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Cycles of Evil

Note to self: farming in the middle of winter isn't a good idea.
June 12th, 2006
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Cycles of Evil.... "Through the pale door a hideous throng rush out forever-and laugh, but smile no more." That is quite possibly my favorite quote- and one that is quite suitable to the tale of the Cycles of Evil in my opinion. Alright, knowning the rather uncouth audiences that reside in this domain I will spare my sardonic philosophy and give a normal review that is not infested with explicative but inpronouncable words...(whew ... try saying that one out loud)
I believe that the plot is the true highlight of Cycles. As a matter of fact, without any plot there would be very little content to explore in this D-Mod as it almost completely revolves around the storyline. While it was a bit confusing, way too fast in some parts and too slow in others, I believe that it creates a rather dark and cynical mood which I find.......appealing. One key issue is that I wished that there were more characters to talk with, as the only ones that I saw were the ones that you had to talk to. I feel that this could have help develop a more complete and more human personality to the multiple characters that you play.

The music was good. Enough to set the scene, and I never had to worry about having to load a new midi every screen like some D-Mods do. The sounds were good and well placed... I can't complain, though there nothing really -special-.

The only major flaw to this D-Mod. The gameplay in it is very easy and infrequent, both of which are not good qualities. It must be taken into mind though that this game was not really centered around being an rpg. Indeed the ocassional pills and boncas seemed to have been thrown in by ReDink so that the people who can't stand not being able to hack at something sometime in a D-Mod would be satisfied... It is my opinion that those who wish to run around killing things for almost no reason, and want to play a D-Mod without Dink should download -Fighterz- rather than -Cycles-


There you have it... I feel that those that have actually read this far in this review must have an interest in this D-Mod. Thus I have only one thing to say. DOWNLOAD IT!! It is an grimly entertaining diversion, especially if one is searching for activities and wishes to kill time. Think of it more like a movie than a D-Mod.