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Cast Awakening Part 1: Initiation

Mwahaha!! I'm killing blobs with a loaf of bread! It was at that moment that Dink thought that maybe the quiet life would have been a better choice. Either Dink's been Drinking or hes dreaming
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Released:August 10th, 2022
File Size:8.16 MB
Release Notes:Community patch by Robj to fix crash with FreeDink 109.6, during ending 3.
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November 2nd, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant They/Them Netherlands duck
Mmmm, pizza. 
This is one really special D-Mod. I've got all endings and all items, all magic and did (I think) all subquests. And jeeze... I still have fun playing it

Warning: Some spoilers ahead, don't say I didn't warn you.

Story: Good old save-the-world-plot... NOT! It's "save-your-head"-time now, as you've been tricked by the Cast to their stronghold and you're locked up. The guards are about to lead you to the evil Cast-King, but there was some avalanche who killed both of them and now you're free to go where you want, preferably out of the Cast-stronghold.

Gameplay: For those of you who hate mazes and caves... good luck. There isn't one playable square in the open. This doesn't mean it's only fighting-time. Oh no, far from that! There are a lot of puzzles to be solved, items to be found and quests to be done. There's so much to do, that even when you've finished the game, you'll want to play it again. Thank god for multiple endings (4 total).

Although there are some good fights, I didn't find them impossible.

Map: As I've mentioned before it's a big maze, consisting of 9 levels. 10 if you count the two-screen Cathedral. It only has the look of a cave, though. There are so much ways and secret passages that it almost feels like a big outdoor-area.

It's very well decorated, but I don't think you'll encounter many trees in a sewer system, or anywhere else underground. But then, of course, this is Dink, and in the world of Dink, people happen to be very fertilising for plants. Take a look a SoB for example

Anyway, you'll see that, when you've played it for some time, you'll get access to more areas of the maze. Which'll help you solve puzzles, or avoid difficult enemies or riddles, or just to kill some more monsters for experience or powerups.

Items: Redink1 claimed he put 16 usable items in this game, and this is TRUE!! The good thing is, you can have them all at the same time! You'll find items that are familiar to Dink, like fists, sword, elixirs, bombs and such, but also some completely new ones, like the rancid meat. It'll make you fart

New is that you can access your non-usable-inventory trough the escape-menu. This is so your keys and other items won't use up inventory space, which you could use for other things like rancid meat

Magic: There are three spells in this D-Mod. These are fireball, waterball and shock magic. One main difference with the main game magic is that the behaviour of the spells will change if your magic level is high enough. Fireball will become a hellfire-lookalike and even later, it'll leave damaging flames on impact if you're lucky.

Humour: Yes, this D-Mod is full of it. There are a lot of bookshelves which you don't really need, but they often have funny content. Also, when you've done some specific subquest, the guy you did it for might give you different choice options which don't do anything at all, but are just plain funny. What I very much liked was the wizard in prison who started to quote Lord of the Rings "The Cast delved too greedy and too deep" and then... anyway, follow his story and check some of the monsters in the sewers

Bugs: Still some bugs. When I pissed off the cast members in the pub (and killed them) I couldn't use the stairs up anymore. Also, you don't seem to be able to pay the guy with the ladies. Also I didn't notice any difference after putting the faery back to work.

Overall, this game is very much worth the download, and even if you really hate mazes and caves, this one is different. Multiple endings, many items, fun sidequests and a good story. It's a classic! Download now! Stop reading and click that dang button!! Still reading? I'll stop writing then, but DOWNLOAD IT!!

-- 9.5
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