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Search for the Green Mushroom (The)

Dink must search for a mushroom that makes all the babes dig Dink but then it's just a myth.
15-20 minute adventure.
Released:June 12th, 2003
File Size:193.65 KB
Release Notes:1.0
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June 13th, 2003
Score : 7.0 good
Bard They/Them Netherlands
Lazy bum 
Search for the Green Mushroom
Let's take a look at the other reviews first. Glenn doesn't get very high ratings... but why? Because nobody likes him? No. Because this is a very average dmod. And people hold dmods like PQ and PotA as standard lately. This really isn't a bad dmod, and you should hold in mind that this is Glenn's very first dmod. C'mon Kat, worst dmod of the year? give the guy a break. Everyone probably reads the score first and then the review, so I'll say that this dmod might not be worth an actual 7, but lately it seems that if a newby releases an average dmod it gets screwed in the butt right away. So I give the dmod a 6, +0,5 because it's his first dmod, and +0,5 as a little encouragement.

Now, for the actual review

The story is simple though kinda funny. Dink has to find some green mushroom (Dink on drugs?) that will make him irrestible to girls again. In the end it appears to be a joke.

Good stuff: It's dang simple. Yes, that's a plus, because I've seen dmods that try to be more than they are, and fail to be so. This dmod is just how it's meant to be. Despite some bugs maybe. And the dmod has humour. I like humour. Humour is good.

Bad stuff: Most of all, the hardness bugs. The game has poor spelling and grammar, but I can't blame him. He lives in Norway, and is a mere 13 years old. It is kinda anoying though, and if Glenn had contacted a tester, he/she might be able to correct the spelling.

GRAPHICS 7: Nothing really new here, but no real screw ups either.
SOUND N/A: My soundcard has died. So I can't tell.
GAMEPLAY 6.5: Not the most playable game around, but it's not nearly bad for a dude's first dmod
LASTING APPEAL 5: Not really big or replayable. But then again, it doesn't try to be

Download it if you feel like a quicky. A quick dmod I mean, fool!