the stronger aspects of the game.

The gameplay of this D-Mod was great! The best of any D-Mod out there! Not too much to say here, but anyway. The new stats are good. Each stat actually has an influence on the game too. This doesn't happen much in D-Mods. The boating feature is cool. I really liked it. Sailing around with my trusty cannon blasting those por sea creatures to death was great fun!

The riddle system of Pilgrim's Quest I though was pretty good. You get to choose your answer by choosing the letters and blah blah. They were very hard and I had to resort to the walkthrough for most of them. The first one was simple. The second one was pretty funny. The rest were just too dificult!

A good D-Mod. Fit for anyone who has about 10 hours on their hands with nothing else to do. It contains some pretty funny parts were I couldn't help but laugh out loud. (Okay, so I chuckled softly, but it's close enough!) So, I say download this D-Mods. You won't be dissapointed! 9.7
December 14th, 2003
Score : 9.8 exceptional
This is my second review, the first one was Stone of Balance. And I was thinking that no D-MOD would be better than SOB. Well, looks like his best one is his last one. I will look forward hopping he can keep that rate of improvement.

The start over thing has been fixed. You still can blow things up or think you blowed. And there is no boring levels. I started over once and enjoyed the opportunity to replay the level. Now some levels are connected making 3 vast sections filled with secrets to discover.

The adult content is now in an acceptable level. Nothing like the Brad Stallion level Six from SOB.
The riddles (interesting choice for a trademark) now have hints, you can choose burn your brain out guessing or go to the nearest NPC and get an incredible easy hint - almost a cheat

There are some eastern egg secrets that will make your life a lot easier in the beginning but you can live without them. Just the way it should be.

No need to resort to walktrhough to finish this one. You can tune the difficult by picking the high level weapons. Once you buy the top level Death Star you enter in some sort of God Mode - nothing can stop you. This weapon and the spot with never ending enemies are indeed an ingame cheat

The game have everything to please the most demanding player. It not only put a lot of new graphics, monsters and concepts it also improve old Dink stuff like the burning trees.

Start: Fill me in
A very good start plus some secrets.

Section one: Fire and Ice
This Slurpers dont fit in the landscape. Looks like they are missing something... maybe hair?
The weather, the transition from fire to ice in the landscape, the colored slimes, the boss, the bad end, the NPCs that dont let you get stuck. A lot new. All well done.

Section two: Port Town and Sea
You build and make use of your new stats, You can learn a powerful and dangerous spell, You can sail, you can fight sea monsters, you can fight a red dragon that looks real. You can put a whole frigate in your backpack!

Section three: Deadworld
Nice job with the landscape and trees. Top level magic except for the waste of experience points.

End: Chamber of Haste
Not really an end. I think Deadworld and Chamber of Doom is an anticipation of SOB3 to let the player in a better situation than the real end of the Quest in section two and to avoid a lot of curse

Overal: Fantastic. Top of the Shelf.
June 21st, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male


Pilgrim's quest is worth a download overshawdowing its size. Its a delight for all Dink lovers. Sacrificing his hard earned vacation, Dink sets out to save a girl.So many different lands made us feel like we were playing so many different games at one time, but in the entire game there was hardly a time when we got bored.The game is extremely well balanced.The fire world was my favourite (specially where Dink put off the fire by saying magical words).I cant remember how many time i played that particular scene.3 new stats(luck, agility and honour) made it a bit confusing in the begining but as the game progressed one knew how important those stats were in continuing the quest.Some of the new graphics gave relief to the eyes. In terms of difficulty, i must say it may be the most difficult game on the entire Dink site (courtesy:riddles). The new magics given by Simon Klabae were awesome(i wonder from where he gets the ideas).My fovourite was the Deux strike.New enemies were also seen of which the bug eyed kickers and the water/blood demon troubled me a lot but with right kind og magic and weapons,the task gets easier.Weapons were way too costly and so were bottles of exiler(in Port-Town) but the cost of the pestilence cure (in the dead land) takes the cake. There were many people to help Dink except Cthunik whom i feel should have been more helpful.To complete this d-mod, i had to go to the Dink site many times for help and everytime i went, i got the help.A MUST MUST play for a true Dink lover.


Others say that this d-mod has very little weakness but my personal observation is that, it has its fare share of weakness.

