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Green Voice in my Head (The) - Part 1 - Hangover & Agony

HellFire Bonus!
This game takes place many years after Dinks greatest adventures. Dink has degenerated from a noble knight to a silly boozer.

The game begins when Dink wakes up in some strange realm, and he has no idea of how he got there. He know for a fact that he went to Kernsin town the night before. As usually, he got really drunk, so drunk that he also got a loss of memory. He has to find out what he did the night before. How he end up in this country, and he must also find a way home. Unfortunately he did some incredible stupid things when he was on the booze. And this game is mainly about how he "solve" those "problems".
Released:September 20th, 2011
File Size:1.80 MB
Release Notes:******************
New in version 4.0

Changes between version 3.0 and 4.0

Total rewrite of all scripts using notepad++ with dinkC mode. This should have removed some bugs.

Changes to the game play:

The main idea of the rewrite was to assure that player can not get stuck in the game without
realizing this. Now, failures either leads to Dink dying or that the player has to solve
more sub-quests to get further in the story. There are no dead-ends

The extra graphics in frame 50-70 (in lands/garden ) are moved to lands/grass, (~ frame 6-25)
because only up to 50 frames are allowed in a sequence. For some reason the dmod worked anyway
before in some versions of Dink, but not in all. The hard boxes of some sprites where also adjusted.

Detailed changes in game play::

1 The warp light to Niv remains open even after Dinks return to Armend.

2 The gold script for the well in Armend is improved. If Dink drops coin in the well he will get them back after getting rid of the well.

3 If Dink kills the intro seller it is possible to buy an intro box at Jarn's house.

4 The bonca hunter in Armend will give Dink a) some extra slayer claws or b) a treasure map if Dink undersell his sword to the hunter.

5 The axe is harder to get rid of in the wrong place. Hitting barrels can be done in any screen order.

6 The bonca-key script uses screen-lock to make sure Dink can not run of screen and miss the key after killing the bonca.

7 If the player blow all three bombs without destroying the three secret rocks, there is a new opportunity to get more bombs by finding and giving a bottle of wine to the towns alchemist. The procedure can be repeated indefinitely, but only one bomb at a time.
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October 8th, 2003
Score : 8.7 good
This was quite an interesting game that makes you use your brain. This is not an easy game and it's not so hard you can't finish it. However if you are new to rpg's, start with an easier game to learn how they work before you tackle this one. Remember, everybody gets stuck. In this game, the player must talk to certain people several times and in the right order and after certain goals are attained. I like a challenging game and felt that this one was just right. The fighting scenes were just right also tho later in the game they definitely got tougher. But you have to fight if you want to build your stats up. Also the monsters were generous with the gold and you will need it to buy spells. The scenery was decorated nicely tho I didn't see anything really new. Flowers, trees, rocks, etc filled in each screen. It was basically same-oh same-oh. Same with the midi's. I wasn't impressed at all tho I did like the theme song from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Mostly, the music was irritating and not varied. It seems like we've heard this stuff too many times-it bored me too pieces. Gameplay was pretty straight forward except for a few times that I wandered around going 'duh, now what'. As I said, it's not the easiest game in the world. (Don't try to pick up certain items with your speed boots on cuz you will be going too fast and it won't pick them up) I did get frustrated at times because of not doing something in the proper order and I would have to start over from a saved point. Forunately, there were plenty of save bots scattered around. Better remember to use them. The potions were plentiful too which was great. And later in the game you will find lots of money. This game has an unusual feature in that Dink has a talking Id that is very opinionated, cranky, and funny at times. One part that tickled the funny bone was when Dink is looking at a book about pigs and his "other" voice told him to hurry and drop it. Then Dink picked up another book about light swords that really made me laugh. I liked that voice in dinks head. It's a fresh and innovative idea in a dmod. Good going, Raven. We will be waiting on that sequel that will tell us why dink has the 'voice in his head'. This is a 3 part story so there is more fun to come.
There were not any different monsters or unusual scenery or anything really catchy (other than the voice) in this game which lowers the rating of it somewhat. It was actually kind of bland what with the music and all. The fight with Erling was a letdown. There was not any sense of victory or accomplishment that would justify the hard work it took to get to that point. This was intentional on the author's part but left a bad taste in my mouth. Also you could not finish gathering the scattered parts of the staff so you got no satisfaction in this first part of the 3 part story. All in all this player was left hanging at the end of the game. Disappointing!
My favorite type of game is one that makes me think and there are plenty of serious head-scratching quests in this game. I really liked this part of the game. There were not very many bugs but the patch took care of the main one. So download this game and play it. It's really worth it and you will while away a couple/few hours in Raven's intricate imagination.
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