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Periculo Island

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Dink is looking forward to a vacation, when he gets word from the king that he must come to the king's castle immediately. The good news is that the king will be sending Dink to a tropical paradise, named Periculo Island, where the "little people" live in an almost magical wonderland of joy. All that King Daniel needs Dink to do is check up on is why the fruit shipments from that island have stopped and while he is there he can enjoy the sun, the sand and the local culture. The bad news is that it may have something to do with the spy that is secretly communicating with someone from King Daniel's court.
Released:May 20th, 2023
File Size:108.30 MB
Release Notes:This new version represents several months of work. Thanks to the beta test team, this dmod should now be compatible with all know versions of the Dink engine.

It also adds a few playability improvements, some new features and aspects of the game, some new sub-quests and the like, plus a few new graphical changes. And I also added a few more ways for Dink to die before completing his quest.
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April 8th, 2024
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant He/Him Australia
This is a DMOD unlike any I've played, it has a lot of talking. And I mean "hug tracts of... talking". Way too much for me, I found it got in the way of the story and getting bored. I've tried to continue this DMOD couple of times, but end up quitting due to the large amount of story dialogue to "spacebar" through, and then I seemed to get stuck in a loop in DinkHD trying to go to the mountains without the Blunderbus magic. So I restarted in freedink and finished the game with the help of the walkthru.

There are a lot of new graphics here, many of them very, very large which jars with me and kind of takes me out of the story. I did like the big star fish you are warned not to touch, so the first thing I did was touch it and die. Hahahaha! I also liked some of the magical elements. But the re-sizing of the ice boncas didn't work for me.

Having to look at large versions all the time slowed down the game play for me, maybe there was a way to fast forward through this, but other than pressing spacebar all the time...

I eventually completed the game, I did die multiple times, reaching the "bad ending" again and again, to the point that it got boring reading all the stuff about reaching the bad ending.

Map - 8 out of 10: Not bad, sometimes a bit sparse, sometimes very crowded, and sometimes so different I wasn't sure what I could interact with, so I was trying to talk and punch most things. The extremely large objects were too weird for me, considering other things like trees were proportional to Dink, and although Dink does shrink a bit as per the story.. it just felt weird at times. There were a number of times I got snagged on hardness especially in the ice/frozen lands which was annoying.

Graphics - 9 out of 10: lots of new stuff here and some of it very nice, some borrowed from other dmods. I liked the glowing lantern effect, and the new rocks and trees looked intriguing. The purple magical fairy thingy was nice. There was some weirdness on some of the many cut scene screens it was all black without the status bars and on others there was a thin line as if the map screen was hidden behind a giant black sprite which the engine didn't quite hide, not sure. It seemed to be a DinkHD thing, as I didn't encounter it in freedink. Also using size increases on sprites (I'm thinking the big pigs here) makes them too blurry in DinkHD, but it handles the shadows better. Those looked weird to me in freedink.

Story - 8 out of 10: There is a good story here, a quest with twists and turns, but the amount of exposition was way too much for me. That opening scene with the invaders just went on and on, as did my conversations with the Fairy Queen. I felt there was way too much information given that I had to retain all at once, and sometimes you got stuff again when you didn't need it.

Sound and Music - 8 out of 10: new stuff here which is always nice, although I seemed to run out of music when talking with the Fairy Queen which did seem strange, being a royal, somewhat solemn occasion. The music at times seem to work against creating any sense of urgency though, making this feel like an unimportant little quest rather than something I needed to give my full attention to, and so lessened the a sense of drama or urgency.

Gameplay/scripting - 9.5 out of 10: the level of scripting here is very good. I encountered one weird repetition loop, about the sword getting me to ask about the Blunderbuss magic from the Fairy Queen again and again, which was because I didn't have it yet. The continual pop-up dialogue about other DMODs the author has made, with the relevant backstory I'm missing, got a little annoying. Occasionally the little girl's dialogue would pop up even though she was no longer accompanying Dink, mainly when fighting, but I also got it when warned not to go back to a certain part of the map. The frozen lands had some nice ideas in it: health deteriorating over time, finding ways to keep warm, avoiding the frozen water with ice holes, and it took me a while to figure out you didn't have to walk on the ice to get around them. I did experience something like a bug here, trying to use fireball magic and switching out to the wand or blunderbus, everything got a bit frozen and the magic stopped recharging. That's when I reloaded and walked on the edges of the frozen water to get around it all.

Humour is present, not always to my taste, but still it's there, sometimes from the talking sword, sometimes from Dink. One time I died saying the girl died too, even though my magic slot had the Saved Solum pic on it, that made me smile.

The end boss scene battle was weird, and I had trouble seeing the last of the enemies I had to beat as they were hidden behind the glowing light sprite that filled the screen.

Some interesting magic, the blunderbus thing was cool and weird at the same time, brought back memories of the original shotgun in Doom for me.

Overall this is worth a look and a play if you don't mind lots of dialogue, occasional map/hardness glitches and a story which slowly unfolds. A lot of thought, effort and time must have gone into the making of this which I appreciated.
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