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Awards: Download of the Year Voting Results!

After, um, much discussion and debating, the results of the 2002 DOTY voting are in, and I have decided to present to you the results during redink1's absence:

To noone's surprise, Pilgrim's Quest nabbed the DOTY D-Mod award, with many respectable D-Mods coming in a few votes behind. Congratulations to SimonK, who will likely celebrate by Googling up some amateur... artwork. Also, judging from the amount of votes Cloud Castle received, I don't think SabreTrout will be promoting his D-Mod everywhere he roams for quite a while. See the complete results here.

In the Development category, Tyrsis and Paul tied for the DOTY award with Dink's Trunk and Sprite Replacer, respectively. Congrats to those two! We shall let them bicker amongst themselves regarding who should have won. See the complete results here.

Finally, in the Miscellaneous files category, joshriot conquered all, winning a DOTY award with Bangerang Boomerang. Somewhat-reliable sources say that josh was eating clam chowder when he heard the news. He seemed happy. So congrats. You can see the results for this category here.

Dunno what to finish this off with... *ahem* Let's hope for (and submit) more good files to vote for next year!

Edit: My apologies to WC, who posted the results about 13 minutes before I did, unaware of redink1's request that I post them. Sorry..