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Dink visits a Fairy Ring on his birthday. Dink considers whether or not to enter the abandoned mine. A terrific title screen with a creepy crow
Before he was a hero, he was a boy with questions.
o What happened to his dad and how can he find him?
o How can he escape the dull life of a pig farmer?

Join Dink on his first adventure, a chance to learn about his missing father and test whether he will be a man of honor.

Released:November 14th, 2019
File Size:78.99 MB
Release Notes:* * * 2.00 MAY NOT BE 100% COMPATIBLE WITH 1.xx SAVE GAME FILES! * * *
2.00 uploaded to the Dink Network on 2019.11.13.
* * * 2.00 MAY NOT BE 100% COMPATIBLE WITH 1.xx SAVE GAME FILES! * * *

I added an easy mode for those that felt the game too challenging, fixed some hardness issues, addressed several functional bugs, and made a grammatical fix in some text that Dink speaks.

#01 Removed [&livesaver_uses = 7;] assignments in mrsmlstn.c and updated [make_global_int("&livesaver_uses", 0);] in main.c to [make_global_int("&livesaver_uses", 7);].

#02 Converted &yesimsure to &yesimsure_ezmode and added a new question to the escape.c menu to explain how easy mode works and implement it as a toggle. Also made changes to the dmod.diz documentation file and the chekpack.c, chekpokt.c, intro.c, item-sbk.c, main.c, sfood.c and water.c scripts to support the NEW easy_mode/hard_mode toggle.

#03 Added tocave2.c for screen 209 ("2 screens below the one where you find the lighter") and rearranged screen 165 (the cave that the steps lead to).

#04 Moved the scorpion away from the rear of the shrine and commented out the other scorpions in shrine.c.

#05 Changed &junk2 to &junk1 at line 225 in water.c to avoid the invalid sprite error. Also removed line 188.

#06 Moved "&livesaver_uses -= 1;" up 3 lines in item-sav.c.

#07 Added punctuation to "Take me back take me back" in item-rst.c.

#08 Added some rocks and more hardness to upper right corner of the main external pyramid screen.

#09 Added some rocks and more hardness to several areas of the screen 1 screen north of the screen where Dink finds a grave and a stone to rest under until evening.
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