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Peasant Male France
Trying to finish school work and some personnal tasks, learn required books and documentations to get the time and the knowledge to finish(begin?) my Dink projects, which include: webmastering Dink Translation, create a Kylix tool for Dink translations [Go POEdit!], translating Dink-related stuff, co-webmastering of the Dink Solutions [DONE], planning the DinkCity project, improve The 9 Gems of Life part 1&2, maybe give a end to Mike Snyder's series, send authors comments, write more walkthroughs, convert WDE for platform independancy [in progress], maintain FreeDink [in progress], convert some DMods to make them legal and burn them on a CD that people could actually buy, write a book on DMod creation, all that requiring finishing a DMod first, learn advanced Perl (OOP...) [done], MFC [eek!], DirectX [Go SDL!], wxWindows [done], SDL [done], autoconf [done], automake [done], make [done], gettext [in progress], Delphi [uh?], Kylix [bleh], Guile, PHP [done], MySQL [done], lib7zip, Blender, XLST [erk], advanced templates, XML [not intending to use it though].

I must have forgotten something... but what?

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2009-05-23 17:53:36
Peasant Male France
Here's how to play Dink Smallwood under GNU/Linux

- you'll use the GNU FreeDink engine, the improved yet compatible Dink engine
- you get a release:
-- using the latest binary release from (most recent),
-- from your distribution: ArchLinux, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu... (possibly older, but easier)
-- by compiling it by hand (if you have specific needs)
- the package includes a version of the Dink data that lack some sounds ( that Seth can't make free software. Please contribute replacements

The suite contains DFArc version 3 that can run the game and install D-Mods.

Easy install:

* From check "Latest version from this website" at

* Debian and Ubuntu: click on System > Administration > Synaptic, then install the 'freedink' package.
Then click on Applications > Games > DFArc

* Fedora: click on System > Administration > Add/Remove software, then install the 'freedink' package.
Then click on Applications > Games > DFArc

* OpenSUSE: enable the Games repository (Control Center > Community Repositories > openSUSE BuildService - Games), then install package 'freedink'

* ArchLinux: type in a terminal: yaourt -S freedink-engine freedink-dfarc

You can find more information at:
The latest FreeDink release at the DN is at:

Alternatively (more difficult) install manually:
- Download and uncompress the engine (freedink-1.08.DATE.tar.gz from and follow instructions in the BUILD file
- Download and uncompress the data (freedink-data-1.08.DATE.tar.gz), and type 'make install'
- Optional: download and uncompress dfarc (dfarc-3.6.tar.gz), and follow instructions in the BUILD file
- Run Dink from Applications > Games > FreeDink (or DFArc)

GOKUSSJ6 has additional instructions:
* FreeDink, Linux and You - FreeDink Linux Tutorial: for the sound setup and for Arch Linux
* Tutorial: Improving The MIDI Music

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