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New Dev Files: Marketplace Graphics and Dink Shadows for Blender

Prolific graphicateer, iplaydink, submitted two files over the summer and with normal DN-style efficiency, we're finally making a news post about them!

The first, Marketplace Graphics, is a set of marketplace stands for your outdoor marketplace needs. No longer will you be constrained to only selling things indoors in your mods! Outdoor capitalism can now be yours! He was even nice enough to include the blender files for the stands should you wish to modify them for yourself.

Along with this, he has submitted what looks to be a very handy file, Dink Shadows For Blender, which claims to do all the hard work of accurately setting that "oh-so-finicky" Dink camera and shadow angle in blender, as well as pre-checkerboard it for you. Cool and highly useful stuff!

Updated D-Mod / Magical File: Push and Pull 2.01

Robj and Bluedy are back with an updated version of the completely amazing Push and Pull.

As before, this makes pushing objects in Dink Smallwood very intuitive and fun. This version is a complete rewrite (!) of the entire system, which now leverages a 'sticky push' mechanism so that you can pull objects without using any special keys (ideal for mobile or gamepad use).

Even more impressive, this version is actually a full-fledged D-Mod romp, and includes a fair bit of gameplay that leverages the push and pull mechanism. Can you solve all of the puzzles?

Updated Dev File: Version Checker 1.02

This is a version checker that you can add into your dmod that returns a unique value for different versions of Dink Smallwood, Dink HD, and FreeDink.

The original get_version() command can not differentiate between dink 1.08 and freedink because they both return "108".

This version checker not only differentiates the above, but also returns unique values for FreeDink 109.6, and FreeDink version 108.4 or lower.

This file includes an initial version checker screen which runs when the player starts a new game, to initially detect and store away the version number.
The version is then updated whenever the player loads a save game, in case they have changed versions.

You can retrieve the version number at anytime, to adjust your scripting and make sure your Dmod is compatible across all major Dink Engine versions, or to check the player is using the correct version before the game play starts.

Packaged into a Dmod file for ease of organisation, even though there is not much gameplay at all (just two screens so you can immediately demo the file)

Included is a readme which details how to implement this into a dmod, and also a youtube video tutorial if you don't like reading.
The link to the video tutorial is listed in the readme file as well, but I have also listed it below:

NOTE: This is a Development D-Mod, and it may not have a quest to complete or a story to experience.
Version 1.02
Released: August 2nd, 2019
File Size: 459.05 KB
Downloads: 3
Release Notes: Made a few minor tweaks.
Updated tutorial to 2 part video, rather than 1.

Link to tutorial playlist is in the readme file, but also linked below:
Play: Play this D-Mod right now in your web browser! (More Info)

Smoother graphics. Better compatibility.Download Now

Updated D-Mod: Shadows of Death v0.3.0

DinkKiller, after a 5 year hiatus, has released Shadows of Death v0.3.0. In his own words:


I've been sitting on this update for the better part of a year now. I never pushed it out because there were still more things that needed to be done, and I lost interest in working on it (as usual). I finally took the time to go in and fix up everything else that needed fixing, found new bugs to squish, and made more small changes. I know I've missed some things but I'm really happy with all the work I put into this update to make the D-Mod as good and as polished as it should have been in 2015.

No, the D-Mod still isn't finished nor are there any new playable areas, but I made extensive changes to every single aspect of the D-Mod that almost makes it an entirely new experience, though it will still be familiar to anyone who has played the initial release.

Well, there you have it. See you again in 5 years, Mr. Killer!

Updated D-Mod: Before... 1.03

SlipDink has updated Before... to 1.03.

This version fixes some cosmetic issues, adds some additional hints. This also includes the fixes from the previous update.

New D-Mod: The Dink Hotel

Skurn, yeoldetoast, RangerLord, redink1, scratcher, rabidwolf9, Quiztis, ExDeathEvn, Thenewguy, Sparrowhawk, Bluedy, Robj, june, forumlurker, toof and GOKUSSJ6 all teamed up to create The Dink Hotel as part of the first-ever Community D-Mod Jam. We successfully created a new D-Mod within the 50 hour time limit. There's even sort of an ending.

In this short romp, Dink stumbles upon The Dink Hotel. He isn't being paid any royalties. What exactly is going on here?

I'd like to thank each and every one of you who put effort into creating this little adventure.

Community D-Mod Jam #1 - 50 Hours to create The Dink Hotel

A new Community D-Mod Jam #1 is starting now. We're going to create The Dink Hotel together!

This is a real thing that's happening.

More details are available here:

DinkC Editor Online - View and edit DinkC scripts here

DinkEdit Online - Play The Dink Hotel, and add / edit sprites. Kind of like Google Docs for Dink Smallwood.

Twitch Video Tutorial - Yep.

Github Projects - See a history of what everyone's done here.

Discord - Discuss stuff.

New D-Mod: Before...

Mr. SlipDink has released his fourth D-Mod, Before....

