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2011-07-19 10:24:15
Peasant Male Australia
X-COM! Apart from perma-death games, I don't know of any game with such simplistic graphics that feels so intense.

It's weird to see Half-Life as an old game. It's still new in my heart

There are lots of truly old games that I can barely remember unless someone else mentions them first... tie fighter was awesome. And some other games that weren't so bad either.. commander keen, monster bash, jazz jackrabbit, the lost vikings, the incredible machine, kings & space quests (sierra adventure games), monkey island 1 and 2, sam and max, golden axe, theme hospital, maniac mansion, indiana jones games, ff 3-6, super mario kart, mortal kombat, alone in the dark, theme hospital, simcity, sim theme park, day of the tentacle, windows skiing game, windows cat/mouse game, windows pinball game, secret of mana, secret of evermore, super metroid, doom (and the rest.. hexen, heretic, rise of the triad, wolfenstein, duke etc), dark forces, full throttle, earthbound, diablo, command and conquer, quake, fallout 1 and 2, myth, grim fandango, zelda, turok, commandos, alley cat, the dig, jedi knight, lemmings, loom, zak mckracken.. some of those are really old, and some not so old back when games were enjoyable! (or I was young enough to still enjoy almost all games I played)

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