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Grasp of Darkness

Cropped version of screenshot originally taken by Drunkpunk.
King Daniel sends Dink on a mission to Freg island. The king's uncle rules there and something is not right. Help Dink fight darkness itself and defeat the evil that lurks on Freg island!

- A tough DMOD! (Seriously, this is a hard one)
- Includes two endings!

So what are you waiting for? Grasp of Darkness awaits...

*Best D-Mod of 2010*
Released:December 26th, 2014
File Size:3.52 MB
Release Notes:- Fixed some things.
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June 27th, 2010
Score : 7.2 good
Peasant He/Him Finland bloop
A Disembodied Sod 
So, a review for the first time in quite a while. Decided to review this one, while I still remember something about it.

Grasp of Darkness by Quiztis is an extremely good, and fun game. Considering that this is Quiztis's first actually released D-Mod, I give him a round of applause, but this does not mean that I am going to be any less harsher, than on other D-Mods.

To sum it all up, Grasp of Darkness is a fun game, but not a perfect one, and the reasons are following:

The storyline was fun, and it changed a lot. Now, plot twists are usually very cool and keeps you interested, this D-Mod was not an exception, but I do feel that some of the things were overall left a little bit unfinished/unexplained.

The gameplay was very simple, yet nice. It started out interesting and good, but turned a slight bit repeative towards the end. The fighting was very well balanced, but in a different way that in most D-Mods. The way D-Mods usually are balanced is by making the enemy strong/weak enough for the player, in Grasp of Darkness however, you felt "I am never going to get past this impossible enemy", but find it pretty easy after all. I really liked this, although I have no idea was it supposed to feel like that.
Some of the cutscenes were quite dull and had some bugs. For example, you could sometimes move during the cutscenes, and sometimes not (and by this I mean the same cutscene). The bugs did not effect the gameplay too much but it left a feeling of sloppiness.

The map was a very typical one. Some of the screens were very nicely detailed while some were a little bit... less detailed. Overall, a very typical map, with not much to say about.

Whether the new ones made by Quiztis himself or taken from others, they were very nice and used well!! One of my favorite aspects in the whole D-Mod!!

Without music, the game is incomplete. This is something you have to remember. I felt like that in this D-Mod, the music was fitting, but not as fitting as it could have been. The quality of the MIDI was pretty much the same thing.

The D-Mod was a good one, but it could have been lots of better too. It also left a kind of unfinished feeling, because it has the atmosphere of an Epic, yet it is not.
My overall score for this good D-Mod from Quiztis is...

Fit for:
If you're just simply bored, this will guarantee a few hours of fun.

Final words:
What's up with that pyromanic!? o_O
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