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Peasant Male Finland
"I'd like to be a tree..." 
A long-time Dinker. Joined back in 2005, but started playing Dink way before that. I've released over ten D-Mods, some of which are absolutely horrible and some of which are pretty good, apparently. Nowadays I mostly just check out the forums, where I have a less than stellar reputation.

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2013-04-08 21:43:42
Peasant Male Finland
"I'd like to be a tree..." 
Absolutely not. I remember reading about the pyramid power thing, it was just nonsense. The pyramids themselves are impressive constructs, but there's nothing there that people today couldn't build with ancient tools. There's no reason to assume the advanced civilization of Egypt couldn't figure it out.

Fact is, no matter what they say, people with today's technology wouldn't be able to build the Pyramids. I have doubts people back then would have. Even cutting the stones would have been impossible with their tools, let alone transfer them. There's also the question how come there would be such similar constructions all around the World, when we're to assume there were no connections between the people back then. By the way, these people who claim humans around the globe back then, had no connection to each other, are the same people who claim the people who built the Pyramids did it with their ancient tools.

One thing I've learned about history, is that most historical "facts" are just the absolute opposite of truth. Comments like Scratcher's make me mad, because they state these "facts", without doing any reasearch into the topic. Egyptians themselves have written stories about all these different "magic tricks", that were used to build the Pyramids.

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Historical Hero II: ArmageddonD-Mod, EpicGood 8.3December 14th, 2014
Dark Phoenix's Middle Night (The) Preview Poster/Desktop Background 2Miscellaneous, Fan WorkN/AJanuary 12th, 2011
Dark Phoenix's Middle Night (The) Preview Poster/Desktop BackgroundMiscellaneous, Fan WorkN/AOctober 19th, 2010
Historical HeroD-Mod, EpicGood 7.3October 1st, 2010
Day after the Middle Night (The)D-Mod, RompGood 7.5May 13th, 2010
Hotel of the Middle NightD-Mod, RompGood 7.3April 29th, 2009
Hero of the Time (The)D-Mod, DemoHorrible 2.1January 26th, 2008
Jani the Ultimate Warrior graphics packDevelopment, GraphicsHorrible 0.1January 25th, 2008
Short MIDIsDevelopment, MusicN/ADecember 22nd, 2007
Rise of the Goblins (The)D-Mod, QuestFair 6.5October 7th, 2007
Fall of DarknessD-Mod, DemoFair 6.5September 2nd, 2007
Honor of the Cast: The March of ArmyD-Mod, RompTolerable 4.6April 23rd, 2007
Honor of the Cast: The Honor's TimeD-Mod, RompHorrible 0.5April 4th, 2007
Honor of the Cast: SlimesD-Mod, RompHorrible 2.3March 31st, 2007
Adventures with Jani - Part 1D-Mod, RompHorrible 2.5March 25th, 2007

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Preview Historical Hero II: ArmageddonApril 25th, 2013
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Preview Historical Hero II: ArmageddonSeptember 2nd, 2012
Preview Historical Hero II: ArmageddonSeptember 2nd, 2012
Preview Historical Hero II: ArmageddonSeptember 2nd, 2012
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