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Peasant Male France

Long-time Dinker here, I currently maintain GNU FreeDink, Dink Translation, used to co-maintain The Dink Solutions.

I lost my "9 Gems of Life II" redux in a disk crash years ago and never got the courage to start a real D-Mod since. Someday I will

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2008-05-10 03:13:57
Peasant Male France
From what I understand, you only have access to a proxy.

RuneScape wants a direct Internet access to port 43594/tcp (with a gateway instead of a proxy), as well as access to a DNS server (typically your ISP's). This requires setting upon connection sharing on the FC6 box. Using FireStarter sounds a good idea for this.

Your dad could:
- setup connection sharing on the FC6 box,
- then restrict outgoing traffic except for:
- DNS ports (53 udp+tcp)
- runescape's port (43594 tcp)
- connections coming from the local computer

Curiously though, it doesn't seem runescape requires 43594 precisely - it ran fine when I blocked this port. But it still requires direct access to another port (it used https/443 instead).

Or, you'll need something like this:

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