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2002-11-02 00:40:11

There are quite a few things I need answered.

In the traders shop, there are a lot of household items that I can buy,

but, when I buy them and give them to people, they just thank me, except

for one who then allows me to purchase elixirs. Is there any point to the

others or am I just wasting gold? What about the wine guy and the lady who

cannot read very well and the woman with the children and the fisherman

and the man angry with the fisherman? Also, I have no clue as to how to

get the green crystal, I know I have to get in the fire tree circle, but,

how? Where do I learn the 9 words, is it somewhere in town? I have managed

to kill rabbits, but,have I missed anything so far? I do not want to spoil

it for others, so, if you want you can e-mail me at ,please post here that you have done so, I am

right now playing, so, if anyone can answer any of these questions I will

be eternally indebted to and grateful to you.