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2007-09-29 13:34:26
There hasn't been much progress on TMOD these last few days, since I've been busy working on the Initiation walkthrough. It'll be quite different from most walkthroughs - it'll basically be detailed information about each level, maps, and general advice (battles, endings, stat boosts...).

Right now the maps for Level 6 and Level 7 are done. They include screen limits as well so as to make them easier to understand. I had to reduce image quality, or else the walkthrough would end up being bigger than the game.

I intend to start commenting the maps when all of them are done.
Most levels range from 15 to 25 screens, so making the maps isn't too bad. The sewer has over 50 screens, though, so I'm sure making the map will be... uh... an interesting experience.

Since there have been few good D-Mods lately, I might release one or two smaller D-Mods that aren't necessarily TMOD-related. In fact, I was working on a D-Mod for joshriot's one-screen contest (involving Jarvis the Knight, if SabreTrout doesn't mind ), but since it'll probably miss the deadline, I might as well make it a normal D-Mod.

EDIT : One last thing - if no-one minds, I think I'll be taking a small break. Episode 4 of Wing Commander : Standoff ( has just been released, and well, let's just say I do occasionally play games that aren't RPGs. It shouldn't take me more than two days to complete it, so I don't expect the "small break" to take too long.

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