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Good evening... I've only recently become a member of TDN (though it has been quite a few months now I guess)... though have been following the boards from time to time for a while now... recently started contemplating creating my own d-mod, with absolutely no programming/scripting/mapping forgive my naivety when it comes to such things! Any advice would be much appreciated

Also, though my programming skills are limited at present, I've played quite a few d-mods, and as such, am more than willing to beta-test any works pending completion if needed... and am definitely available for grammar and spell-checking.

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2006-06-02 14:28:45
I'm not even going to try and explain myself. No scrap that.

I wasn't offended, I have no problem at all with boobs, having a pair myself. I was amused by your post... that's all.

EDIT: And I think perhaps that might not have been directed at me... but just in case.

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