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2001: A Bloop Oddyssey

Catch the worms, but avoid the hazards! A terrifying beast has surfaced! Kind of. Are you willing to trust the fishy shopkeeper?
An Arcade-style D-Mod starring everybody's favourite fish, Bloop!

This D-Mod was created for the totally legitimate April Fools' Bloop contest in 2017.
I threw it together in about 12 hours, so excuse any possible bugs. If any appear, maybe I'll fix them in the future.

(Major thanks to Iplaydink for the awesome graphics and the D-Mod I built this on)
Released:June 5th, 2017
File Size:3.65 MB
Release Notes:-Fixed a game breaking bug that had somehow happened when packaging the initial version.
-Fixed a bug with the shopkeeper's save menu, that could allow you to cheat.
Play:Play this D-Mod right now in your web browser! (More Info)
January 20th, 2019
Score : 6.3 fair
Peasant He/Him Hungary bloop
The nation above all 
Thia D-Mod was an entry to the Bloop the Fish contest, and as such, it reuses many of the graphics from A Fish Named Bloop. It's a simple arcade game with the goal to collect a set amount of worms while at the danger of runnig out of air and enemies. It also features a shop where you can buy upgrades. Apperently Skull made the D-Mod in a copule of hours, which is kind of impressive. The thing is, this D-Mod is fun for a short while, but after some time it gets boring. Maybe it's because I don't like arcade style games. I would recommend this if you like this sort of game, but not for people looking for a traditional Dink experience.