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And that's just the beginning of his name!
I made this D-Mod to...
1. ..have the one with the longest name ever, to "write Dink history".
2. funny (or have fun). It was a joke, kind of a typical bad D-Mod. It's good at that.
3. ..start a debate (related to point 2), and it worked.

"You can't even kill that duck!" - Quote from Christiaan's review. Well, it's art.
Released:March 29th, 2005
File Size:23.86 KB
Release Notes:Original
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August 23rd, 2006
Score : 1.3 horrible
Peasant Male
First: How do you know that your reviews are not a part of the artpiece? I think that is interesting. It can look like there is competition in two directions, one trying to give the best humorous review looking upon this as modern art, and one trying to slaughter it as hard as possible. Twenty-three reviews after having an extremely low average score from the beginning. You are making fools of yourselves, even more than I did when I released this.

All the reviews, including my own, must be of the D-Mod itself and its ability to fill its intentions, not of anything else, especially since that is not stated in the documentation (I am thinking about the reviews). And this IS a D-Mod, a Dink-Module, which means nothing more than "an add-on for Dink Smallwood". It is although not a romp, I think.

I think the techniques used are a part of the D-Mod, so they can be reviewed. First the idea: Like mentioned on the top of this page, I made a bad D-Mod on purpose. If looking upon it as art, I would call it a sort of crippled naivism, lacking a better word. I am sure some artists have used words like "badism" or "destructivism", yes, and nihilism, and I do not know which to use, really, but I still had an idea. I had reasons to do this, mostly related to entertaining myself. And I am entertained now by all the reviews and "publicity". I do not really understand why I would like to start a debate about what D-Mods should be let into the system and then get angry when this crap was deleted. Teenage irrationality, I guess.

The title screen was made white and ugly on purpose.
The name of Dink in my D-Mod is not something I have made up, it is, with the exception of the name Dink, the real name of a person in real life, Adolph Blaine Charles David etc..
When Dink is seemingly talking to himself, it is symbolizing his mother, like he says, not the other, or one of the 25 other, sides of his split personality or something. I was pretending that I could not spawn the mother sprite, but Dinks movement is perfectly scripted, as far as I know. It is contradicting and annoying for the player, and thus entertaining for me.
The animation-less duck is actually the most important sprite, as it holds the script that drives everything else in-"game".

Apart from this the D-Mod is pointless, so although the reviews here are not a part of the D-Mod, the reactions of the players kind of define the point, after I defined the D-Mod as art. Dinkateur's reaction, laughter, is one of the preferred ones for me, but mostly because it is different.

Can I give this D-Mod points for being "a lost D-Mod"? Well, SirCabbage's review was validated, so I guess I can give 0.9 for that (now I am already breaking the rule I wrote in the beginning of this review). Then another point for breaking some useless records like shortest gameplay and longest name and lowest score. Then 0.4 points for starting a debate which had impact back in the days, but is not important anymore now. Then 3 points for causing so different reactions and having 23 people reviewing it. Then two points for being really unique. Then 1 point for having no errors. Then -6 points for not deserving the points I was almost about to try giving it. And -1 because I am the author and really do not want to overrate my own files, since I am so honest. Conclusion: It sucks. 1.3
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