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Red Shield

The combat screen. From the COTPATD project.
Shows an abandoned turn-based fighting system.
Released:December 4th, 2007
File Size:4.33 MB
Release Notes:- makes it possible to kill the boss in v1.08, and so unlock about a third of the game
- made so the dead pillbugs in the boss battle can be seen as 1.08 interfered with this somehow.
- gives you two friends to accompany you on your first mission to make things more interesting
- modified how stealth training works because 1.08 seems to have broken pframe (it no longer refreshes the hardbox data with the new frame)
- used a different method to make sprites invisible, because evidently, v1.08 doesn't support the method I previously used.
- used a lighter graphic for the armour, because in true colour mode the old one was so dark you probably wouldn't even notice it
- fiddled with the timing of the intro (I don't have any sound editing software though, so I can't do it properly).
- made 5 minor changes
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June 9th, 2003
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant She/Her
This is a D-mod with a different fighting system. If you fight, you do not push Ctrl or Shift, but you stand on a screen to the right and the enemy or enemies stand on the left. Each take turns. If you have done well, you can earn experience and gold.

The story to this D-mod is that, after Dink defeated Seth, he is rewarded with the membership of the Knights of the Red Shield. But before he can become a true member, he has to go on training and after that, on some missions.

The statusbar and inventory are new, and the knights are adjusted original graphics. Dink can also fight with a dagger. The scenery screens, on which Dink stands when fighting, are all different.

I did not like the fighting system that much, since you have to wait a long time in between the turns because the energybar has to count to 10 first. Besides that, you can not do anything but point out which enemy you would like to attack, and then the engine will take care of the rest. So you do not even move while fighting, which gives it a static look and it misses the excitement of dodging and such.

But everything is worked out real well and it all looks good, so if you like this style of fighting, then you will enjoy this D-mod.