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GNU FreeDink

New and portable version of the game engine, which runs the original game as well as its D-Mods, with close compatibility, under multiple platforms including Linux. It also can run .ogg music files.


FreeDink is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU GPL for details.

Source code
Released:February 16th, 2019
File Size:7.43 MB
Release Notes:* User-visible changes:

- Rewrite graphics/sounds/inputs against SDL2
- Enforce full-screen aspect ratio (no more 4:3 stretched to 16:9).
- Runs in current resolution so leave the screen clean if something goes wrong (no more stuck in 640x480).
Also smoother full-screen / windowed toggle.
- FreeDink respect local keyboard layout for keys (ALT+... shortcuts and custom D-Mod keys) on Windows.
- FreeDinkedit now uses layout-independent scancodes - no longer searching where '[' or '`' was relocated.
- CD-ROM support dropped.

- Default harware-accelerated (OpenGL) rendering

- Web browser support (Emscripten)

- Debug mode is toggled once when Alt+D is pressed (no more fighting with continous toggling).

- DinkC console is toggled when Alt-C is pressed (no more creating a key-xx.c with just "show_console()" inside).

- Game engine translations are loaded under Windows.

- Fix game freeze in The Scourger (in DinkC: cancel concurrent fade_up() and fade_down())

- Never recreate an empty dink.dat in the game, even if there's a problem opening it (avoids potential corruption when running both the game and an editor at the same time).

- Fix portability when saving a FreeDinkedit screen for the first time

- Fix 'make_global_function' and 'load_map' DinkC functions

- sp_custom returns 0 rather than -1 if the lookup key doesn't exist (compatibility with 1.08)

- sp_custom now works for sprite 1 instead of crashing the game (unlike 1.08, that's an improvement )

- Can skip Mom's first dialog line when quickly starting a new game

- Fix historical segfault in DinkC busy() (off-by-one array out of bounds). Somehow the segfault wasn't triggered in the past.

- Sprites colors are more stable after a palette change and a savegame load to a different palette (compatibility with 1.08)

- New translation for the engine strings in Friulian (thanks Fabio Tomat); updated Spanish translation (thanks Francisco Javier Serrador)

- Updated translations: Danish, German, Esperanto, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish

* Developer notes:

- Move from C to C++

- Move from 'check' to 'cxxtest'

- Start a comprehensive test suite

- Improve distro integration some more (Desktop and AppStream files)
November 2nd, 2014
Score : 9.5 exceptional
FreeDink is the best way to play Dink in 2014. The last official regular version of Dink, v1.08, was released all the way back in 2006, and has trouble working on newer versions of Windows, belching, stuttering and blowing smoke like the old engine that it is. Seth Robinson, the creator of Dink himself, made Dink Smallwood HD in 2011, which ported the game to 'smart'phones. Unfortunately, that's the only thing DinkHD is good for, as it has serious problems running dmods, and generally doesn't feel as stable or as polished as it could be.

FreeDink, on the other hand, FreeDink... *AAH* Sugarsmooth, featurerich, ample and loving, it will fulfil all your dmod playing wishes... AND MORE! Many bugs and problems regarding both playing Dink and developing dmods for it have been addressed, and as FreeDink is still in active development, continue to be addressed. If you ever run into problems, be sure to send vitriolic complaints to the author, Beuc. Don't forget to insult the size of his FreeDink. Err, alternatively, being polite might work, too.

Personally, I'm a Windows user, and I've switched from mostly using v1.08 Aural+ to play and create dmods, to solely using FreeDink. It's a clean improvement all around. Additionally, FreeDink is available for Linux and OS X (among others), potentially reaching a wider audience than the old Windows-only versions. Don't let the fact FreeDink is still being developed scare you, either. FreeDink isn't incomplete compared to other versions of Dink, it's just still being made even better, whereas the other versions were released and forgotten about a long time ago.

Something to note about this file is that it only includes the game engine. The FreeDink data (the sounds and music for FreeDink, and the original Dink adventure) and DFArc 3 (the frontend, for playing dmods) are separate files. The FreeDink data includes totally new sounds and music to replace the ones from the original game, because those could not be distributed under the license that FreeDink uses. Sounds like fun, 'cept that as of this writing, the FreeDink data is still LACKING a lot of both, caressing you with an uncomfortable silence as you play the game. (Go to to help)

Therefore, you might want to download and install the original game instead, and copy the sounds and music from there to FreeDink. Or install FreeDink directly on top of the original game, which works fine.
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