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2003-09-18 20:41:00
Thank you, neithskye. Yes , he is a fighter. The vet said he expected Bit to die the first nite and should have died shortly thereafter.
The third and fourth days, I was told poor Bit only had a 30 to 40% chance to live. I've never seen a more sickly animal than he was. The vet let me stay in the kennels holding Bit for most of every day. Bit didn't even have the strenght to wriggle his tail when I would get there.
I wish I knew how to put a picture of him on the board. He is so cute in his diapers and onesies. And best of all, he's almost all the way back to his bouncy self tho he's still recovering. Can you tell I loovve that little guy?
And thank you for the get well wishes. Very kind of you.
My strep morphed into bronchitis but I'm almost recovered as well.

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