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New Files: Triple Trouble

Prepare for trouble!
Make it triple!

Skurn made some D-Mods but to humanity's everlasting loss never finished them, so here they for you to play with.

Triple Trouble (Caution: contains ponies)

New File: Dink Smallwood Icon Remade

Dink Smallwood Icon Remade Do you need some more snazz in your life? Is your pixelated Dink icon just too retro for your shiny modern PC? Bluedy saves the day!

The Dink Smallwood Icon Remade is the Dink Smallwood icon which has been, uh, remade. It's so smooth you'll want to lick it.

Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods: Volume 1 Available Now

Crazy Old Tim Play All The D-Mods Volume 1: 1998 - 2004 Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods Volume 1: 1998 - 2004, a 430 page physical book (!) is now available for purchase. For more details, please visit our book page.

For those of you who missed previous posts about this, something really cool happened a few years ago. Tim Maurer (aka CocoMonkey) decided to play through every D-Mod ever released, and write about his experiences as he went. He decided to call this project 'Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods' (COTPATD). Along the way, he covered all 355 D-Mods, and wrote just under 300,000 words in total. His writing was pretty darn brilliant, and was witty, thoughtful, personal, and hilarious.

Sadly, he died shortly after completing his project.

Tim wrote COTPATD because he "wanted to give something back to a community that meant a lot to [him] when [he] was younger", and I believe that publishing his work in book-form continues that goal. COTPATD is a glimpse at our community through the silly games that we created together, and having that on a bookshelf makes it more 'real' than a web page that might disappear overnight. I think it is also important to recognize Tim's achievement, as sad as it is that he isn't around to see this.

In editing COTPATD, I've fixed a few typos and grammar mistakes, and added a few missing screenshots. I've also trimmed out a tiny amount of content for formatting purposes. However, I've also added some additional 'context' to Tim's entries, including the community response to the COTPATD project, old forum posts, alternative reviews, and some historical snapshots of what was going on in the community while the D-Mods were released.

I have this absurd fantasy in my head that after the apocalypse, COTPATD is one of the only books that survives. I imagine a future anthropologist in a white jumpsuit, carefully turning each page. They would start to understand a tiny slice of a few lives from the early 21st century, and hopefully start laughing all along the way.

Oh, one more thing: earlier this year, I asked everyone I knew who was connected to Dink if they wanted to write a few words to include in the book, and I received responses from about 20-30 different people. Most of these responses will be included in Volume 2, but some are included in Volume 1.

Updated D-Mod: The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum 1.3a

The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum SlipDink has just updated The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum to v1.3a. This fixes some issues so that something happens correctly now when the cave fairy is not slain.

'Cave fairy' makes me think of some sort of... hillbilly fairy, not good enough for the forest, no sir, that thar fairy belongs in ground. In a cave. That's probably just me.

Dink Smallwood HD v1.8.9

Dink Smallwood HD After going through almost two months of beta-testing and bug-fixing, Seth has officially released an update to Dink Smallwood HD (v1.8.9).

Previous versions of Dink Smallwood HD had some big problems. The original game worked alright, but many D-Mods were simply unplayable. This new version fixes a ton of the old Dink Smallwood HD issues, and it now works with just about every D-Mod.

Additionally, here are a few of the nice new features:
  • Dink Smallwood HD is Free for all platforms (including iOS and Android).
  • Better resolution support in Windows (I personally recommend running at 1280x960, double the original resolution).
  • Improved shadows support; the shadows can be upgraded to transparent shadows. This change occurs in the engine, and also applies to any graphics in existing D-Mods.
  • Integrated cheats menu.
  • In-game D-Mod browser / installer.
It's really, really great!

Updated D-Mod: THE LAST QUEST (part 2): The Iron Ring of Destiny 1.10a

THE LAST QUEST (part 2) SlipDink has just updated THE LAST QUEST (part 2) to v1.10a. This fixes quite a few little bugs that snuck into the last release.

I've played it a bit while testing the new DinkHD betas, and I have to spoil the introduction cutscene. Look to your right. That's amazing. I was shocked when I saw that.

And, afterwards, it even features a jungle that feels pretty darn jungle-like, which isn't very easy with the good ol' Dink engine.

Updated D-Mods: The Last Quests Parts 1 & 2

THE LAST QUEST (part 2) SlipDink has updated both of his D-Mods recently.

The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum 1.3 includes a few bug fixes, and includes "expanded dialogue to extol virtues of the shrine." What kind of shrine has virtues worth extolling? I guess you'll have to play and find out.

Last, but not least, THE LAST QUEST (part 2): The Iron Ring of Destiny 1.01 includes a few bug fixes (mostly to deal with screenlock issues).