This adventure takes place... before... the original Dink Smallwood. Dink is just a boy with questions about his father and his destiny, while some mysterious crows start to appear...

This D-Mod includes a fantastic crow on the title screen; I'm always very impressed when people take the time to import true-color video into Dink Smallwood, it feels very 'modern' in a way that feels fresh within a 20 year old game.

Updated (March 25th): v1.02 is now available.

New D-Mod: All That Glitters! 2.0

Mr. SlipDink has updated All that Glitters! to v2.0.

This release includes a few updates to make the game more playable and now fun.

Please give it a try, and write a review!

New Dev File: Push and Pull

Robj (a secret ballast scorcher) and Bluedy (a secret pixel surgeon) have released Push and Pull. This is a new developmental D-Mod that demonstrates a new technique to push (and pull!) objects.

As you likely know, pushing, as implemented in vanilla Dink Smallwood, is... not very good. It is only used once to move an object in the original game (and 3 other times to simply have Dink say the object could not be pushed). It is the absolute weakest way to interact with Dink's world.

This file is magical. Pushing and pulling are so smooth it feels as natural as smacking a pillbug around. I haven't looked at the source code, and I'd like to think I'm pretty experienced when it comes to the DinkC arts, but I have no idea how Robj managed to make this happen. Look at this magic:

Updated Files: GNU FreeDink & GNU FreeDink-data

redink1@Miasma ~
$ ls -l
total 0
drwxr-xr-x+ 1 Miasma Miasma 0 Feb 24 10:10 news

redink1@Miasma ~
$ cd news

redink1@Miasma ~/news
$ ls -l
total 2
-rw-r--r-- 1 Beuc Beuc 258 Feb 16 10:10 freedink
-rw-r--r-- 1 Beuc Beuc 173 Jan 20 10:10 freedink-data

redink1@Miasma ~/news
$ cat freedink
The GNU FreeDink open-source Dink Smallwood engine has been updated to v109.6. This includes many nice changes, including rewriting the engine to target SDL2, enforcing the aspect-ratio when in full-screen mode, a flock of DinkC fixes, and much more.

redink1@Miasma ~/news
$ cat freedink-data
The FreeDink-data has been updated to include several new sound effect replacements, plus translations in Turkish, Esperanto, and Spanish.

redink1@Miasma ~/news
$ cat freedink-data --turkish
FreeDink verileri birkaç yeni ses efekti değişiminin yanı sıra Türkçe, Esperanto ve İspanyolca çevirileri içerecek şekilde güncellendi.

redink1@Miasma ~/news
$ cat freedink-data --esperanto
La FreeDink-datumo estis ĝisdatigita por inkluzivi plurajn novajn sonajn efikajn anstataŭojn, krom tradukojn en turka, esperanto kaj hispano.

redink1@Miasma ~/news
$ cat freedink-data --spanish
Los datos de FreeDink se han actualizado para incluir varios reemplazos nuevos de efectos de sonido, además de traducciones en turco, esperanto y español.

New Dev Files: DinkC Notepad++ Dark, Checkbit

Some members of our community have submitted a couple developmental files.

Back in July, toof submitted DinkC Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++ Dark. This takes Sparrowhawk's original DinkC Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++ and makes it work with a dark theme. I was holding off on posting this because I had some sort of plan to... merge the versions together? I honestly don't remember anymore. I sincerely apologize, toof.

In any case, both the original flavor and the Dark version result in the best DinkC editor I've found. Notepad++ is great, and having the 'intellisense' provided by these plugins is really really really wonderful.

About a month ago, SlipDink submitted Checkbit, a method of storing lots (31) of true/false values in one DinkC integer. This was based on a couple fun conversations on the forum here and here.

Lastly, someone else submitted a file just yesterday, but I regretfully rejected that file. If you want to learn more, please view the comments.

Pollocracy twenty-two: Long time no see

It's been a while hasn't it? But after nearly exactly two years it is time for another pollocracy!

Check the comments for the full story.

Updated D-Mod: Golden Duck v1.02

Guess who's back, back again.

toof's back, tell a friend.

He created an update, 'cause nobody wants to.

See a shiny walkthrough, you want bar chat, and freeze fixes?

For that little bit of fun check out Golden Duck v1.02.

New D-Mod: The Search

brassweasel just gave us his belated entry for the Plot Twist D-Mod contest (his fifth D-Mod!): The Search (Play Now!).

This is the 7th D-Mod whose title prominently features the act of searching, following The Search for Milli Vanilli, Scar of David 2: The Search for the Scarf, The Search for the Treasure, Christmas Adventure: Search for Santa, The Search for the Green Mushroom, and Search for Mother. In the 5 minutes I've played so far, I think it may very well be the best in that contentious category.

This time around, Martridge asks Dink to find that orb. You know, that one.

It has some nice callbacks to other D-Mod authors and D-Mods, and it's funny. You should give it a go.