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New and portable version of the game engine, which runs the original game as well as its D-Mods, with close compatibility, under multiple platforms including Linux. It also can run .ogg music files.


FreeDink is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU GPL for details.
Released:October 22nd, 2014
File Size:7.10 MB
Release Notes:Note: this isn't the grand new Android/SDL2/better-than-sliced-bread version yet, but this fixes a few issues we found since the last stable release.

- Never recreate an empty hard.dat in the game, even if there's a problem opening it (avoids corruption when running both the game and an editor at the same time). (thanks CocoMonkey for the report)

- DinkC: load_palette() now searches for palette in the right place (thanks scratcher for the report)

- DinkC: Dink position is updated after a new screen is loaded (thanks metatarasal for the report)

- New translations for the engine strings in Russian (thanks Yuri Kozlov) and Hungarian (thanks Balázs Úr).
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June 12th, 2012
Score : 8.0 good
I love the idea behind FreeDink. That is, making Dink Smallwood and its dmods playable on many different platforms, with a faster and better engine, but with virtually exact combatibility to dmods developed on the original Dink Smallwood engine. In a perfect world, this would be a clean improvement over Original Dink, and there would be no reason not to switch over. Sadly, during the years I've used FreeDink, I've found this not to be true. I still primarily use Original Dink to make dmods, and only wish they will work as well on FreeDink. =) This review is written from the viewpoint of a Windows user, using both FreeDink and Original Dink on Windows. How differently/better FreeDink works on non-Windows operating systems, I have no idea.

FreeDink generally runs dmods well, with only negligible differences between it and Original Dink (for example, the default font ever so slightly differs from the font used in Original Dink). This isn't always true though, especially when you try to do more experimental things or use some of the more rarely seen commands.

Developing with FreeDink, however, has some CRIPPLING weaknesses compared to developing with Original Dink, which is why I rarely do it, except when I want to take screenshots of the editor. (FreeDinkedit can be run in TrueColour, whereas the original Dinkedit can't, and the palette in screenshots will be horribly messed up)

At this point, I wish I'd been keeping a list all along. But, here is a list of everything that I can remember, and things I listed down just recently:

Problems when switching from v1.08 Aural+ to FreeDink
* FreeDink is missing some music and a lot of sounds from Original Dink, because they couldn't be licensed under the GNU General Public License that FreeDink uses (However, the FreeDink Data also has some new, never-before heard sounds and music! This could be wonderful, if it was complete)
* Palette changes do not seem to work correctly, or at all
* Doesn't seem to support different kinds of text encoding. I had a script saved in unicode (in this case, to use letters like Ä and Ö), and FreeDink behaved like the script doesn't exist
* Alt-tabbing out of the game while playing (e.g. to edit a script) doesn't work well because the mouse cursor gets stuck in the top-left corner of the screen in Windows
* Can't access the same instance of DFArc you started a dmod from while playing the dmod (most of the time, you'd do this to edit the map)
* Can't Alt+F4 out of the game
* Some keycodes are different/don't work in FreeDink (Using keys like F1, F2, etc. in a dmod)
* FreeDinkedit FIXES a bug in the original Dinkedit, that causes the command keys to correspond to wrong keyboard buttons. This might be generally a good thing, but it really sucks if you're using a Finnish keyboard, since on a Finnish keyboard the [ and ] keys are activated with a crappy Alt+ combo, as opposed to the Ĺ and ` used in the original Dinkedit.
* DFArc3 takes a lot longer to load than the original DFArc (I assume because it uses a snazzy preview scroll effect - as snazzy at it is, I must say I still prefer faster access =) (I wish this was toggleable)
* Dink v1.08 Aural+ supports .MP3, while FreeDink supports .OGG

At the end of the day (or review), I believe using FreeDink is only worthwhile for those who can't use the Original Dink Engine. Making Dink work on different operating systems is obviously great, but it's a crying shame that FreeDink is inferior to Original Dink on Windows; I would very much like to switch over.
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