(1) Riddles: I fail to understand that why Simon Klabae cannot make a d-mod without the ridiculous riddles. I say ridiculous because of the answers of some of the riddles(particularly, the armoured boy's riddle).How can you expect that kind of an answer from anyone ???.Does Simon Klabae makes these riddles for some particular players? If yes,then what's the use of making <R> and <M> versions when the answers in both the versions are vulgar.

(2) Language: The language in many places are of double meaning.If you notice than you understand.It becomes quiet awkward for us in India to play infront of our Younger brothers and sisters because they asks for an explanation.So i hope the author takes a note of this.

OVERALL: It has what takes to be a GOOD dmod. With a few improvements, i am pretty sure that not even Simon Klabae would be able to make such an excellent and exceptional dmod again.This type of dmod can only be made once in a life time.
December 26th, 2002
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Well, What should I say: He done it again!
I played the normal version, not the baby version

The graphics are brilliant, simply brilliant, its a shame that dink doesnt support 16-bit color. Then it would be a beautiful dmod. The intro was very good too.

The story, well, what could I say. Its pretty good. Sometimes the story completly changed and sometimes I didnt know what to do. However, he should stop making those annoying riddles, first I lost all of my hair and now I almost trown my monitor out of the window. Please simonk, please stop making them >

The 3 different lands were much better than the different "stories" in SOB, you could go back to the first town, and do some things there.
You should level up too before you are gonna fight with those strong creatures, you can never win from those? Eug? eh? uh? dinos? Whatever they are, they are too strong at the beginning.

Many secrets. Exploring is a good thing in this dmod but sometimes you cannot find them.

Sometimes you need to upgrade your stats for some quests and if you dont select the required stat you need to kill a lot of monsters to continue with the quest... That was a bit annoying but if you are smart you select the required stat at the beginning.

Music and sound:
The music was excellent, however, sometimes I heard the same midis I heard before??? Like some midis from SOB and other games. The new sounds were good too.

This game rulezzz.
The story / gameplay / m&s / graph are VERY VERY good. There are some weaknesses, but they arent mayor.

The riddles

A outstanding dmod, if you want a dmod, download this dmod and be stunned. Good work simon!
Maybe he will release a new dmod? I thought he was already working on SOB3???

TOTAL: 9.4

December 11th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Pilgrim's Quest is a great sequel to SOB.Below are some of the good and bad things about the game.
Good Things: Some BRAND NEW graphics that make the game look really awesome(priest, houses, monsters, etc.).
Spells: Besides Hellfire, Acid Rain, and Fireball, you get 4 new spells. One of the really good spells in the game is deux strike which is in a hidden area and is like mega blast from SOB but looks alot better and dosen't hurt you.
Plot: A good thing about the plot is that the whole story changes about three fourths into the game.
Features: At one point, Dink can buy one of three boats and control it in the sea. This is a great part of the game, and you have to defeat sea monsters.
Stats: Besides the regular stats, Dink gets agility, honor, and luck, which is a great feature.

Bad Things:
I think the ending is way to abrubt and it makes all of your work seem completely pointless.
The riddles can get really annoying and I even had to resort to going on the PQ web site and looking for the anwsers.
One of the reasons this was a great game is that it is very well-balanced in difficulty terms. Defeating monsters is actually quite easy if you get the light sword in The Land of Punz and later get over 20 luck to use it on the gambling game in Port Town and get 25,000. Ihave to admit though, I had to go on the message board several times for help but I just didn't level up or look around enough.

Graphics: 10

Story : 10

Difficulty: 9.9

Ending : 6.0

New Stuff: 10

Map : 9.9

Overall : 9.8

I really recommend playing this dmod! It's way better than FIAT or Prophecy of The Ancient's but about as good as SOB(I haven't played LOT yet)
November 18th, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
King Male United States xbox steam bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
Pilgrim's Quest is an excellent D-Mod, and ranks up there with the other Epics, like Stone of Balance, Prophecy of the Ancients, and Friends Beyond 3.

What's Good?

Graphics: Egad. Simply tons of new, really good quality graphics, from new enemies, to whole new lands...

