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2006-02-28 09:50:02
-Played through Gorack, Umtar, and Shreik : The first battle without problems.
-Played through Secret of Amehoela without problems.
-Currently testing Secret of Parizaya. So far I found a few bugs : the game sometimes freezes when talking to the fairy and a screen goes dark in the mine; but those bugs are not v1.08-related. The only bug I found so far which may have something to do with v1.08 is that the boncas which are supposed to be invisible in the Dungeon of the danged are no longer invisible.

EDIT : I am testing Secret of Parizaya in true-color mode.
EDIT 2 : Haha, the 'Dungeon of the D*mned' got censored.

EDIT 3 : Finished playing Secret of Parizaya. I found a few bugs, but the only one which I think may be v1.08-related is the (non-)invisible boncas problem I mentioned earlier.

EDIT 4 : - 'Watched' the Crystal of Power trailer without problems.
- 'Played' through A Town Over successfully.

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Cast Awakening Part 1: InitiationD-Mod, QuestExceptional 9.5August 10th, 2022
Unlock Fiat SecretsMiscellaneous, CheatExceptional 9.4January 7th, 2006

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