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2015-01-14 01:08:32
Peasant Male
Kill Police Officers 
Of course you can be peaceful and gentle as man, you are an individual and not defined by your gender, you can be anything you like!

I know that now but for a while I didnt think that way.

ThePunisher has written 4 reviews

This would be better if it wasnt so dam slow and buggy Epochs & Aeons: Part OneNormalTolerable 4.5October 14th, 2014
Too many cut scenes not enough game. Rise of the Goblins (The)NormalFair 5.0June 22nd, 2014
Not a classic like the sequel but still a decent d-mod Cloud CastleNormalGood 7.0June 21st, 2014
Great Dmod but.... Scourger (The)NormalGood 8.8June 20th, 2014