Innovations: Dink sailing in his boat is quite fun, and the Throwing Star is a good addition to Dink's arsenal. Six different stats also liven things up a bit. I also liked the secondary uses for Acid Rain, and all of the spells were quite original and good.

Balance: After playing Stone of Balance, which I had resorted to cheating my way through, I was afraid I would have to do the same with Pilgrim's Quest. And after the first hour or so of playing, I was sure of it... but Pilgrim's Quest is actually pretty balanced. If you don't take care and level-up your character, you can get in some impossible situations (such as being screen-locked with Rabbits, when you have no chance of damaging them, let alone killing them). Enemies usually leave behind gold, so it wasn't that tedious to kill them in pursuit of leveling up. While some enemies will be way too difficult to kill when you first encounter them (Rabbits, those Chameleon dinosaur things), you'll eventually be able to decimate them without nary a scratch.

Basic Layout: One part of Stone of Balance that I hated was as soon as you got familiar with a land, you moved onto another chapter, and your familiarity was useless. Pilgrim's Quest softens that blow quite a bit... there are three rather large 'chapters'. So during your first couple hours of play, you can still go back to the first town, and find even more secrets.

Secrets: You're rewarded greatly with exploring... though some of the 'secrets' are almost a requirement in order to complete the stat quests.

What's Bad?

Note: the following are more nitpicks than anything... there really isn't any huge flaws in Pilgrim's Quest, but there are a few minor things that I didn't like.

Riddles: The riddles seemed much more difficult than the ones from Stone of Balance... in SOB, I just thought for a few seconds and got the answer. Not so with Pilgrim's Quest. I did resort to asking other people and scanning the board for solutions to most of them... my mind just wasn't understanding the hints.

The Stat Quests: Most of the quests are quite good and original... but there are more than a few irritating stat/level up quests, where the sole goal is to have a certain value for a stat. Also, true to the original game, you can only allocate one stat per level up, so you'll probably use it on the stats that matter the most (strength/defense/magic) and ignore the others, and pay for it when you're trying to scavenge for other stat boosts.

The Perspective: The new graphics are really good... but for some reason they just don't look exactly right... especially the buildings. Its probably because the camera angle Simon rendered the graphics at isn't the same exact camera angle used in the original game. This doesn't have too many bad effects, but it is noticeable. Also related to the perspective is the Frigate's graphics... it feels like the depth dot is completely messed up when you change directions.

Unwarranted Deaths: Simon fixed this in the v1.10 patch.

Story: The story is pretty good, with some really unexpected twists and turns... though there were a few times where I questioned what I was doing. For example, I never understood what was up with the Fairy Nuff guy... apparently Dink insulted him, but I couldn't recall that ever happening. In fact, I didn't know what I was doing for most of the Land of Punz (snow).

The Ending: After you beat Pilgrim's Quest, it is a bit of a let down... there simply isn't a good ending that rewards you for your hours of playtime.

Overall: If you have the means to download all 38 MB of Pilgrim's Quest, do so. You won't regret it.
November 14th, 2002
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
Pilgrim’s Quest

Dink tries to save a young girl, while on his way to his vacation.

The Good: A follow-up to SimonK’s Stone of Balance. I decided to play the “R” version. Dink starts off on this adventure, not only with a strength, defense, and magic, but also a luck and honour, in which you are given a choice, to increase as the game progressed. There were several different scenarios, such as fire world (my fav), ice world, quizworld, deadworld and the Chamber of Doom. Several new monsters were added to this game, while all the old ones vanished, except for the scorpions, and red slimers. ( No slayers, slimers or boncas). Some of the clues were hard, some were easier. I am sure I missed a few small caves and such, as I wandered through these vast almost mazelike lands. All sorts of swords were available to use as well as those stars (yes I finally bought the death stars), with depending on how much money you had, you could buy pretty well anything. Spells were needed and caused some confusion finding them, when sent on mini-quest. And there were quite a few mini-quests and lots of save spots. (So I saved several spots in case I made a huge blunder <which I did>, so I wouldn’t have to start all over again.
I did enjoy the new enemies ( i.e. rabbit, duckbot etc.), but I think my biggest surprise was the priest, who actually looked like a priest. Most of the “secret words” were pretty good ( didn’t understand the “mirror”)
And lots of twists and turns to keep the most diligent Dinker playing.

