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Anarchy Halloween Party

Dink scares people and stuff.
Released:October 31st, 2003
File Size:3.52 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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March 3rd, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male
Now THIS is a fun D-mod. I have played this one over and over. This one is fun because of its humor. Remember this is NOT for younger kids. It's humor is sort of... how should I say TwIsTeD? But thats what makes this one great. Also there is no heroic stuff. Even Dink sometimes needs a break. Anyway, onto the review!

~storyline~ Well in this D-mod there isint really a storyline, but thats ok because it's one of the few D-mods I've played that don't really need one. Basically you start out on what seems to be an island. You walk around for a few screens and you see a cemetary and a big house. You go inside and get freaked out by stuff like skeletons and possesed women. (Don't worry, it's tons better than I described it). After you go through some rooms you meet up with two guys who are *ahem* talking. You chat with them and realize its pretty much just a fake haunted house. They end up hiring you to scare people for them. Though you might want to have a little more fun. This game is about chaos, destruction, and death.

~music~ Great music, it fit very well with the theme and I had a good time listening to it.
~bugs~ There were absolutely no bugs that I could find.
~graphics~ There were a few new graphics that I really enjoyed.
~overall~ If you wanna have some fun and maybe a good scare you should download this D-mod. There is no other like it. I think this should be an example to D-mod authors. We would all probably enjoy a good epic that involves ghosts or haunted houses, and joshriot your the man for the job!
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