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New Contest: Bloop the Fish

Are you interested in making your own D-Mod? Have you made a few half-finished D-Mods, but never found the motivation to finish one? Do you only make D-Mods when a contest gives you a structure and a deadline? Well, then here's something for you!

Yes, we are holding another contest. This time the contest will be about... Bloop the Fish. Bloop the Fish was a, er, 'charming' D-Mod originally released by old-school Dinker Instalite waaay back on January 22nd, 1999. It was notable for featuring brand new original MSPaint graphics of fish, sharks, and, uh, water.

Since then, there have been two unofficial sequels:

Bloop the Fish 2, from SabreTrout in 2003. As the legendary Paul Pliska stated, "Hate to say it, but the original was better."

A Fish Named Bloop, from iplaydink in 2014. This was a solid adventure that looked great, with new graphics that really take advantage of Dink's 'recent' true-color mode support.

This contest will continue the 'tradition' of Bloop the Fish D-Mods, and will involve a main player character named Bloop who is also a fish.

See the comments for more details.

Pollocracy twenty-one: Stable Stupor

And out of nowhere a new pollocracy appears! Welcome to the twentyfirst edition of Pollocracy, where your humble pollmaster shares some of the best comments of the past 8 or so polls with you.

Check out the comments for the whole story.

Updated D-mod: The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum 1.2

The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum has again been updated, this time to v1.2. Updates include:

- Adjusted lantern.c to be more tolerant of varying conditions.
- Fixed extra large gold heart in the southwest corner of the Frozen Wastes (using gheart3.c).

Updated D-mod: The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum 1.1a

SlipDink's currently very well-regarded d-mod The Last Quest Part 1: The Orcalolum was updated to v1.1a with the following bugfixes:

- globally replaced all say_xy("text", 0, x) with say_xy("text", 1, x) [replaced zero with one]
- replaced sp_kill(&txtsprite,1) with sp_kill(&txtsprite,0) in andso01.c so that the followup sp_nodraw(&txtsprite,1); might work more safely
- replaced sp_kill(&txtsprite,1) with sp_kill(&txtsprite,0) in darkexit.c so that the newly added sp_nodraw(&txtsprite,1); might work more safely
- commented out sp_kill(&gld_glint_sprite, 1); in s1-roc.c

New D-Mod: The Black Skull

Everyone's favorite Sunday bovidae, Baphomet, submitted his first D-Mod: The Black Skull. In this adventure, Dink is in a race with an evil wizard to retrieve a powerful skull. This is reported to be an Epic, and it looked off to a good start from what I saw. However, this is the first D-Mod I've played that made me scared of title screen button sound effects, which is certainly something I don't think I would have imagined writing before now.

New D-Mod: The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum

The slipperiest Dink of them all, coincidentally named SlipDink, has released his first D-Mod entitled The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum. Just to make sure it wasn't Skurn submitting 'tasteful autobiographical erotica' under an alternative account (... again), I verified that the D-Mod is the real deal. Both the title screen and introduction made me chuckle. That's a pretty good sign!

As you may know, the unsurpassed defines Oraculum as "Did you mean osculum? More suggestions: oracular operculum asculum oracle inoculum oracles aciculum". I think we can all learn a lot from that.

Updated D-mod: Turn-Based Fight 1.1

ArcduckShrimp has released an update to his Turn-Based Fight bringing it to version 1.1 and promising that it "now runs on DinkHD (also works with DinkHD fast forward). The script is more readable, cleaner and better in all aspects."

FYI, you will find it listed under Christopher Journey once installed.

New File: Trees, bushes, rocks, plants

Looks like brassweasel has released a very nice new set of custom Trees, bushes, rocks, and plants for use in use that d-mod you might be working on. It looks like you'll have to create your own hardboxes and depth dots for them though.

Updated D-mod: Orb of Darkness 2.0

The Orb of Darkness was just updated to version 2.0 by brassweasel. He writes:

"There are many improvements over the original version. I have updated many of my original graphics and made a few more. The mapping has been tweaked. A few scripts have been altered or added. Warp Magic has been added to make navigating some parts easier. There is more to do. A new area has been added including a new fight. Paul Pliska's Farmer attack graphics has been added. A new sound has been added. Some secret areas have been added. A few subtle hints have been added."

New D-mod: The Disciple

Okay everyone, I'm hoping we have here what looks like the first new Epic in quite a while, The Disciple, courtesy of JugglingDink.

It looks like there's a lot here, so I hope you guys have hours of fun with this.

New D-mod: Fishy dot dmod

Looks like leprochaun and Skurn decided to make a splash in our currently stagnant pool of dmods with Fishy dot dmod. It promises to have more bad fish puns than mercury in tuna.

Pollocracy twenty: Destructive defenestration

It's time for fun! It's time for defenestration! It is time for Pollocracy!

See the comments for the whole story.

We need a way to delete news items

Hey Dan, get on this.


The magicman has released a very, very small d-mod, demonstrating some kind of trick or quirk in the engine that he calls WAITWUT.

He's tasking the rest of you Dinkers (specifically d-modders) to figure out just how he pulled off this trick.

New D-mod: Echoes of the Ancients

And Hark! again. Yon weasel of brass hath released his latest d-mod, Echoes of the Ancients.

Yon Quest promises to be an alternate reality version of Dink's original adventure. Yon weasel of brass hath also let it be known that thou may wishth to use Freedink with this d-mod, for it may not workth in normal Dink.