The Bad: Some bugs which SimonK made a patch for, almost as soon as they were found. Some small bugs, where I seem to get stuck in a rock or something, and what’s with that Skard? Hopefully her role will be explained further in the next part. I was worried as I had an older computer, but it just went slower as I approached and BIG kills or secrets. The size of the game seemed to be larger than the original Dink Smallwood and downloading it gave some people problems.

Overall: We got what we wanted. A huge Epic that hopefully satisfied everyone, and as I look at all my scribbled notes, I might take another stab at the game, but this time playing the “M” version. Great Work, SimonK!

As an added note...I didn't use any of the "cheat"
stuff, my Dink died at least 100 times and I cursed SimonK's name when I was walking about in circles, looking for some insane thing.
October 13th, 2008
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Female United States
This news has just filled my heart with rainbows! 
Well, my mom and I are playing Pilgrim's Quest. And it's really hard. But the plot and the designs kept us going.


Graphics: 9.9
**The graphics were really great. There were even some graphics that I haven't seen before. Like some new graphics on trees.

Plot: 10
**Really, really good. It hooked me from the very beginning. It's a deep plot and keeps you attentive.

Enemies: 10
**/whistles/ Wow! Plenty of enemies that I have never seen before such as a Red Knight and a Slurper. The enemies are really nice. Like the Fire Pillbugs. There is only a few cons about them, which I'll mention in a moment.

Difficulty: 10
**If it was possible to give it a 15 this would deserve it. (personally) I found it impossible to do this D-Mod without a guide. It's super hard. But as I said, it keeps everything up and running!! Although that did daunt me in some spots...

Stats: 9.5
**Yea, I gave this a bit lower score than the others for a very important reason: There are new stats (Honor, Luck, and Agility). The reason I lowered the score would be that as you know, it takes longer each time to level up. And with six choices to make on which to upgrade, it gets pretty complicated. So that's my spiel on that.

Music: **Well, I don't listen to the music usually when I play, but considering the rest of this D-Mod, it has to be good. So you're on your own there.


Enemies and difficulty go hand in hand here. I found that some of the enemies (like the Rabbit, Slurpers, and Fire Pillbug) were really really hard to kill. You have to be super strong to pull off a kill. But the slimes were super easy to kill. And I liked it.

Time. That was another. It took so long to get the necessary equipment to get most of the stuff done. Since you had to have a combination of high luck and high magic in order to defeat a certain boss, and it takes a long time.



Well, if you are having one of those lazy days, and just want a D-Mod that will challenge the daylights out of you, just pick this. This D-Mod is a combination of toughness, puzzles, and overall greatness. So, download this D-Mod and have at it!!
September 14th, 2008
Score : 9.6 exceptional
So this is the 2nd part of sob...I didn't know that this is a 2nd part until "The Thinker" took of those clothes.This is what i call a good d-mod, but one problem : too many riddles .
Good:Almost Everything:3 new stats; new graphics,story,and so...
Bad:Too many riddles (it freaks me out)
Fit for:Everyone who wants a good adventure.
Anyway here is what i think about graphics and stuff like that.
Graphic 10:
Some great new graphic. The old ones are nice used too.
Music 9.8:
I think there are some new musics, but not 100% sure.
Story 9.7:
Dink gives a lady a promise to take here to some place (didn't remember the name of the place). On the way the blue thingy showed up and took the lady. Dink must find her.
Ending 8.7:
Quite good.
Overall 9.6:
I enjoyed playing this d-mod very much.
June 15th, 2007
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia
One day I was bored and just downloaded the number one Dmod I now know why it was the number one Dmod.
It was just plain excellent! The game play was great, the riddles were fantastic I don't know why people rated it low because the of the riddles it was like the best thing there among lot more great things.
Though I did have a little trouble with them they still were a great asset to the game. I like the way SimonK added the new skills to the game. The only bit I didn't like was where the screened locked and you had to kill the beast and when you have to have sex. But after that it was great.

This was a great Dmod and deserved a 9.7 (Lowed because the sex bit.)
February 26th, 2006
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Wow. A good D-Mod at last.

Graphics. Well, when you think about it, there was no pillbugs. No boncas. No slayers. No dragons. No rock mosters. No slimes. Instead, there was a bunch of new enemies. New houses, trees, weapons, and... well, new sprites. Nice.

