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Peasant He/Him Poland
D-mods played & finished:

Agatha Smallwood's Will
An Age of Darkness
As Good as Eternity
Attack of the Mutant Veggies
Blood Scorpions
A Call to Greatness
Cast Awakening Part 1 (one ending reached)
Cloud Castle
Crosslink (wish there was a full version)
Dink and the Bonca
Dink gets Bored (also wish there was a full version)
Dink goes boating
Dinky Dimensions: FIAT
Dinky Dimensions: The end of time
Grasp of Darkness
Historical Hero
Historical Hero II
Lost in Dink
Quest for Dorinthia - both full parts: Special edition and second one (wish the 3rd one was a full version)
Malachi the Jerk
The Blacksmith's Trail
The Fall of Tahmar
The Quest for Cheese
Zach the Marine

(List still incomplete, I had an idea of creating it recently and I have to check which d-mods I finished already).

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2019-11-07 17:30:18
Peasant He/Him Poland
I'll be posting noticed bugs here as I will proceed with the game, the ones so far:
1. Already known issue with DinkHD, tried different settings but nothing unfreezes that scene, on FreeDink works fine;
2. After you talk to the guard in Stonebrook for the first time and Chealse when she comes in if you leave this screen and re-enter it from any side Chealse will appear again, but the birthday party dialogue will start;
3. After talking to the bug and snake if you choose to move to the screen with ducks after removing the ear Dink will notice that probably they are talking about him, but no matter if you will try to put on the 3rd ear or not you cannot get out of that scene, you're stuck there with Dink constantly wondering what the ducks are saying.

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A very good base for further development Dink Hotel (The)NormalFair 6.1November 2nd, 2019
A D-Mod with a big potential SilenceFeaturedGood 7.0November 5th, 2016