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Fairy Goodness Online

Use pig feed to kill monsters. Includes a TCP/IP interface to play online against other people.

Note: v2.00 was released by ikkejw and includes two minor bug fixes: Bigger arenas, if you die, you can now see the escape menu, before it was too dark.
Released:March 22nd, 2002
File Size:945.12 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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June 9th, 2002
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant Male
Hmmm, well then to begin with I would like to say a few things. First of all, thankyou for spending the time to give the Dink Network the chance to play Dink online. Although this is a small D-MOD I believe it helps us lots. I think that lots of the people that have reviewed it havn't actually tried it online. It should be a bit more user friendly, yes, but the scores given my many of the people here are what I would call, unfair. I give a big thankyou to Someone for giving us this oppertunity. Well done


Well, playing online is a strength, a very big strength too. I think that Someone has put a lot of time into this. I think that playing with pig feed of doom is a funny and fun way to play fairy goodness. I also think the limitations given to the fireball is very sensible. The way the monsters get harder to defeat as the game progresses is very well done also. The possibilities that can arise from this D-MOD are outstanding. A great must download!


As I have previously said the user friendly interface, is, well, not very user friendly. A dedicated server will be a good achievement, maybe with another version a server can be set up, eh? I also think that there will not be another version, I know this is a very late review. As a result, I know that there have been no updates at all. This is, as always with most files, a bad problem, as as soon as all of the fun has been extracted out of the D-MOD, there is no fun left. This is what causes a game to get, old.


I think that in another version a more friendly userface should be implemented. Also, If there is not another version, I think somebody should consider it. I think that, being a D-MOD with multiplayer capabilities helps greatly and that, using this as a base, can acheive some outstanding work. I think that "someone" whatever his name is, should update the D-MOD and maybe contribute to the Dink Network even more than he has by setting up a dedicated server, or someone else that can do this. This would be very helpful

Total 9.2
Grade A

End comment "Well done someone"
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