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2002-10-18 06:33:37
Peasant They/Them
: Hi

: In fiat,Dink has reached other part of Drognu Isle(By giving an apple to the wizard).There Dink gave a man(mana potions)to enter a cave below  the mini desert.Here a few rock fell from above and made a hole in the ground.Dink fells in the hole and cant proceed further.There are rocks which blocks a few paths.These rocks can only be blown by dynamites but the dynamites are other side of the rocks.How will Dink blow the rocks if he cant reach them.I have to close the game to come out of the cave.Another thing is that,Dink found a scroll outside which said"Print screen unlocked".What is this?.Also tell how to blow the rocks.

You need to blast the dynamite from another side, not from over the rocks, from the other need to use air blast to do this.