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2008-08-04 23:47:00
Peasant Male Australia
> Could you send me screenshots?

> I'm not sure I get it, could you give me examples?
One of the refdirs freedink checks in is /usr/games/dink (at least for me). Since I used /usr/share/dink last time I put the graphics etc. in /usr/games/dink. Freedink works if I run it directly (i.e. thru the shortcut or the terminal) but if I run it thru dfarc2, it loads freedink and freedink says 'invalid refdir: /usr/share/dink/dink/graphics and/or [...]/tiles are not accessible.' Freedink also only shows DMODs in the additional DMOD dir and not /usr/games/dink. (btw I deleted the shortcut so I could create the folder and changed dfarc to run 'freedink' instead of 'dink'.)

So it looks like dfarc2 forces freedink to use /usr/share/dink as the refdir even though I have override the Dink directory off in dfarc2 options.

>You can specify any absolute and relative path to '-game'. I usually do "freedink -game ~/dmods/pota".
Yeah I know. It would just be less typing if it checked in the additional DMOD folder itself

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