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Periculo Island

Ah... Fire! Are you worthy? Little Solum
Dink is looking forward to a vacation, when he gets word from the king that he must come to the king's castle immediately. The good news is that the king will be sending Dink to a tropical paradise, named Periculo Island, where the "little people" live in an almost magical wonderland of joy. All that King Daniel needs Dink to do is check up on is why the fruit shipments from that island have stopped and while he is there he can enjoy the sun, the sand and the local culture. The bad news is that it may have something to do with the spy that is secretly communicating with someone from King Daniel's court.
Released:June 14th, 2022
File Size:106.44 MB
Release Notes:Numerous fixes and improvements made.
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Will Skurn ever find the pony in this dmod?3drone1400August 15th 2022, 06:04 AM