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I disagree. 
Nothing to say about me that would interest you that much... I'm serious, you have to believe me.

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2018-07-16 20:20:13
Peasant Male
I disagree. 
Nah. Here is the end of the file (start1.c)

    //This turns on the "status bar" for the beginning of the game. If you
    //want to have an "intro", simply comment out the next two lines, then
    //do them both after your intro is over...
    //We're done, so let's kill this task & the game will begin!

I dunno if it's worth mentioning, since this language is buggy as a corpse eaten by many many many many many many many bugs... I'm using WDE2+, and I edit my scripts with notepad++. It has pretty colors, indentation and shit...

Edited edit edition:
When I said that Dink is invisible, but not frozen, well, I know it because you can hear him when he punches the thin air while I'm pressing CTRL.

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