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I am VonZeppelin, anything else you want to know?

My favorite D-Mod authors:
1. Sabretrout
2. Simon Klaebe
3. Wesley McElwee
4. Dan Walma
5. Gary Hertel

Expect my new D-Mod sometime in the future, if ever.

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2006-09-09 07:41:39
dang, the horrors of written conversation...

Since I obviously need to lay out everything so that you can actually understand what I am getting: this thread was beginning to get off-topic , and people were commenting on this, and it was posted that we should get back to talking about the website, and so I joked that I didn't remember which website we were talking about (there was a period in this thread in which we were talking about youtube), when in actuality I do. I answered your questions like you wanted in a previous post, so it should be obvious that I have in fact read the topic and know what website we were talking about, so the only logical explanation is that I am either being sarcastic or you actually think that I am that dense. It is just a satirism of the fact that we had gotten off-topic so much. I just feel bad because you don't see others having to explain each of their posts so that we can understand them, and you don't see orators or comedians having to explain how to interepet what they say, it is left to the intellgence of the listener/reader.

I am rather ashamed that I have so greatly overestimated the wit of others.

And just for your information, so I am not rebuted, this is, in fact a serious post, without a hint of humour.

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Attack of the Evil Wizard (The)D-Mod, RompTolerable 4.2October 10th, 2006
Night TilesDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.8August 25th, 2006
Dink ToupeeDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.0June 15th, 2006

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