Music. I forgot to take that into account... it has been a while since I played PQ so I forgot the MIDIs. I only remember the music near the end of the game, and it suited well.

Sounds. The same with music. Forgot it. Dang.

Humour. Why have I forgotten everything about this D-Mod?! Or then there was humour that I didn't even notice. It was kinda the same as the original Dink Smallwood.

Story. Good, but when you realize that you have actually saved the world and finished the game at the start just by answering differently, well... you might be a little disappointed.

Gameplay. Not too hard nor too easy. But I got terribly stuck just when I entered the first village. Why did Simon have to make such an innoticeable kind of a crystal?

Overall. When I saw the D-Mod and read the description, I thought "Escort? dang boring. I won't download it". The fact was that it was almost no escort at all. Mostly, it's rather seeking Stella. So watch out for boring looking descriptions which are actually false.

Total. 9.9, But I'd give it 10.
November 17th, 2005
Score : 9.2 exceptional
The D-Mod Was almost perfect

Strengths The Designs were nice especially that warphole near the beginning of the game 10

Weaknesses The Stinking riddles i almost Felt like punching a hole through the walls 4.2

Music Nice fits situation 10

Gameplay Near The middle of the game In The Town With Wishing Well
new items worth much gold Not The Beginning Old Items From The original. 9.7

Sound Farting noises were simply unessesary 8.9

Overall The Best One I've played played over 10 times deserves a nice 9.2

P.S Dont Use Nathan Collins Cheat menu to get gold when buying supplies from the town with the well A "taxman" Comes And tells you to give up ALLL Your Gold And ALL of the traders items you bought
remember Cheaters Never Prosper
April 15th, 2005
Score : 9.6 exceptional
im glad that if not a bit late that i played this dmod
good points:
new graphics files were great i was glad not to see the same old monsters once in the game.the story line was wat you came to expect from Simon Klaebe and it was a good was good and it matched the different situations. the game play was great even if i died a hundred times.having many different types of magic and the old was a good atrabut in the game play and added more stratagy and options to the many different situations in the game.

this is one of the best dmods that i have played and i hope that simon make a stone of balenceIII to finish the trilogy
March 24th, 2005
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male
This Dmod is great, the only flaws that I could see was some of the riddles because I am very bad at riddles (Seriously! I had to get help with most of them).

Overall 9.9 I found this Dmod to be one of the best I have tried so far!

Sound 9.8 The music is excellent!

Graphics 9.9 I liked the evil ravaged world where the sea was blood!

Gameplay 9.9 I did'nt want to stop playing once I started, the riddles discouraged me for awhile!

Creativity 10.0 The dragon was my favourate out of all the monsters I had never seen before. Great work!!

Lots of creativity involved in this which is what I look for, double thumbs up!!
August 6th, 2004
Score : 9.4 exceptional
an most excelent sequel to sob!!

Music: nice, fitting the situasions good. deserves an 9.8

Sound: well the new sounds are great, but as said before, the fart humor isn't... em.. funny. deserves an 9.4

Gameplay: New items, new spells (many!!), no serious bugs, two types of modes to play inn, double as many skills as usual, and I loved the boats. deserves an 10.0

Map: good, but nothing spectacular. deserves an 8.6

I guess that makes it 9.4

I'm also looking foreward to sob III - Necromancer, hope it has at least 6 skills (hopefully more )
July 14th, 2004
Score : 9.9 exceptional
What can I say? This is the best Dmod ever made. Probably better than some RPGs.

The bad:
Mostly unmemorable music.
Annoying sounds, especially with menus and inventory.
A lot of care required in getting powerups and leveling the right stats.

The good.
Very interesting graphics... the monsters are at least as imaginative than those in Diablo II in terms of appearance, and Diablo II had corpulents and sand-raiders. Everything has a cartoonish, rendered look to it very much in keeping with the original game... some of it looks a little more cartoonish, the trees for instance, but never actually out of place.

The gameplay is amazingly entertaining. There are very few games of this tactical depth. Choosing which spell to use genuinely requires some thought, and when you come up against a new enemy you have to try out various tactics to figure how to kill it. There isn't even too much new stuff (i.e., magic and weapons), just a really nice effort to balance things out.

