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Knight's Tale (A)

Restored old screenshot that had a corrupted preview image Jarvis tells you who he is and what he's here to say. From the COTPATD project.
Jarvis the Knight has a small adventure! Uses some graphics from WarCraft 2.
Released:June 19th, 2003
File Size:1.01 MB
Release Notes:1.00
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August 6th, 2002
Score : 6.8 fair
Peasant He/Him
Wow! Great title! A Knights Tale! Let's download it I thought... Well, let's see now, new graphics taken from warcraft, and some shabby ones that the Trout himself made (Heh, figures). Now, I'm not a mean person, or at least I don't try to be, but I don't think this D-MOD is too brilliant. Now I know it's a romp, but the author says that "This maybe a romp, but it's a great romp" or something like that. This, however, is not true. This is not a great D-MOD in any way, and I have reasons for this. Yes this is a 'good' D-MOD, but great does certainly NOT fit the description. Here's the goods, and the bads, about this Trout's D-MOD - A Knights Tale.


New graphics, some here are very good, some here are good, and some here are crapper than crap. By saying that I'm talking about SabreTrout's graphics, sorry dude, my opinion! I have noticed that the scripting is pretty good, but not brilliant in any way as no new ground is broken in this D-MOD in the scripting catagory. There is a very good storyline to this D-MOD. Jarvis is the night that when really bad things happen, re-awakes from his frozen state and goes out to stop the evil. A typical storyline for lots of D-MODS, but the way this has been done is very good indeed! The way the warcraft 2 graphics have been taken and mixed with the Dink graphics has been done well, but is not always the best way to use Warcraft 2 graphics in a D-MOD. It may sometimes have bad effects and may not look right, but Sabre has done this very well. Now, the downside of this romp... the weaknesses...


Well, quite a few weaknesses here... A big one I found was the fact that these are not SabreTrouts graphics, they have been taken from another game made by a proffesional games design team. I know Sabre did give proper credit to Blizzard and RedInk1 etc. but I really think using other peoples graphics rather than using your own is kind of... cheating. I know it sounds wrong to say that but Sabre gets added credits for including very cool warcraft 2 graphics in his D-MOD. He gets credit and is allowed to use the graphics in his D-MOD because he wrote a little note in the readme.txt saying thanks. My opinion once again but still. I found quite a few hardness errors, ones like when you can go from quite an early stage, float across the water and end up at the final boss section of the D-MOD. Not exactly good, another example is near this part where you can escape into the trees and view all the screens without killing monsters by simply floating through the trees. I found that the little rock that Jarvis stands on at the very beginning of the game is very cheaply done and not worth credit. On a final note I would like to say that this D-MOD is simply far too easy to beat, meaning no fun whatsoever.


A good D-MOD here, using Warcraft 2 graphics along with the original Dink graphics, some cheap graphics and bad music, some good parts and funny people, overall just an average D-MOD.

Total 6.8
Grade C (Only just passing)

End Comment "Go on, download this if you haven't read my review..."
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