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Fall of Tahmar (The)

A clash with a green dragon Nice rejoices with some old friends Dink is wandering in The Heights
Meet strange enemies, visit new towns and venture into deep forests.

The fall of Tahmar awaits.
Released:August 5th, 2009
File Size:7.65 MB
Release Notes:After a long voyage over the sea Dink finally reaches his destination, the land of Tahmar. He thought he had earned his peace. He thought wrong. Hes in shortly caught by the crisis of the land. Can Dink prevent the fall of Tahmar?

Changes in version 1.5:
- Known bugs are now fixed.
- Improved dialogues.
- New music.
- New playable area.
- Better quest descriptions.
- More secrets.
- New Puzzle.
- Much more!

Changes in version 1.51:
- Many annoying bugs fixed.
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January 11th, 2009
Score : 9.5 exceptional
I haven't played a dmod for years but I tried this one. I was very surprised how good this one was. I enjoyed playing this dmod.
The story: was very good and dink has to do a lot of things. I like that in a dmod.

The midi's: the music was good in this dmod. It makes playing the dmod a lot more nicer.

The graphics: I saw a various of graphics and the enemies were not all the same. I did not seen the dragon before that dink had to fight with in the goblin village.

Mapping: mapping was very good, I liked it

Overall, it was a very very good dmod and a specially this was the first dmod of his. Keep up the good work.
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