New D-Mod: The Last Quest (part 2): The Iron Ring of Destiny

To wild anticipation and the everlasting joy of millions of slippery Dink fans, SlipDink presents to you his latest D-Mod The Last Quest (part 2): The Iron Ring of Destiny, in which an angsty and self doubting Dink must pull himself together and save the world.

Updated D-Mods: Bloop the Fish Contest Entries

Each of the Bloop the Fish Contest D-Mods had several bugs, and they have all been updated.

Skull's 2001: A Bloop Oddyssey
  • Fixed a game breaking bug that had somehow happened when packaging the initial version.
  • Fixed a bug with the shopkeeper's save menu, that could allow you to cheat.
Bluedy's Another Fish Named Bloop
  • I fixed the speed of the dialogue at the end and some problems with it overlapping.
  • Every single problem that has been addressed in the voting segment of the bloop contest have been fixed!
  • This should hopefully be the final version. And this time there is no save file either. So this is truly the cleanest, most polished and immersive version yet!
redink1's Bloop's Purpoise
  • v1.08 compatibility fixes:
    • Game no longer crashes after introduction
    • New font colors now correctly set
    • Midis now stop when acquiring pearls
    • Last pearl text now displayed
    • Text displayed even if fade down doesn't work
  • Pearl dropped by boss cannot appear within rocks
  • Corrected a couple typos

New D-Mods: Bloop the Fish Contest Entries

The Bloop the Fish D-Mod Contest began on April 1st, and the deadline was just hours ago. Three entries have been submitted.

Here they are, in order of submission, which is also alphabetical order:

First, Skull has submitted 2001: A Bloop Oddyssey on the very day the contest was announced. It is "An Arcade-style D-Mod starring everybody's favourite fish, Bloop!"

Next, Bluedy submitted Another Fish Named Bloop just a week after the contest was announced, and described it as "My very first, noobly made dmod."

And finally, I submitted Bloop's Purpoise on the last day contest entries were allowed. I describe it as "Bloop discovers why he is a fish."

Best of luck to everyone!

For more details about the voting, please see the comments.

New Contest: Bloop the Fish

Are you interested in making your own D-Mod? Have you made a few half-finished D-Mods, but never found the motivation to finish one? Do you only make D-Mods when a contest gives you a structure and a deadline? Well, then here's something for you!

Yes, we are holding another contest. This time the contest will be about... Bloop the Fish. Bloop the Fish was a, er, 'charming' D-Mod originally released by old-school Dinker Instalite waaay back on January 22nd, 1999. It was notable for featuring brand new original MSPaint graphics of fish, sharks, and, uh, water.

Since then, there have been two unofficial sequels:

Bloop the Fish 2, from SabreTrout in 2003. As the legendary Paul Pliska stated, "Hate to say it, but the original was better."

A Fish Named Bloop, from iplaydink in 2014. This was a solid adventure that looked great, with new graphics that really take advantage of Dink's 'recent' true-color mode support.

This contest will continue the 'tradition' of Bloop the Fish D-Mods, and will involve a main player character named Bloop who is also a fish.

See the comments for more details.

Pollocracy twenty-one: Stable Stupor

And out of nowhere a new pollocracy appears! Welcome to the twentyfirst edition of Pollocracy, where your humble pollmaster shares some of the best comments of the past 8 or so polls with you.

Check out the comments for the whole story.

Updated D-mod: The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum 1.2

The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum has again been updated, this time to v1.2. Updates include:

- Adjusted lantern.c to be more tolerant of varying conditions.
- Fixed extra large gold heart in the southwest corner of the Frozen Wastes (using gheart3.c).

Updated D-mod: The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum 1.1a

SlipDink's currently very well-regarded d-mod The Last Quest Part 1: The Orcalolum was updated to v1.1a with the following bugfixes:

- globally replaced all say_xy("text", 0, x) with say_xy("text", 1, x) [replaced zero with one]
- replaced sp_kill(&txtsprite,1) with sp_kill(&txtsprite,0) in andso01.c so that the followup sp_nodraw(&txtsprite,1); might work more safely
- replaced sp_kill(&txtsprite,1) with sp_kill(&txtsprite,0) in darkexit.c so that the newly added sp_nodraw(&txtsprite,1); might work more safely
- commented out sp_kill(&gld_glint_sprite, 1); in s1-roc.c

New D-Mod: The Black Skull

Everyone's favorite Sunday bovidae, Baphomet, submitted his first D-Mod: The Black Skull. In this adventure, Dink is in a race with an evil wizard to retrieve a powerful skull. This is reported to be an Epic, and it looked off to a good start from what I saw. However, this is the first D-Mod I've played that made me scared of title screen button sound effects, which is certainly something I don't think I would have imagined writing before now.