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Rise of the Goblins (The)

The goblins, just before their rise. From the COTPATD project.
June 22nd, 2014
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant Male Australia
(Tag Line) How long is this line. 
Ok first the positives
-The skinny looking king was done nicely

-Potions and hearts are awkwardly placed EVERYWHERE
-Copycat soundtrack from CC2 most notably
-Boring and lame combat its extremely tedious
-This D-mod was just full of annoying cutscenes
-Mapping is average at best
-Hardness errors

Overall I Wouldnt say its a bad D-mod just medicore.
Do I recommend it?
Well that depends If your feeling a lazy and what something just to kill time yeah sure go ahead but if you want a proper adventure I suggest you look elsewhere.