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Peasant Male Poland
D-mods played & finished:

Agatha Smallwood's Will
An Age of Darkness
As Good as Eternity
Attack of the Mutant Veggies
Blood Scorpions
A Call to Greatness
Cast Awakening Part 1 (one ending reached)
Cloud Castle
Crosslink (wish there was a full version)
Dink and the Bonca
Dink gets Bored (also wish there was a full version)
Dink goes boating
Dinky Dimensions: FIAT
Dinky Dimensions: The end of time
Grasp of Darkness
Historical Hero
Historical Hero II
Lost in Dink
Quest for Dorinthia - both full parts: Special edition and second one (wish the 3rd one was a full version)
Malachi the Jerk
The Blacksmith's Trail
The Fall of Tahmar
The Quest for Cheese
Zach the Marine

(List still incomplete, I had an idea of creating it recently and I have to check which d-mods I finished already).

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2019-11-11 19:27:18
Peasant Male Poland
Well, I admit that I'm trying to get to the point where all your bug reports are in so I can release one version with all of them in it instead of one version every few days. And walthrough guides.

Whoa, are you trying to... make me rush B?

But... the game is finished! The only thing I took a look in the walkthrough was the fact that the cork is located in the Oasis, nuff said

Ok, now where was I with the bugs numeration? Yep, there are more You know, in the meantime when I was not here for few years I was a tester and a beta tester of few games, so some habits just stayed with me.

Ah yes!

8. Probably related to 6: when I was in the chamber with the coffin I decided to save the game and - despite I used that ability once at the very beginning, near the stone that Dink was resting under, once in the Oasis and once in the mine - I've been told that I still got 6 uses and it was after I saved my game, so something is definitely wrong here.

9. When Dink is about to leave after using the stone he says "Take me back take me back...", intended?

10. When I tried to go back, but without the Scarab and I went upwards through the entrance I mentioned earlier (game freeze bug you took care of) Dink disappeared and I was only seeing his voice talking something about some... planks?

11. Two screens for you: a hardness bug and a problem with the design of the map: if you leave the screen with the pyramid through the top right part of the screen Dink gets stuck in a rock. Overall the desert map is not that polished as the jungle in Last Quest Part 2.

Generally if you memorize the whole map the game actually becomes easy, even with the damage taken while walking through the desert. I never used the revival offered by Apollo or smelled the flowers, even forgot about having them. Not sure what I could use other 2 bombs for.

Nevertheless you can make final fixes and upload the 2.0 version - as soon as you hopefully will deal with the problems you are experiencing.

But don't go far! Next dmod: Glitters! MWAHAHAHA!

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A very good base for further development Dink Hotel (The)NormalFair 6.1November 2nd, 2019
A D-Mod with a big potential SilenceFeaturedGood 7.0November 5th, 2016