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Dink Smallwood Intro Movie

The original introduction movie to Dink Smallwood that was on the CD, but was dropped for the freeware release.

Note: This is a heavily compressed version of the original... the original was quite a bit bigger, so it is has been compressed into a Smacker exe file for easier distribution.
Released:October 17th, 2000
File Size:32.88 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
June 3rd, 2007
Score : 6.5 fair
Well, this is propably the strangest video I ever saw. First we see credits and stuff then we see a wormhole thingy or something, then we see asteroids and then a planet and then ocean with an island thingy or something, and then we see dragons or something flying in a place which looks a lot like the place I see in my dreams (really) with explosions of some sort, then a naked woman taking a shower, then a passageway to a weird foggy place with a big head in it, then another dragon flying in the sunset (hey what happened to the others?), then one flies down the passageway, we see one through some flames, and YET AGAIN we see the passageway, this time we take a closer look at the head, a fire ignites under it, the eyes twinkle in red, we see a roow with a table in it and a candle, a mug and a book on the table, the book suddenly closes before I have time to read it, and the final surprise I'll let you see yourself.
Cool music though.
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What really happens in this. (I'll explain it!)27skullMarch 24th 2007, 09:31 PM