A lot of effort has gone into decoration and scripting. The people are a lot of fun to talk to and the map is... aesthetically pleasing. The plot isn't too compelling, but it fits the game.

Overall, the best Dmod ever made, a fantastic entertainment value, please download and play this if you possess a soul.
July 10th, 2004
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Extremely good d-mod.
I loved the new graphics including the interface, the enemies and the effects.

Good: Lots of new weapons, new magic.
Long lists of weapons. When you got enough money you could sell your old weapon and upgrade to a new one until you had the ultimate weapon!
The excellent graphics and sounds match the spells very well.
The gameplay is fun and it's hard to stop playing.

Bad: Like SOB - the riddles
There wasn't much bad about it except for the ending. I think it was too abrupt. I would have liked a new graphic for the end boss. Maybe the basilisk scale mutated him into some monster?

Overall: Although a large download, I DEFINATELY recommend you download this d-mod.

Score would have been higher if it wasn't for the annoying riddles that didn't make sense and the bad ending.

Can't wait for SOB 3: The Necromancer!
April 3rd, 2004
Score : 9.9 exceptional
this is really the best d-mod i ever played i think this d-mod is better than the original game

music:i think the music really fitted in the game 8.0

map desing:the map is really great simonk spent a lot of time on that 9.5

gameplay:i liked the gamepay a ot there where only new creatures,magic and weapons 9.9

overall:this is the best d-mod ever even better than than the original game
everyone must download it
February 28th, 2004
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Female
this is one cool dmod. It's probably one of, if not THE, best dmod currently around. It's got a great storyline, with plenty of side quests including the 'honour' quest and the dragon cave. The new graphics are incredible! I loved the boat ones especially. All the music was appropriate to the scenes and very well timed. Another great feature was the new stats: agility, honour, and luck, in addition to the usual stats. These made the game much more fun when levelling up. The only thing that I didn't like about pilgrim's quest was the riddles.. did anyone actually get them? Only the first one was good, the rest of them just stumped me. Other than that, this dmod is perfect! Download it now!
November 15th, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
This D-mod has everything a dink lover could ask for...
-Great storyline
-Great monsters
-Cool Spells
-a chalenging riddle (which i never got the answer)
-Good graphics
-Good music

Graphics- 9.5

Storyline- 9.9

Gameplay- 9.9

Creativity- 9.9

Overall- 9.9

Good job Simon

June 26th, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
My fav dmod!
its a good story aswell
dink does what he does best
saves chiks and helps her on her journey
she gets kidnapped and dink goes to save her

Graphics 9.5 there was alot of new baddies and that was great!! plus new spells and those riddles are fun!!

Gameplay 9.9 there wasnt many bugs and there was so much to explore!! i loved it

Sounds 9.0 there was some new sounds and they was good for the mood of the game at that time!!

Overall 10!
this game was the best dmod ive ever played and i loved the firewood forest! so i give it a

March 19th, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Definately worth downloading! I had trouble quitting - because there was always a couple of new things cooking! Great secrets, stories, graphics, new monsters, music, even the dialog was good. (Even the grammer and lack of typos was better than most) I'll be looking forward to Simon's next one! Good job!
February 15th, 2003
Score : 9.8 exceptional
I thought that it was good. It took me a long time to finish, but then again, that's what the epic is for! Anay way it was fun and the new weapons where great! The midi's weren't bad and the new graphics were pretty cool. I give it a 9.8 only because I found one bug.
February 2nd, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
This is a very fun d-mod to play. All who reads this review MUST download the Pilgrim Quest! It is a very exciting game, and it is never boring because of all the good looking features and quests! If you like Dink Smallwood and like games with use of brain, this game is the right game for you!

GOOD: No hardness lagg, no bugs, a lot of secrets and very many magical and good looking features. Many of the features are new, includes many new monsters, weapons and background. I hope that SOB3 will be just as good as this d-mod, because this d-mod rules! I give a very respecfull thanks to Simon K.

BAD: There isn't anything here! Maybe for the short players, it is a very long game, but that part of it is only good! I can't find anything bad in this game! This game rules!

I give it 9.9 because this game must be the best game on the site!

Keep working on the new d-mods SIMON!