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Creeping Sands (The)

"A short romp - that sorta turns into a quest. Dink is summoned by King Daniel to find out why the world is becoming a desert. This DMOD started out as being a project I wanted to spend only 24 hours on. Basically start it one night and have it finished the next. I didn't make it. Bugs (hopefully all the really nasty ones are killed now) and the desire to add new graphics (so shoot me, I can't help myself) meant it took just over 72 hours. Mind you this was not non-stop."

*Best download of june 2002*
Released:July 1st, 2002
File Size:2.64 MB
Release Notes:v0.6
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July 7th, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
This dmod is excellent, and its only done in 3 days, everything was outstanding.
Here are my ratings:

The sound effects were really cool, but somehow my computer plays them way to lout, so when I want to hear a midi and turn up the volume and dink plays a wav, the whole street hears it. Lol.

The midi's are the best thing in the whole dmod. It gave the dmod a better mark.
The map is very good. It really looks like a desert. The ability to burn those cacti. However, I burned all of them and I found a lot of secrets. Thats even better!
The story is simple yet very good. Just go to the desert and kill that a***[censored]hole who made the desert. <cries> I really liked those stonegiants. Now they are gone <cries more> lol.

The rock puzzle is very good scripted, selecting the letters. However, I dont know the answer. The riddle was much to hard. Im dutch and I dont know "all" english words, I thought it was a enemy or something, but I dont know the name.

The knights were funny too, hey pigfarmer, that really made me laughing, but when they said it again, I killed them.

Some enemies are way to strong in this dmod. Those jumping beasts are very fast, but difficult to kill, but if you find that >secret sword< you can kill them fast and easy.

However, you must level up a lot in this dmod. I dont like that. Those beasts were strong too, so leveling was difficult, not for me, but there are some dinkers who aren't good in fighting with dink but when they need to solve a riddle or something, they are faster than people who are good at fighting.

This dmod is OK for me. I really liked it. 8.5
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