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2013-08-17 03:17:37
Peasant Male
Kill Police Officers 
Scratcher makes a valid point.
No No NO!
Scratcher has has no valid point all he does is abuse his power like an insercure little prick that he is.
Rainmaker you are complaining about my title? and calling it stupid,well you title say "God save the Boxxy" Appeanlty you believe in a big man with beard living in the clouds who supposebly created every single thing by himself THAT IS HYPOCRISY.
The only time I have trolled is when I was posting as Hitler with DINK SMALLWOOD SUCKS thread as a ghost.
I bet the only reasons why you hate me Rainmaker is because I speak the truth about the US being corrupt.

By the way Lepracaun I do have a beard.

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