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One Screen D-Mod Compilation

The collection of 4 D-Mods created by members of the Dink Community. The Catch? Each D-Mod uses only 1 screen!
Released:October 18th, 2007
File Size:2.41 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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October 23rd, 2007
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Australia
The guy with the cute D-Mod. 
First of all, I'd just like to say congratulations to all contestants (including me). You were all worthy opponents, even though you made my D-MOD look like crap! Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed playing them all! Congratulations.

Dink Mines (Beuc):
I, personally, think this D-MOD should haveve received first place. But I just enjoy playing Minesweeper. Anyway, this D-MOD is just amazing. I looked through the code and it looked very complicated. Beuc, I applaud you! But alas, this contest was not won by the most complicated game, it was won by the game which the most enjoyable. As I said before, I think this was the most enjoyable, but I just love Minesweeper. Either way, I can understand Joshriot's motives in giving this D-MOD third place. Most people just don't find Minesweeper that exciting. (Only the really nerdy people) This game runs just like the normal Minesweeper game. You click a square, it reveals itself. It's either a bomb or not. Also, (just like Minesweeper) if you click on a clear square it shows how many bombs surround that square. Again, just like Minesweeper, if you click on a square surrounded by no bombs, then it reveals all squares around which aren't surrounded by bombs. Overall, a great game, and I give it a 10/10! (Received third place).

Bugmania (Sparrowhawk):
The aim of this game, is to squish all the pillbugs with a hammer. There's no time limit, which is a bit of a disappointment, but it was fun, all the same. But, in the second level, you must try not to hit any of the poor, innocent animals (ducks and rabbits). The final level is in a bar. There is a dancing knight (thanks to Rabidwolf9) who is dancing on the bar table, and when you hit him, he breaks into pieces. Very cool. Also, when you try to hammer the other people, they say something funny and either run away, or poof away (in the magician's case). I rate it 9/10! (Received second place).

Hit The Pillbug (Cypry):
This game reminded me of those arcade games where you have the multi-coloured circle and it gives you a sequence of which colours light up, then you have to repeat that sequence. But instead of a multi-coloured circle, you have coloured pillbugs. When you get to level 5, things begin to get a bit more tricky. The pillbugs change colours occasionally. I never made it past level 5 because the pillbug would either change too quickly, or sometimes it wouldn't change at all! It was very annoying. I believe this D-MOD should have received third place (but only because I couldn't make it past level 5)! 7.5/10, congratulations Cypry! (Received first place).

The Three Barrels (DinkDude95):
This D-MOD really looked poor compared to all the others. The aim of the game, was to select the correct barrel and punch it open. If you selected the right one, then you would be teleported inside the room full of gold. However, if you picked the wrong barrel, you would have to fight a monster in the 'Room Of Doom'. But if you kill the monster (bonca) then you still get the gold. But I noticed Joshriot messed with the code of this. So, if you want the original version, then just drop me an email and I'll email it to you. I agree with Joshriot, that this D-MOD should have received fourth place. I gave it a 5/10. (Received fourth/last place).

The MIDIs of all these D-MODs were pretty cool as well. The music really suited the D-MODs. Well done!

Congratulations Cypry, for receiving first place. Even though I don't quite agree, your D-MOD was still good. Beuc, I salute you, your D-MOD was amazing. Sparrowhawk, congratulations. Your D-MOD was great fun! And me, well, congratulations too!

Overall, I give the whole package a 9.5/10!