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2010-07-30 09:53:03
Peasant Male Australia
Maybe novashell is a better Dink is the way I defined the essence of Dink, but it's lack of support by anyone besides Seth isn't inspiring. I also don't think that the new language necessarily has to be more complex than DinkC. Perhaps we can add to the essence of Dink the properties of being screen-based (as opposed to most RPGs where the visible area is always centred on the player), and having sprites with "attached" scripts, and the scripts having main/hit/attack/etc functions. All of this would restrict the power of the engine, but retain the relative easiness to create DMODs. And it would mean novashell is not a better Dink because it is more powerful and complex (as far as I can tell).

Valuing backwards compatibility means that any improvement to Dink might be retricted to just a new function or something like that, because it seems to be hard not to break old DMODs by replacing features..

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Red ShieldD-Mod, UnfinishedGood 8.0December 4th, 2007
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Fairy Goodness OnlineD-Mod, MiscellaneousGood 7.8March 22nd, 2002
CustomFE 1 SkinpackMiscellaneous, FrontendGood 8.4November 12th, 2000
DImageDevelopment, UtilityFair 6.9October 22nd, 2000
CEditDevelopment, UtilityExceptional 9.2October 14th, 2000
DMOD ManagerDevelopment, UtilityGood 8.4September 28th, 2000
Run.exeDevelopment, UtilityFair 6.6September 16th, 2000
DinkC TutorialDevelopment, TutorialFair 6.2April 16th, 2000

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