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2011-08-30 22:12:36
Peasant Male Australia
The Myers-Briggs model is much more respectable than the enneagram but it's still not a great model. It's crude to describe things in terms of how "scientific" they are so I'll try to be more specific:

a) the Myers-Briggs model is based on old psychology (Carl Jung) that was based on very weak methodology relative to contemporary psychology
b) some assumptions of the Myer-Briggs model have been found to be wrong, such as the assumption of personality types (a person is either an extravert or an introvert, not somewhere in between)
c) the Myers-Briggs model and tests are poor psychological measures when judged by modern theories of psychological measurement (psychometics)
d) a lot of stuff which is attached to the Myers-Briggs model is just hogwash. The personality profile descriptions are just made up and are vague. Claims of how the personality types interact and form relationships are just speculation (and are wrong)

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