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The Black Skull

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Dink has a dream about an evil wizard who is searching for a skull of power that will give him the power to resurrect an ancient. Dink must find the skull before the wizard does.

This is my first D-mod. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you encounter any bugs.
DON'T USE CHEATS! That will screw the game up.
Released:September 20th, 2016
File Size:6.38 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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December 30th, 2016
Score : 7.6 good
Peasant Male
Not gonna lie, my first impressions of this D-Mod were kinda bad. The intro, while flashy and fancy, is really basic in terms of story telling, upon interacting with my first object (the sign in front of your pub (the starting building)) my game froze, when I actually started moving around, I found the areas/screens to be a bit lacking in details. So yeah, not really off to a great start...
However, I am glad that I decided to keep on playing as things do get better.

Since I started with naming the bad things of this D-Mod, might as well continue with them and get them out of the way :
If you're a person who considers a good, detailed and unique stroyline to be the most (or very) important thing when it comes to enjoying a D-Mod, then this one might not be for you. As mentioned, it's really basic : you have a dream of an evil wizard trying to steal an artifact and use it to destroy the world. You go to stop him, meet people who send you to various places because they know someone there who will help or because a book says there is something of importance there or something along those lines. Really nothing special.
Also, on the topic of story telling, there were some spelling/grammatical mistakes in the dialog, nothing major tho, everything was perfectly understandable.
Speaking of traveling, I found it a bit weird how going to different zones works. One screen you are in this green landscape, the next one you are in a desert, and then in the other you are in this forest thingy. I know that it's supposed to function like a "fast travel" system, but still, perhaps it could've been done a bit differently. I really don't think that this is a big deal, but just something I wanted to point out.
For me personally, visuals for this D-Mod were a bit disappointing when it came to certain areas. I felt like some of them were lazily done (I do think that, overall, this D-Mod took a fair amount of time and effort to make so I do kinda feel bad for saying this) and there could some more details added. I'll use the example of the Viking town, there were just so many empty spaces there it just looked a bit bad. Perhaps it would be better if there were just more buildings or if the whole area was a bit smaller and the buildings were denser (placed a bit closer to each other).
Now, onto the real problem this D-Mod faces ; and that would be the constant freezes or other bugs such as screens not unlocking (had that problem upon defeating the "fake" wizard Tolm (I believe that's what his name was? The one who exploded). The freezes were also plenty, some of them include ; as mentioned in the start, interacting with the sign, then when talking to the mushroom farmer and choosing the "Nevermind" option. I also believe there freezes when interacting with a bookcase in the desert village and when talking to a bartender in the Viking town. There could be more, I just can't think of them at this moment. NOTE : at the time of writing this review, the game is/was in the initial version, so some of these bugs might get fixed later on.

Next on the list, is the gameplay itself. Now, I wasn't sure weather to put this into the category of good things or the bad things since I have mixed feelings about it. Monsters are quite tough, and I usually like that, but I do feel like some areas were a bit over the top. I kept up to date with my weapons, was buying plenty of healing potions but was still having a bad time in certain places. Hate to use the Viking town as a an example again, but the underground area where you go fight the evil undead viking, that area felt a bit overtuned and overcrowded. I would say same the same applies for the final area, the main villain's hideout. But hey, it's not like it's impossible, it's completely doable so like I mentioned, mixed feelings about it. Maybe if the monsters there had a chance (or a higher) of dropping a health boost (small heart, food, you know) would make a bit more enjoyable while the monsters would still feel threatening.

Despite so much text about bad things, all of them are rather minor and just come down to personal preference (like I said, the only major things are the bugs and glitches). Anyway, my favorite things about this D-Mod are the following :
Firstly, I really like the music pick! They fit extremely well with the areas they are used it. Since I used the Viking town twice as an example for negative things, let's include it as an example for a good thing for a change, I think that the music there was just completely spot on. Also, plenty of used music I also heard in different older D-Mods so it also caused a bit of nostalgia since I automatically thought of them and how much I enjoyed some of them.
The other major plus for this D-Mod is simply the humor and the random silliness. There were plenty of times where the D-Mod made me smile and on one occasion, it made me actually laugh out loud. I don't want to get into it too much, just to keep the surprise to anyone who hasn't already played it.
Also, I really liked the idea of a throwable spear, I don't think I've seen that weapon in any other D-Mod. Too bad it becomes obsolete as game progresses, but I guess that just adds to the overall difficulty of it.

As a conclusion (TL;DR) all in all, this D-Mod does have it's own problems but the overall silly theme/atmosphere paired with some other things, make this D-Mod quite enjoyable.
My main advise for someone who might be interested in giving this one a try ; save often (not just because of the high risk of death, but also the risk of freezes and other bugs) and stack up on potions, you'll need them.
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