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Adventures of Dink Smallwood Part 1: The Town of Rakuna

Some slayers. A guy at a campfire. From the COTPATD project.
After many many adventures Dink decides to have a little vacation. His first vacation place would be a Town of Rakuna. But everything doesn't go as he hoped...

*Best download of june 2005*
Released:January 31st, 2006
File Size:293.15 KB
Release Notes:v1.10
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June 27th, 2005
Score : 7.8 good
This is a good but not an excellent dmod. It's short enough that, you should probably download it if you're bored, but not quite good enough to download if you're just getting into Dink.

Style: 9
I liked the dialogue (!), the map is well decorated, and the music is at least okay. On the downside: not too many interactive objects.

Gameplay: 7
Good: lots of secrets.
Bad: easy fighting.
Is it possible to have challenging fights and a lot of secrets at the same time? I'd say yes. PQ is the best example; there aren't many others. Some of the secrets here are a lot of fun, so that's worth a whole extra point.

As for the "what to do next" component, it's solid but not great. Mostly it's "go talk to the next guy," or "go find this item." Hmm... in reality, that's all any RPG is, but usually there's something to make the talking and finding more interesting or difficult. The only part that's a little hard to figure out here is at the beginning, after that the game plays itself.

Oddly, it's nice that the author used weapons from the original Dink, so that you know how good your gear is without having to check. It's often annoying when people rename a fireball spell to "fire magic" or such and act like the result is something entirely new. There's none of that here, folks. Just a plain old "fireball spell", like the one you get from Martridge. Mainly though, what's good about the weapons is that you can get several (almost all of the weapons of the original), and you recieve them in a variety of ways.

Story: 7
Somehow the story didn't do it for me. Maybe it was the Ancients' names? I mean you have five names which sound alike and then you have Seth. Somehow, the uniqueness of his name makes hard to take the others seriously. Also why was the final boss just sitting in his lair? Usually, dmods contrive excuses for the laziness of their bosses, but here we can only assume that, altough Firamin wants to rule the world, he's putting it off until after he gets lunch, like the rest of us.

The multiple ending thing was good though.

Overall: 7.8
+.1 for humor.
Well made and funny, but with lackluster story and gameplay.
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